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Outdoor Wonders

I have often stood in wonder
upon some lofty bank,
and delved in sensuous ponder
of the setting sun that sank;
beyond a crusty mountain range,
it's valley there below;
along the crest of distant plains
or beneath a river's flow.

Beyond the bay on Eastern Shore
I've often seen it rise,
in many shades of colors galore
that scanned the entire skies.

I've looked amazed in reverent gaze
into a "dark moon" sky,
and marveled at the many ways
God set the stars on high.

At other times, a moonlit sky,
it's gleem across the sea,
and watched the silver clouds go by..
just drifting endlessly!

Where, often through my window panes,
I've viewed the sky that yields
The splatter of the falling rains
upon my window sills.

It's on these rainy days I see,
and bring my thoughts to bear,
the many ways God does indeed;
show His love and care;
and one of these, the great outdoors,
where all His creatures stay,
Oh, how my yearning heart explores
this masterpiece array.

Only a few of wonders true;
all gifts from God above,
signed,delivered, for me and you,
with His signature of love!

© William E. Hardison

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The Honeymoon Cottage

Nestled in the heart,
Of the Kentucky hills,
Surrounded by roses and daffodils,
And graced with honeysuckle vines,
Stood a little cabin built long ago,
By folks I was proud to know!
My grandparents chose the spot
'Neath the whispering pines!

"It was our honeymoon cottage,"
Grandpa would say!
"We came straight here,"
"On our wedding day,"
"And you know,"
"We've been around here ever since!"
The setting was so serene,
"Picture perfect,"
If you know what I mean,
Right down to the little,
White picket fence!

Though Grandma was in her seventies,
She still would sew,
And can the vegetables they could grow,
In the little garden
In the clearing at the top of the hill!
Yes, time had made a change,
In Grandma's face.
But in Grandpa's heart,
Nobody could take her place!
In His eyes she was lovely still!

Grandpa was her gallant knight!
Her face would light up,
When he came in sight!
Their love grew sweeter,
With the passing of time!
Yes, Friend it's plain to see,
If you have love,
That special gift from God above,
You can be happy,
If you haven't got a dime!

They were married in the little church,
With the tall white steeple.
And with Grandpa's and Grandma's people,
There was barely enough room to stand.
The kin folks brought fiddles,
And five stringed banjos,
Mandolins, guitars, and even dobros!
I'm telling you the music,
Was mighty grand!

No couple was any happier,
Than those two!
The moment they said, "I do,"
Grandpa kissed his bride so tenderly!
'Twas the beginning,
Of a lasting marriage,
And as they sped away,
In a horse drawn carriage,
They both were as happy as could be!

But, now where the honeymoon cottage,
Once stood,
There's only a pile of rubble and wood.
The old folks have gone on,
To their eternal reward!
However today,
They are in the Promised Land,
Walking hand in hand,
And basking in the presence,
Of Jesus Christ, their Lord!

© Robert F. Dotson

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Secrets of the Wind

The wind speaks to me
Telling secrets, Iím not to know
Who speaks these words to scatter?
And hurt feelings which injure as they go

I try to stop the wind
As it blows close by
Dropping wounding words
As it rushes through the sky

I canít control the wind
Nor the secrets with which it sails
Strewing terrible stinging words
Upon all whom listen, for it will tell

The wind has calmed its furor
Itís settled down at last
Yet all the hateful scattered words
Will forever leave a troubled path

Be careful what you say
For the wind will again rise
And all the wounding words
Will offend as the ruthless word flies

© Gayle Davis

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God Sweetly Vows

I see the anguish rise up in hearts,
Deep aches which breathe pain,
I see the Lord weaving the torn parts,
Love makes whole again.

If all could but grasp His promises,
None would have distress,
God sweetly vows then He lavishes,
Each as He does bless.

He freely floods His precious healing,
All compassionís there,
God knows, sadly, that alone feeling,
Loves beyond compare.

Surrender sufferings to the Lord,
Humbly yield with bows,
All hearts will be perfectly restored,
Yes, God sweetly vows.

© Sondra McPherson

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Teeter Totter

Just like a childhood teeter totter,
Life has its ups and downs.
Soaring upward to the sky,
Or, spiraling to the ground.

Were it not for heights of splendor,
We'd not know a joyous zeal.
Yet through times of lower valleys,
Our faith, is there revealed.

Today may be a mountain peak,
Tomorrow, sinking low.
Remember that you're not alone.
It takes two to make it go.

With two, there is a balance;
Friends help to share the load.
Often, they may carry more,
Down life's distant road.

Someday you may be called upon,
To comfort, cheer, or pray.
Because you've lived the ups and downs,
You'll know just what to say.

Climb on the teeter-totter,
Let laughter now begin.
Each day will look much brighter,
When you share it with a friend.

© Marie Williams

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Spirit of the Night

Spirit of the Night
Sing softly to my soul
whisk away to dreamland
those thoughts that make me whole.

Have you come to take my dreams
away to some place grand;
a garden, park or perhaps,
to Never Never Land?

Your play on words, your teasing smile
are candy in my dreams,
but when awake I wonder if
its really what it seems.

You twinkle, glitter, glow and reel
your sparkle helps you see
you make me questions what I feel
then skip off in joyful glee.

I wonder in the moment
if those shadows standing tall
are really spirits of the night
or simply not at all.

Spirit of the night
Sing softly to my soul
whisk away to dreamland
those thoughts that make me whole.

© Pamela L. Serrilla

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Just You

You can just look at me,
and I melt.
You can just whisper in my ear,
and I fall to pieces.
You can just touch me lightly,
and I get goose bumps all over.
You can just kiss me goodbye,
and I want you to stay the night.
You can just say my name,
and I get butterflies in my stomach.
You could just say you love me,
and I am yours forever.

© Eve Hall

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True Happiness

Whatever problem, worry, or care -
Bring it to Jesus. He's always there.

Whenever your heart does meet with His,
Then, you know what true happiness is.

© Joyce C. Lock

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Reflections of Southbreeze

Featured Midi © Bruce DeBoer
"Blue Island Breeze" from his Watercolor Dreams Collection