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As You Graduate

It wasn't many years ago
A gift was sent to me
A lovely baby daughter
As sweet as she could be;

So much joy and love we shared
In the years as she grew,
She would make me proud of her
This much that I knew;

Now the time has come dear one
To cut the apron string,
I'm sure you'll do your very best
What ever life may bring;

I'll always be here for you
No matter what you do,
Just remember this my dear
I will always love you.

© Ginny

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My Mamma's Prayers

I never sat alone in my pain
Waiting for help - waiting in vain --
For Mama was there with sweet soothing words
Wisdom to lend when I finally heard.
Oh, how I love the guidance she gave
Helping her child to be brave...
My Motherís prayers came from a loving heart,
My Motherís prayers help me to stand apart.
Choosing my way in careful deeds
I stood alone - but not in need -
For she was there with her Motherís prayer.
Each race I won - Mama was there,
Cheering me on - saying her prayer,
And when I fell, bleeding and bruised,
I could look up to that face I knew -
Shining with hope - telling me true
"Iíll always be there for you."
My Motherís prayers filled me with hope again,
My Motherís prayers made her my dearest friend,
And in my prayer I called her name
Again and again - I know the gain -
Iím only here because of Mamaís prayers.
My Motherís eyes let His love shine through -
Her deep desires were His wishes too ...
Sometimes at night when Iím all alone
I hear a voice - much like my own -
Saying a prayer, making a plea,
Just like my Mom did for me...
My Motherís prayers - hallowed forevermore -
My Motherís prayer - echo from Heavenís shore,
My Motherís prayer I hear again
And say them when my childís in need -
Loveís always there - in a Motherís prayer....
Loveís always there - in a Motherís prayer.

© Joan Clifton Costner

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No Place Like It

There's no place like forgiveness,
down deep within your heart.

There's no place like cleanliness,
where sin first got it's start.

There's no place like some laughter,
where sadness once contained.

There's no place like having joy,
where contentment remains.

There's no place like fulfillment,
where emptiness once lived.

There's no place like in living,
once you've learned how to give.

© Joyce C. Lock

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My Star And Angel

Somewhere out there in the Heavens,
There's a star that dimly shines.
God will send me a beautiful Angel,
To lead me to this star of mine.

An Angel was sent to watch over me,
Through all my toil and strife.
It's said she'll be my Guardian Angel,
That will stay with me for life.

Someday when my time on earth is over,
She'll take me to my God on high.
Then after I have cleared myself with Him,
To this dim star we will fly.

She will then show me my new home,
Well I am sure, I'll like it fine.
And after I have settled down,
My own star will brightly shine.

Will shine down on all the ones I love,
And send them a little cheer.
Will twinkle bright when they look up,
To let them know I'm here.

© Walt Chapman

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Childhood Lost

Many sleepless nights,
a lot of empty days.
Sitting and quietly thinking,
of doing things different ways.

Dreams were made to share,
happiness to be shown.
This all gets a little tougher,
once we have finally grown.

We make life so much harder,
love is always so tough.
But when we were children,
letting go wasn't rough.

Love was unconditional,
life was such a joy.
Now we think and get greedy,
love no longer a new toy.

I guess as we get older,
with more lessons learned.
We hide from those feelings,
so that we don't get burned.

Childhood is just a memory now,
with all those feelings done.
Children can't wait to get older,
but what have they truly won.

© Tom Hughes

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What Sharing Means
To Me

Sharing is a little word
but its meaning fills a book
Puts a smile on a face
producing a "Happy" look

It only takes a minute
but a "Share" forever lives
Bringing Hope and Friendship
in the warming love - it gives

So try to "Share" a moment
as you go along your way
Make someone a memory
that you "Shared" with them today

© Mr. Doug

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The Challenge of Change

Realize who you are
Become what you must
Though the newness seems strange.
Meet today with courage ~
Tomorrow trust.
Welcome the challenge of change.

For somethig new may be meeting a need
And needs change as one grows ~
Many a change transforms a seed
Before it becomes a rose.

But if the seed were to shrink from the sun
And cling instead to the earth ~
The bud would never be begun
Nor could the rose find birth.

Don't cling with fear to the tried and true
Remember ~ it too once was new.
Greet life eagerly ~
Ever knowing ~
Ever changing
Is ever growing.

© Pat Sampson Paris

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Birthplace Zion

Where are you from they ask of me
I hesitate not to reply
For I recall what I used to be
But that used to be did die
In death beneath a Cross I lay
All that my life was before
Then calmly rise to really live
Peace found forevermore
And even though in earthly birth
When ask this thing to write
Is hard not to shout about
The place I made things right
My oh my to truly know
What Christ had done for man
Is more than tongue or pen can tell
To say it again and again
If at His Cross you have found
Then you know that I'm not lying
If they ask the place I was born
I say my birthplace is Zion

© Ronnie Leviner

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Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"Lover's Lament" from his Illusions Collection