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Grandma's Attic

I looked in grandma's attic
To see what I could see
A lot of stuff from days gone by
Just waiting there for me.

I dressed up in her hat and shawl
Laced up her satin shoes
Lots of pictures here and there
Yellowed paper with old news.

A trunk with lots of goodies
Quilts and dollies full of lace
A China doll so beautiful
A bright smile on her face.

Tucked inside a wooden box
Letters, poems and such
Told me that my grandpa
Loved Grandma very much.

© Ginny Bryant


God's Creation

However God created you,
He didn't make a mistake.
Adding gifts and talents,
Passion is His to create.

Out of weakness,
His strength is ours to take;
Multiplying His precious seed,
All for the Kingdom's sake.

© 2002 by Joyce C. Lock


The Breath Of God

As days appear to pass much more quickly,
I see life's call to echo,
The Breath of God gives birth repeatedly,
Sweet wisps of His fragrance show.

Far and wide we can see God's breath of life,
With us, His life's a fresh wind,
Priceless touches of love breathed forgiveness,
Redeeming all who have sinned.

The Breath of God's like a sweet smelling scent,
Being consumed in His love,
And more of His Life's a miracle breathed,
We are perfumed from Above.

As we quietly seek Him, we'll soon find,
God's our life, He's not a dream,
Like a soft whisper and a light breeze soothe,
The Breath of God is Supreme.

Sondra McPherson
June 22, 2003 ©

Blessed By An Angel

Let the glow in your eye
twinkle in the day
and burn at night
so that others might
see your "window to the soul"
shine as a glowing coal
and guide them in their
journey into night.
May His gentle rain refresh
both body and soul
give you an angel's
hand to hold
so that when begins
the mighty wind,
thunder's booming din,
you will hold fast
to your faith
and know His blessed grace
will keep you free from fear and sin.
May the path He planned
lead you to a beautious land,
a quiet haven
beside a stream
where you may dream
and rest awhile
to reflect on God's
creations....and smile -
for He led you to a space,
in this time and place,
and created a sunset
your heart to beguile.
May your heart not be troubled,
and may God's bessings
given freely,
pass from you daily
to a stranger or a friend,
so that kindness never ends
and you realize your worth
since the day of your birth -
touch a stranger's hand and
heart...for you play a part,
in this vast universe of God
where upon His earth you trod.
Reach for the light,
that shines so very bright
to enable you to attain,
our God on Heaven's throne
where you'll never be alone,
He'll greet you with
"my child, welcome home."

 ©Jacqueline Bartels


Broken Apart

I once bought a boat that would not float
She was built of wood but it was no good.
She'd been neglected for many years.
When I first saw her she brought me tears.

I repaired her hull and made her strong.
I took her on trips all weekend long.
She was good for me, she was my life.
She set me free, She was like my wife.

She was anchored out, I was on land.
A storm came in, and she hit the sand.
I went down to the beach, and it broke my heart.
To see my poor boat, all broken apart.


Sunrise Energy

I watch the morning sun come up,
And feel the gentle breeze,
And hear the voices of the birds,
As they play in the trees.

And then I feel the energy,
That sunrise always brings,
While bending lips create a smile,
And then my spirit sings.

There are some days that start the same,
But this I cannot see,
‘Cause there are days that start so sad,
And life seems bleak to me.

But if I could remember as,
A day like that begins,
Perhaps the sun and birds and trees,
Will change my frowns to grins.

And now as I go through this day,
I’m armed with Heaven’s best,
For I have witnessed Father’s love;
I’m ready for the rest.

 ©James O’Brien
June 2003

Time After Time

My, oh my, how time does fly,
like winds from a hurricane,
swiftly blown to the vast goodbye..
as smoke does from a flame!

And the days and weeks like a bullet streaks
to the past with lighting speed...
to find some mark where dreams embark,
to fill a dreamers need.

And the months and years like javelin spears
just soar past overhead...
to reach some goal where the weak and bold..
meet up with the lives they led.

But in meanwhile, just hope and smile,
and count your blessings all;
for near the end you can depend
on God, to whom we call!!

 ©William E. Hardison


~All The Earth is Glad ~

Flowers, spring up, in Springtime, and the earth is glad . . .
Counting the "Many Springtime's," it has already had.
Hyacinths, peeking out of the ground ~ beauty to see.
Daffodils, (popping up) all around each and every tree.

Springtime, brings roses, of every color ~ so sublime . . .
It makes me think of olden days ~ going back in time.
Lilacs send smells of wonder ~ tulip's dot the beds . . .
Of colors, ranging from yellow, rose, pink's and reds.

It looks as if God painted the earth ~ with all the hues.
Dandelions of yellow ~ Crocus of red white and blues.
Wouldn't it be wonderful, if we, just like, God had . . .
All the things of grandeur ~ to make the Earth glad

Snow, on the mountain top ~ trickling down in a stream ~
Or pebbles in the creek-bed ~ while fishing, "in a dream."
All the bluebirds of beauty ~ the Meadowlark's song ~
But nothing like the cardinal, to come hopping along.

Cornfields bowing ~ as the Wheatfield's dip and wave ~
But, it's the aroma of peach blossoms that we all just crave.
the sweet-pea and orchids so sweet, it seems full of mirth ~
Then, the beauty of the trees, in the Fall ~ covering this old Earth.

©Pearlie Duncan Walker



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