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In dreams
In words
In focal points
I watch the children's glee.
They see
They play
They love their life
I love how they are free.
If I could fly
the way they soar
If I could yet be young
I would not fear
I'd only know
the songs that Mother sung.

© Pamela L. Serrilla

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Husbands And Wives

One dashing old man
and his lovely old wife,
sat holding hands like they did
for most of their lives.
He cherished her so
on the day they were wed.
He knew he always would,
even on his death bed.
They sit on a bench
as other people walk by.
Their years of commitment,
shine in other peoples eyes.
What happened to this thing
from back in the past?
The loves of today
won't try to make things last!

© S. Matheson

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Pastel Tide

Stroll along the ocean’s edge
View skies of pastel color
Hear dolphins sing their serenades
Love songs to one another.

Breathe deeply of salt-scented air
Warmed by the evening rays
Relax as day draws near its end
Take time to give God praise.

And as for now enjoy the peace
Instilled by painted skies
Reflections in the oceans deep
I call God’s pastel tide.

As His presence fills the earth
There’s glory all around
Tiny shells, to costly pearls
To us His love abounds.

Cast your cares upon the waves
Let all your fears subside
Forever gone, washed away…
With God’s great pastel tide.

© Marie Williams

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The Man Upstairs

With hope and cares for the "Man Upstairs",
I search for His guiding light;
I yearn for His will for my heart to fill,
a need in my earthly plight.

I have no gold, but I have a soul,
which is wealth of my whole affairs;
It's the gift He gave, it's the one He saved
by the grace of the "Man Upstairs".

And the "Man Upstairs", our souls He spares
if we follow His Master plan;
is believe in Him and confess our sin,
and be kind to our fellow man.

And look to Him when our lives grow dim;
to His wonders that never cease;
and when in doubt, throw the Devil out,
assuring us lasting peace!

Now the days go by and my time draws nigh,
and nothing that I see-compares;
to the blessed love and the cares above---
coming from the "Man Upstairs"!

© William Hardison

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My Memories of You

As I have gotten older,
I look back and think of you.
How do I say thank you for the
Things you've helped me through.
Your strengths that helped my weaknesses,
Your courage that calmed my fears,
The gentle way you touched my face
To wipe away my tears. The comfort in your warming hugs,
The healing in your kiss,
The way you tucked me in at night
Are things I truely miss.
The generosity in the things you do,
The sincerity in your love,
The encouragement that you offer me
When things are going rough.

Although there is a distance
That keeps us far apart,
The love that I have grows
Strong for you, deep inside my heart.

© A. Buttigieg

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The Whispers Of My Lord

The whispers of my Lord are clear,
I need His help to see,
Times of heaviness brings a tear,
But my Lord's here for me.

The whispers of my Lord are pure,
And filled with love so dear,
He gives me hope to feel secure,
His love I do revere.

The whispers of my Lord are sweet,
They warm my heart in kind,
My Lord's compassion is complete,
I rest in Him and find.

The whispers of my Lord are love,
His touch helps me prevail,
To feel His love, I'm in awe of,
With Jesus, I'll ne'er fail.

© Sondra McPherson

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Jesus Gave Me Hope

I don't know what you're going through.
But, I wanted you to know,
I've struggled through some hard times too,
When tears began to flow.

It was then I called on Jesus' name,
During a time I could not cope.
And my circumstance was not the same,
For Jesus gave me hope!

He said, "My child come unto me,
And I will give you rest!
Just have faith and you will see,
I'll help you stand the test"

His voice then calmed life's troubled sea!
The billows ceased to roll!
A wonderful peace came over me,
As great joy filled my soul!

Now I've learned to trust in Him,
No matter, come what may!
And though life's path is often dim,
He'll guide me all the way!

© Robert F. Dotson

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Our Children

Our children are so sweet
So gentle and so kind
Our children love you as you are
They never change their minds

They kiss you in the morning
They kiss you all goodnight
Children love to have you hold them
And hug them extra tight

Be oh so gentle with our children
Always treat them, oh so kind
For children are our treasures
The greatest gift that we can ever find

So keep them safe and protected
Until the end of time

© Donna J. Kramer

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Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"Katie's Tears" from his Illusions Collection