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Well Done

Oh Lord forgive us of our erring ways.
Teach us compassion and restraint.
Help us through our trying times.
Help us Oh Lord to show constraint.

Let me walk the narrow path,
And smell the flowers beside the road.
Let my foot prints guide the way,
And let me shoulder another's load.

My strength will come from You, Oh Lord,
And compassion from Your loving Son.
So help me do the things I should.
So when I stand at Heaven's Gate,
You will say "ENTER - WELL DONE.

© L. M. Willson

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I Love You For You

You may have your faults.
Yet, so do I.
I have bad days and so do you.
But, love is Kind
And that is why
I love you for you.

I may ramble on about nothing
And you may get on my nerves.
Yet, we are no where near perfect
And, for this reason, love is patient.
And, I love you for you.

I may have more accomplishments.
You might have more compliments.
Yet, we praise each other, always,
And love does not envy.
I love you for you.

You may have more money.
I may have more skill.
But, we work together
And love does not boast.
I love you for you.

You may stumble and fall.
I may, sometimes, sin.
Yet, we help and encourage each other
And love rejoices in the truth.
And, I love you for you.

You may want a house on the lake.
I may want a car that is sporty.
We, both, share and pray for these
And love hopes all things.
I love you for you.

You might need me at two in the morning.
I might need to cry on your shoulder.
We know we are there for each other, always.
Love endures all things.
I love you for you.

One day, you will be waiting for me
And, that day, we will surely meet.
For, we are, always, united as one
And love is always with us.
This is why, always,
I love you for you.

© Daren Ziegner

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Castles In The Sand

And there I was so long ago
building castels in the sand;
waiting for my prince to come
and claim my ivory hand.

I waited in the sunshine
and many a man arrived,
but true love and contentment
in me had never thrived.

Through many golden tales,
and times of good and bad,
I felt alone; imprisoned;
in those loves that kept me sad.

My dreams were filled with faceless men
who shattered life and love.
Yet still I sifted sand and surf
with a faith from up above.

I watched my children play their games.
I watched those men play theirs.
I cleaned and cooked and entertained,
and handled their affairs.

When at last I sat in silence,
my castle filled with rain,
I looked away in quiet thought
and hoped to ease my pain.

I felt the need to touch the sky
atop my castle wall,
I'd always dreamed of life in love
and held on to wanting all.

And on a whim of wonder,
I turned a golden page;
and read of knights and thunder,
and the romance they would wage.

A tale that proved quite worthy
of my castle in the sand
and there I stood just smiling
as he grasped my ivory hand.

© Pamela L. Serrilla

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Before My Lord Jesus
I Kneel

I have such zeal meeting my Lord in prayer,
Humbly I fold my hands,
Before my Lord Jesus I kneel with care,
His love's priceless and stands.

I fully bask in Jesus with my heart,
His sweet aroma veils,
It wraps around me as He does impart,
His love which never fails.

What Glory to have my Lord meet with me,
His love fills my being,
To rest in His Presence, I'm blessed to be,
Preciousness I'm seeing.

How I thank my Lord when I am praying,
His Presence is e'er near,
ĎLo, I am with you always,' He's saying,
Because you see, He's here.

© Sondra McPherson

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Rainy Days

I love it when there are warm Rainy Days
The rain beating against the window panes
Rain makes me feel so comfortable
And at peace within myself

The gentle pit-er-pat on the window panes
Always makes me feel so tranquil and content
Rainy days bring back so many happy
And fun memories in my life

Walking in a warm gentle rain
With a friend or loved one
Playing in the rain with your children
And walking though the mud puddles

There have been so many wonderful memories
With my loved ones
That we have shared in the rain
That my heart will always be filled
With happiness and joy whenever we have warm
Rainy Days

© Donna J. Kramer

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As I Recall

The sweetest moments of the day,
Are when I think of you;
Those times we held each other close,
And shared a love thatís true.

Those times we danced when all alone,
While lanterns lit the room,
I felt the passion rise in me,
With hints of your perfume.

And then there was that magic night,
When loving words were said;
This was the night I fell in love,
While you were dressed in red.

Our dancing hearts, became as one,
While music filled the air,
For then I knew, you were the one,
My love, beyond compare.

Iíll cherish you throughout my days,
And when Iím old and gray,
My passion and my love will rise,
As I recall that day.

You are the lady, dressed in red,
My dream of life come true,
And darling, all I have to give,
I give with love to you.

© James O'Brien

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A Cry

From deep inside a cry rings out that will release a searching soul.
A burning, yearning, craving to find my hearts control.
Somewhere from inside the reason I am here,
Will someday surface to reveal the man that lives in there.
To lock onto why I was called, the destination of my life.
To find that certain someone, to be husband to my wife.
I know that there is someone that lives inside me here,
I have to see released, before this flesh can disappear.
To do the things that I have felt, to touch that inner man.
Release God's love into the world and touch Him if I can.
To dance with angels, on wings of love, separate from this world.
Release the hatred that binds our heart, love every boy and girl.
Help the pain or hurt in others, live together as sisters and brothers.
All these things I have felt! Is this mountain just to steep?.
For all these things to occur before this body goes to sleep.
I believe that God created and ordained us everyone,
To love each other more than ourselves, to amplify His Son.
Pick up our cross daily be the best that we can be.
To live with God down in our hearts for all eternity.

© Gary Hall

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River of Love

God gives to me great rivers
Flowing in his love
He keeps the waters flowing
From the heavens above

My father is the creator
All things through his hands must pass
He gives to us in permanence
Godís gifts will always last

He withdraws not what he has given
For he makes no error
Willingly he shares His blessings
Oft'times with special fervor

Throughout the years the river grows
As I become closer to my Savior
Iíve learned to reach for His precious love
Basking in Godís overwhelming favor

The blessings showered oíer my soul
Rain down to flow in the river
Adding love to the waters of life
Created by the Heavenly giver

© Gayle Davis

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Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"She Fills my Heart With Love" from his Illusions Collection