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The Finger Of God

God's created such beauty on this day,
The sun shining brightly,
With painted skies bright blue just to present,
Soft white clouds brushed lightly.

Even His small tender plants are crowning,
Delight feeds their outing,
Upward they grow to spring forth life seeking,
Buds so lush green sprouting.

In their midst, lovely flowers seem to grow,
Vivid blossoms will thrive,
Sweet life unveils each hue once more in flair,
Oh, how God paints alive.

His miracles we awake to amazed,
Grand presents or prizes,
Gifts of God for us to see His display,
We love His surprises.

Viewing His perfection brightens our day,
Each day's Divinely new,
To know The Finger of God's transpiring,
Brings a bow and Thank You.

©Sondra McPherson
March 18, 2003 ©


Garden of Beauty


Standing amongst the flowers

In a garden they surround

Magnificence is everywhere

I am standing on a beloved ground


The gardener tends the flowers

Caring for each and every bloom

His devotions dictate bouquets

To adorn lackluster rooms


We are the flowers in the garden

God tends to his children fair

We will bud into beautiful flowers

With God overseeing our care


He will remove the weeds

Which seek to crowd the beauty

Keeping us in healthy growth

Through his glorious purity


One day we will be taken

By the Lord’s loving hands

Placed among other flowers

In Heaven’s Promised Land


©Gayle Davis

May 5, 2003 ©


My Dad on Earth

Oh! How I loved my dad,
And he loved me. T'was
The best of relationships we had.

He was planted in his ways,
And always thought himself right,
But gentle with me always.

Once he spanked me
When a Senior in high school.
(Kept my brothers guessing)
I'll always remember that lesson.

I've forever been told,
One views their Heavenly Father
The same as their earthly dad.
Both to me, precious as gold.

One left, in my heart, a hole
When he went to be with Him.
The other fills that gab, nourishes
Me as I grow old.

Smiles and reminisces
On this "Father's Day"
Bathe my memories in love
Of my dad on earth,
and the one from above.

©Carol D. Meeks

Sinking Sand

We're treading on this road of life
enclosed by "sinking sand."
Winds up and down and all around
to reach that promised land.

It's up to us to keep our trust;
to do what God demands;
and go the way without astray
into those "sinking sands!"

For once in there, the Devil's lair,
we'll sink with endless pain;
unless we change and find the range
to straight our sights again.

For, it's not just footprints in the sand
we want the world to find;
but those that's found on solid ground
are ones you leave behind.

So, steer the course with much remorse
and focus on our goals;
to live life grand, so "sinking sand"
will never claim our souls!

©William E. Hardison

Grampa', what is infinity?
Well-let me see, look at the sky-how much do you see?
Oh,Grampa'-there's too much for me.
No, you can't see it all-that's infinity.
Look at the land, can you see it all?
Well, no,because there's more than here.
Yes, knucklehead, beyond your call, beyond your sphere-
is infinity.
Can you see GOD-anywhere?
Oh Grampa'-no I can't!
Yes you can, he's everywhere, in the trees,in the plants,
in this garden, in the breeze, in his hills and in his seas,
in his love for you and me, because he is, was and will be
Grampa' I love you so much.
Yes Sweepea', we've been touched by a love that is
Then Grampa'-infinity is forever?
Yes, baby girl-forever and ever-Amen

©Betty C. Daniels

I Need You

Lord, I feel your presence
I need you close to me
To help me through these trying times
A light for me to see.

There has never been a time
That I have come to you
When you would lift my spirits
And you would see me through.

As I sit here in solitude
And think about my life
I wonder what I've ever done
To bring on me this strife.

I know it's not intended
To try to have it all
That is the time that we forget
Our faith begins to fall.

So help me Lord to be of faith
Strong like you want me to be
I know that you can help me Lord
I'll forever be thankful to thee

©Ginny Bryant


Over life's wrestles sea I've come,
And wonder how I made it.
Now here in my waning years I sit,
For nothing would I trade it.

God helped me o'er the roughest part,
With His loving hand He helped me,
To be a person of some respect,
And gave me a wife who loves me.

Without God's help as I import,
His Son He sent as an example to be,
And as I tried to be like Him,
In faltering His hand would reach for me.

Now looking back across the years,
With loving memories and dried up tears,
Without my loving wife beside me,
I never would have made it.
Thank You Oh my Gracious Lord,
For a wife to me to be so dedicated.

By L.M.Willson

Planting the Seeds

Planting the seeds
And sowing in faith,
Waiting to see
Where growth will lead.
Watching and waiting,
Praying for the water
Of the holy word of God
To bring forth new life
As the darkness is fading....

©Dawn Ellen Austin



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