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From My Heart

Dear God in heaven above
Could You send down some special love
I find it hard for myself to pray
When I know there are others worse off today.

But things feel like they're falling apart
And there's a heavy aching in my heart.
I love my family more than words can say
But at this moment they seem so far away.

Precious Father, You're the only One
Who can mend the brokeness that's begun
Please hold them close, protect them please,
And open their hearts, so their eyes might see.

And if my eyes aren't seeing as they should
Open my heart, too Ö if You would.
Thank You for hearing my plea today,
And for listening to me as I pray.

Susan Bromen

Till We Meet Again

It was so many years ago we fell in love
Our love was blessed by the Lord above.
Then all my hopes and dreams were shattered
You needed some time and that was all that mattered.
So I went on and married soon after
My life was then family and laughter.
But you on the other hand waited awhile
And found someone who could make you smile.
After four great children God called your wife home
And once again you were all alone.
One day you and I connected again
But it could be as only good friends.
As I was married, nothing I could do
I really wanted to be with you.
And as we talked we both would learn
That we wanted more and there was concern.
Once again we had to part
And there was much hurt in this old heart.
For time is not standing still
And what ever happens will be God's will.
So God permitting We will be together again
And this time much more than friends.

© Eve Kirschbaum

Faith of a Child

A hand so misshapen
From the ravages of age
Fingers grown stiff
And at times splayed

Knuckles swollen
Movement almost nil
These once busy fingers
Are now quite still

Sewing things laid aside
To sew causes such hurt
I cannot mend and create
These fingers will not work

A fair-haired little girl
One day took my hand
Told me what I needed
Stating my Jesus can

He made it the first time
He can make it again
Bowed her head and prayed
Then a warmth began

All through the fingers
Into the hand
The look in her eyes
Said yes, my Jesus can

The stiffness lessened
Agility slowly returned
The words of the little girl
In my heart did burn

Jesus made it the first time
He can make it again
Her faith moved mountains
Where had my faith been

©Gayle Davis
February 11, 2002 

A Friend Stands By

A friend is one who always stands by,
An angel of God, but not in the sky.
How some friends stand by you never know;
They share your needs but never show.

A banker friend keeps your finances sound;
"Feel of the lettuce" as it goes around.
Family members know your needs,
Does your Pride refuse their good deeds?

And when your heart misses a beat,
Ole Doc Brown will cut out the hog meat. 
A preacher pal prays for your soul;
Listen to him, in Heaven you'll stroll.

Unseen Cyber Friends, ( 24/7 on line),
Pray for each other for healing divine.
Poems, stories and jokes are emailed on,
Where those "viruses" come is unknown. 

Next to church, the best place to be
Is in WAL*MART, buying those guarantees!
Before your LAST friend "lets you down,"
In his hearse, he'll chauffeur you through town.

Jesus, your BEST FRIEND, is always by,
Waiting your needs graciously to supply.
And when before God you take your stand,
Christ will say, "This Friend gave a helping hand!"

James Herbert Henderson
June 26, 2003

Good Morning Father

In the wee small hours of early morn,
The enchanted hours just before dawn-
I rise to enjoy a quiet time-,just my Lord and me,
in peace sublime.
We sit lost in pensive thought-
and review what time and tides have wrought,
I turn to him in total submission, he gazes at me
and hears my admission.
"My Lord, forgive me if I have caused pain
from thoughts of resentment and financial gain,
I want no more than You allow, I am content-
to this I vow"
And He replies-----------
"You are forgiven-I loved you then, I love you now"
Peace returns, my soul is at ease-
and I turn to the window and gaze at the trees,
where still in darkness are fully clothed,
and the curtain of night is still in repose.
Now the veils of night are slipping away--
first purple, then dark blue, then gentle gray-
each filmy curtain slips softly to rest,
as with the dawn they've completed their quest--
and I think-"Such absolute perfection--
who, but God-could give such direction?"
Dawn comes gently for it's day to meet,
and reminds-as humans-we're so incomplete.
The veils of darkness have slipped away,
Thank You, Father-for another new day

Betty C. Daniels

Pathway to Paradise

There is a path along the river
Waiting just inside the gate
It flows with milk and honey
And is sure to seal your fate.

The way is straight and narrow
And few do heed its call
It quietly beckons to us
Just inside the garden wall.

The journey isnít easy
When we follow wayward friends
For all the worldly pleasure
Will cause our lives to end. 

It isnít found in neon lights
Nor where the wine does flow
The road to hell is paved so well

A way, you mustnít go. 
You want to know the secret
Youíd like to find the way
The path along the river
Can be there for you today. 

Go to the Lord in prayer
Heíll hear your humble call
The gate will slowly open
Just inside the garden wall.

The truth is found in scripture
The dead in Christ shall rise
The way will come before you
When you seek for paradise. 

Just reach out to the Father
He will take you by the hand
And together you will journey
To the sacred promised land. 

Marilyn Ferguson ©2003

The Window Of The Soul

Where is the window of the Soul
Is it the way you carry yourself
Is it the clothes that you wear
Is it the way that you act

No, the window of your soul is in your eyes
You can see love in a persons eyes
Or anger in a persons eyes
God made a persons eyes

To be the window of the soul
If you see someone with a sparkle in his eyes
He has a happy, rich soul
He draws people to himself

But if you see someone with ungentle eyes
He pushes people away from himself
Young Children are very good at seeing
The window of the soul

It's sad when some grownups can't see
What our children can see
The beauty of the window of the soul

Donna Jeanne Kramer

Sweet Little Bird

Sweet little bird, yes Godís precious creature,
Singing through the day and night,
Flew from afar in such desperation,
Searching for water in flight.

Sweet little bird, singing songs from its heart,
Fluttered down into my sight,
Perched on my hand as content as can be,
Begging for help in its plight.

Sweet little bird, tumbled over worn out,
The Lord must have sent to me,
It sipped water quite slowly as it gazed,
And gave looks of love so free.

Sweet little bird, I had held so gently,
Splashed in a bath like a game,
God cares for His creatures as Heís promised,
Yes, it unveiled the Lordís fame.

Sweet little bird, to a branch it did fly,
Refreshed was Godís precious bird,
Singing from its fleeting heart a Ďthank you,í
This was Godís sweet bird I heard!

Sondra McPherson
May 18, 2003 ©


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