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Hidden Blessings

We are so blessed with many things;
We're blessed with good and bad.
We're blessed with things that make us smile,
And some that make us sad.

Some blessings are the gifts we have,
And talents we possess,
Like painting, or a song we sing,
Or written thoughts expressed.

These blessings help us grow inside,
While sharing things we do,
And often help some other folks,
To see the hard-times through.

But some things are so difficult,
The blessings hard to see,
They often cloud or grip our lives,
In spite of prayerful pleas.

If we can learn to see a good,
In things that get us down,
Then we can see the blessings in,
The things that made us frown.

It must have been so very hard,
For Mary on that day,
To watch her Son be crucified,
As she knelt down to pray.

He was the perfect Son of God,
So young, with much to do,
And yet He was called home to God,
A tortured death gone through.

As we recall our Savior's life,
And then our lives compare,
It seems a little easier,
To see the joys we share.

For he has risen home to God,
In heaven's home above,
And we can each be joining Them,
Because of Father's love.

© James O'Brien
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June 2003

True Love

As love fills my heart,
I hear Angels sing.
As you fill my soul,
I hear life's bells ring.

The feeling of emptiness,
are there for me no more.
You have touched me down deep,
and shown me what's in store.

A love has grown for you now,
into my soul you have crept.
Like a thief late in the night,
you took my heart while I slept.

But I gave it up willingly,
and more I will give.
You can have all that I am,
so that our love may live.

Love is created and shared,
when two hearts entwine.
True love was discovered,
when your soul touched mine.

A love of epic proportions,
is what this could be.
Love, trust, and understanding,
just a few that awaits for me.

I write down these thoughts,
to show how I feel.
I believe I found true love,
I believe it is real.

Tom Hughes
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Speak to Me Lord

Speak to me Lord, Tell me what to say
I need to help someone in trouble
find their way.
Lord speak to me whether it be
poetry or a song, I know if the
words come from you I can't go wrong.

©Vickie Howard
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sitting in front of the TV
so much fun
so many colors
so many tears
full of fear.
killed by an electric light
Never wanting to fight
or wanting to stop the fight
Never stopping the fight,
violence and recklessness.
Sitting together,
one next to the other,
the other next to one.
flying downward,
see awkward,
living lost and loved
Figures dance and romance with love
Figures die in dust and lay dead like rugs.

Christopher Fabbri
May 29, 2003
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Two Sides To Everything

I may not have to tell you,
but our world is in a mess;
for it's saddled through and through
with corruption and unrest.

It's kindled by an awful trend
from whence our woes became;
a surge of hateful crime and sin
that feeds it's burning flame!

The world is now a battleground
between the good and bad;
the tools of war or who we are
and where our goals are bound.

The leaders are a choice of two,
The Devil or the LORD;
Jesus Christ, the one to choose,
will do away the sword!

For those whom serve the evil side,
the blood is on their hands,
for they are on a rocky ride
that ends in sinking sands.

'Cause somewhere in the vast beyond,
the good side shall prevail;
and evil ones will then succumb
to backfire's burning hell!

©William E. Hardison
31 May 2003


Tears of glass…

I will cry,
Tears of glass,
Clear as crystal,
About my past…

The tears of glass,
Will pierce my heart,
As they rain down,
When true lover's part…

There is no future,
In the past,
When you're alone,
And love's faded fast…

The tears of glass,
Will pierce my soul,
Cause now I know,
I'm half, not whole…

Bob Macchia ©2003

Having A Ball

I've got that Saturday Night Fever
Dancin' - My "special" thing
Love to hear those big band sounds
Playin' those songs that swing

All my years of growin' up
I'd dance the night away
Saturday nights on the dance floor
Where I'd stay - and stay - and stay

Although I'm now much older
Need for the dance is still there
Out I go on a Saturday night
My dancin' skills to share

So when you see me dancin'
don't laugh at me too loud
I'm doing what I love to do
In front of a bewildered crowd

©Doug Frederick

Bree and the Yellow Rose

The last yellow rose of Summer
Left blooming alone
Her lovely companion - Bree
Is also gone
Bree's love was the yellow rose
That bloomed in June
She smelled the yellow rose, each
morning and noon
After Bree's death
The yellow rose bloomed,
but once more.
I have neither to care for now
Both are at peace with the Lord.

©Willie Flanagan

July 6, 1996
Memory of my Golden Retriever
August 29, 1985 - March 6, 1996

"The Greatest Father of All"

The greatest Father ever was
Dwells in the heavens, up above.
He gave us His only begotten Son,
Who paid sin's price for everyone.

You know, it had to cause God grief;
As His Son suffered beyond belief.
But, God knew that His Son's sacrifice
Would bring us all eternal life.

He felt the pain His son went through;
Was worth it all, for me and you.
And, even Jesus didn't count the cost,
As His Life's Blood drained from that old cross.

So, let's all wish our Heavenly Father
A Happy Father's Day
And thank Him for His great sacrifice,
As we bow our heads to pray.

Happy Father's Day!
~ To the greatest Father of all ~

©Vickie Lambdin
3 June 2003

Father’s Day Wishes





There’s a special little book

Filled with memories

Random acts of kindness

Most will never see.


Giving from your heart

Asking nothing in return

Wise beyond your years

Fatherhood, you’ve earned.


Because you go for guidance

To your Father above

You’re not just a ‘Daddy’

But, one who walks in love.


You’ve shared your witty ways

And even a few tears

But, oh the joy you’ve given

Through each and every year;


And so it’s with much love

We’re sending this your way

To wish for you, the best,

Happy Father’s Day!


Copyright © 2003 Marie Williams


Fatherland of Dreams

With tenderness and strength
you'd go to any length
to see that we had all.
Without you we could fall.

A teacher in your right
you show such inner sight.
Providing us a way
to make life grand each day.

Your celebration of history
and making life a mystery
kept us learning more
and wanting what's in store.

Your gentle smiles of pride
when our achievements we'd confide
gave us all we needed
and a future that was seeded.

A giving caring man
who always said "I Can"
had made of me this way
the woman I am today.

My Fatherland of dreams
and Daddy for all it means
My Dad when all seems lost
and a friend at any cost.

On Father's Day this year
I wish for you quite clear
the best of all there is
in a daughter's loving kiss.

Pamela L. Serrilla

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June 2003


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