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Some People

Some People See Black
Some See White
Others See Shades Of Gray

Some People Say Wrong
Some Say Right
Others Got Nothing To Say

Some People Yell Loudly
Some Fight
Others Walk Away

Some People Are Weak
Others Are Just Okay

Some People Are Blind
Some Have Sight
Others Need To Pray

Some People Know Darkness
Some Know light
Others Know The Way

©~Rad Star~


Be At Peace

It’s good to be in the Presence of the Lord,
You need your life to be blessed,
Eternally He’ll love you as His adored,
You’ll be at peace with a rest.

Spending life without Jesus wouldn’t be brave,
You’d have no peace nor be glad,
It’s like the unrest in the world which is grave,
Very unpleasant and sad.

Without Jesus, where’d be the light shining through,
He saved you from sole darkness,
Jesus gave His life for all, me and you too,
Love Him, bask in His brightness.

Let Him come in your heart and then live, Oh Yes,
Lay all your hope on Him now,
Sureness of everlasting life is Jesus,
One day you’ll see Him, then bow.

©Sondra McPherson
February 14, 2003 ©

Angel Tree

My sweet little angels picked
Fresh from the angel tree.
Whatever I did to deserve you
God greatly rewarded me.

My pretty little angel
You’re my little girl.
You thrill my soul
Setting my heart in a whirl.

Precious little angel
Wonderful little boys.
You fill my heart with love
Making my life a joy.

You are so wonderful
You bring delight to me.
Heavenly little angels picked
Fresh from the angel tree.

You’re the reason I’m living
You mean the world to me.
Precious little angels picked
Fresh from the angel tree.

Sweet little angel picked
Fresh from the angel tree.
Nestled amongst the rainbows
And God picked you for me.

©Gayle Davis
October 16, 2002


Changing Times

Have you ever stop to wonder, 
 How things use to be
 Making crowns from wild daisies 
Climbing grandmaw's great big tree.

Mow the grass with a push mower
Never locked a door 
 Mom cooked three solid meals a day
 Who could ask for more.

Air conditioning was a luxury 
One we never had
TV was plain old black and white
Three stations wasn't so bad.

Indoor plumbing maybe
Some of us lucked out
But we always had time for family
Respect was never a doubt. 

Not a lot of money
Stock Market never read
Happy with plenty of food
And a roof over our head.

Went to church three times a week
God lived with us each day
We said our blessings and our prayers
There was no other way.

Today most children will never know
The best things in life are free
Have a close family relationship
It will pay off wait and see.

Now there are times when things go wrong
And families grow apart
But wonderful memories we will always have
They just live within our heart.

©Ginny Bryant
Journey Of Love

In This Swing

There's nothing I would rather do,
Than sit and swing and talk with you,
For you are all I want in life,
To share our time and be my wife.

You see, I've found a love that's true,
And know that all we say and do,
Will help us be a stronger pair,
With endless love we two will share.

So now together in this swing
Our hearts are joined in songs we sing,
Or phrases said with words that rhyme,
And will remain throughout all time.

My heart and life to you I give,
And this beyond the years I live,
And this I promise from my heart,
With you I'll stay and never part.

©James O'Brien


just love
we breath each other
gathering healing energy
from around the world
and out into the universe...
and I offer it to you, my love,
within these words 
of all awareness
that we may share this moment
of you and I together healing all
and heaven sighs as we breathe each other
bring it into existence
because we love
just love
and nothing more



The Great Pretender

 My Jesus knows every heartache I have had
He knows when inside I am blue and feeling sad.

I put a big smile upon my face just like a clown
Smiling while the walls came tumbling down.

Acting like everything is going right
When for so long I lived in darkness
Never seeing daylight.

My Jesus knows when I am lonely and
He knows each pain
He understands when I am vain.

I painted my life as picture perfect
All the while I was fooling nobody but myself
I have hidden my heartaches and
Put them on a shelf.

I stopped pretending long ago and asked
Jesus to supply all my needs
I am rewarded for every good and faithful deed.

The great pretender I am no more
Jesus healed me and with Him happiness
Is in store.

He satisfies and every need supplied
That's why He went to the cross and why He died.

©Nancy Hoback 
July 3, 2003


When Hearts Were Young

A love seat
filled to over flowing.

Dreams of future years
two lives lived as one.

Many sunsets
watched from two rockers
side by side.

Hands reaching
back in time

when hearts were young.

 ©  T. J. Daniels


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