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I Do Believe

I cannot make the robin sing
the songs for you and me
I cannot make the rainbow hue
that in all of life we see

I cannot make the forest glade
the rippling brook I hear
Nor can I put the sun up high
nor control a tiny tear

I cannot make a golden leaf
pasteled with colors bright
I cannot tell the stars to shine
a glorious, wonderful sight

I cannot tell my heartstrings
who or what to love
All these things I cannot do
come from The Lord above

Yes, My Friend, I do believe
for His gifts all say ''I Care''
And since I cannot do these things
Thank God - ''He'' lets me share

(c)Mr. Doug

Raindrop Destiny

The rains that come in wintertime,
Fall softly on the ground,
Then trickle forth to form a stream,
That makes a gurgling sound.

Then downward goes this flowing stream,
To join with many more,
While mountain seems to beckon on,
It’s beauties to explore.

And after many miles have past,
The streams, to rivers turn,
Then following their canyon path,
A larger life to learn.

And as the river finds it's end,
While mingling with sea,
Then joins it's waters with the tide,
To meet it's destiny.

James O'Brien
July 2003


Togetherness II

I really miss a lovely,
warm, personable friendship.
My heart is so empty.
I sit here alone,
Longing for a special young lady
full of life and vitality,
love and warmth,
honesty and passion.

A lady to share
sitting in the living room,
enjoying an evening of soft music,
enjoying a candle lit dinner,
walking arm and arm to the local store,
teasing and laughing one another,
going to a movie together.

I would like to find a special woman
to spend the remaining days of my life with.

© 030306 James M. Cannon 

The Lonely Journey

It was a dark and lonely journey for Jesus on that day.
A righteous man tried,convicted and betrayed.
His body bruised and broken, but he stood tall and proud,
and I'm sure God up in Heaven, heard his cries so loud.
But he did not doubt the Father, he knew that he must die,
that we might have salvation, and live with him on high.
The hillside must have been crowded as they nailed Him on the cross.
They were shouting crucify him, so at last he paid the cost.
The price for our salvation, was blood shed on calvary.
He carried every sin we had as blood dripped from that tree.
Christ was wounded for our transgressions,
bruised for our iniquities and by his stripes we were healed. He died to set us free.
In the holy word of God this is all revealed. We have heavy burdens, but Jesus had them too.
So cast your cares upon him, my God will bring you through.

 Adria Roberts ~Angelheart~ 


Things Aren't Always
What They Seem

A voice crying in the wilderness,
''Help make my path straight.''
For, one who is lame
Can't make if through the gate.

A heart full of pain,
A life full of woe;
None sought his name.
Where else could he go?

Falling on his knees,
Making prayer his aim –
Then came the MASTER,
Who led him through the flame.

Tears of sorrow vanished
When paths were made straight;
Never to be the same,
Walking through Heaven's gate.

© Joyce C. Lock


A Window To The Heart

If we had a window, that was an opening to our heart.
When others stop to take a look where would our window start.

What would people see there as they looked upon your soul.
When they gazed down on the window what would their eyes behold.

Pretend it was a camera, that shot photos of your day.
It recorded everything you did at work or even play.

Would you care for other people to see what lies inside.
Or would you want it hidden what do you have to hide.

Would you be a loving person that cared for others so.
What would your window have to say, what would your window show.

If we knew we had a window and everyone could see.
There was no secret place to hide what lives inside of you see.

Would it make a difference in what you set out to do.
Would it change the way you live, if others could see in you?

©Rev. Gary Hall

Listen Children

Listen children, come gather near,
I have a great story for you to hear,
About a child born years ago
to save the world from sin you know.

God searched his people and found Mary,
He gave to her his son to carry,
altho this angered her betrothed,
God sent an angel to let him know.

That Mary was with out shame
She carried God's child and Jesus would be his name.
Jesus was born in a manger for there was no room at the Inn.
This child was born to free mankind from sin

The wise men came from afar
They followed God's shining star,
out of the east to Bethlehem bearing gifts for the child.
When Herod the King heard these things
He ordered the death of this newborn king.

God told Joseph in his dreams
about King Herod's awful scheme
he said awaken and take flight
with Mary and the child tonight
so they fled to Egypt's land
Jesus was saved by God's hand.

To die by king Herod was not his fate,
but by his own people at a later date.
As he grew he taught of his father
He told all who would hear
how much he held the world so dear

And gave to it his only son to save us all from sin,
by just believing only in him
we could be reborn again.
Now some did not like the message that he taught,
because of that his death was brought.

Then Pilate gave the people one last try
and ask them should he live or die
and they cried out let him be crucified
and even tho he had done no wrong
he was put to death by this throng.

So here's the story that's been told
of Jesus born long ago
Born to die so man would live
born for us his life to give.
Born to free us all from sin
so we could be reborn again.

©Sherry Oden



In the moment that lives
between darkness and dawn
lives the power of light
that dreams are built on.

In quiet starlight
the mist on the green
glows with the knowledge
of where men have been.

This fiery belladonna
that glitters and glows
dances on treetops
lighting ballerina toes.

In musical hands
a composition is played
and on an artist's canvas
reigns a masterpiece made.

As the rays of gold
sprinkle dust on the clover
the romantic will find
his soul-mate and lover.

Yet the sparkle of sunlight
creeping up on the lawn
finds the magic of starlight
simply fades with the dawn.

 © Pamela L. Serrilla
May 2003 



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