Bless This Land

T'was on the 4th of a summer month,
So many years ago,
When forefathers, sons and daughters,
Gave lives so our country could grow.

They fought for the rights and freedom we have;
They fought for their families too.
They fought against Tyrants and
unrighteous law,
And did this for me and for you.

These patriots fought for the freedom to pray,
And to worship the God of their choice.
Then against bitter odds, but with divine help,
They fought, to be Governments's voice.

So now we here stand, in this favored land,
With freedom and liberty too.
To guard and protect and cherish these rights,
Is something that we should all do.

Now join me this day on the 4th of July,
As we raise our voices to say;
God bless this land and this Government too.
God bless, the U. S. of A.!

© James O’Brien

In God We Trust

In God we trust the words rang true, from sea to shining sea.
Lifting praise to him in love, they knelt on bended knee.

Each day anew, it all began with prayer for guiding light.
For wisdom, and his hand on them decisions made upright.

For leadership, led by one, much wiser than mankind.
His guidance truly won the battles waged from hidden mines.

But as the years so quickly passed, their love began to wane,
With subtlety desire soon left to seek God's holy name.

The peace once known by a nation fair was facing sudden change.
It now saw certain chaos, as destruction took her aim.

The warning rang in every home once blessed by safe abode,
Fear soon reared its ugly head, which way were we to go?

But as repentance of a nation fell upon its face,
The blinders lifted from our eyes, again we knew God's grace.

America, must not forget a nation will stand tall,
If God is first in all we do, if not, we'll surely fall.

 © 2003 Marie Williams

God Bless America

A day of celebration
How thankful we can be
To know that we are living
In a land where we are free.

A day of celebration
Let other nations know
That we will stick together
No matter where we go.

A day of celebration
When peace will come to all
And evil forces on the earth
Will turn from their leaders call.

A day of celebration
When love will conquer war

We all can live in harmony
Countries near and far.

Enjoy our Independence
Spread the word far and wide
Everyone can have this prize
By walking side by side.

Ginny Bryant

Lonely Soldier

Many nights will find him
In a bunker filled with fear
No one to assure him
His enemy is not lurking near

Sleep comes not for uneasiness
Is the constant companion in the air
The fear of shells blasting all around
Lighting the night with red hued glare

Whose son, daughter,
Husband, dad or mom
Run the risk of not coming home
Because of a bullet or a bomb

Oh, Lord the many freedoms
That I enjoy each day
Was paid for by the lonely soldier
Who choose to serve in harm’s way

While I lived in comfort
Earned by the precious vet
So many are still paying
Freedom is endangered yet

I revere the lonely soldier
On the sea, land and in the air
If it were not for their dedication
My life would not be so fair

I pray God looks over you
Protecting you at all cost
And not one lonely soldier
Will suffer any kind of loss

May your nights be calm
May you not suffer from fear
May the ones loved most by you
Forever in your heart be near

Thank you beloved soldier
For giving, all you could
So I could live in freedom
Beneath the Eagle's, Hood

©Gayle Davis
January 12, 2003 



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