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Loveliest Friend

There are some friends who do come to mind,
But none are quite like you,
You’re special and sweet and then you’re kind,
So full of life, touching all you do.

When I am down, you help me reflect,
Loveliest friend to me,
Yes I’m blessed, there’s nothing you expect,
One day I know you’ll see.

I do thank my Lord always for you,
You bring a sparkling light,
You brighten my days with laughter too,
He ever does things right.

God just doesn’t give a dearest friend,
He knew you were quite rare,
Saw we’d be close for life and did send,
Loveliest friend to share.

©Sondra McPherson
March 22, 2003
`For LadyGayle`

Scenic Show

While walking down a country road,
My eye began to see.
The beauties of this lovely day,
That now surrounded me.

The sun had slid behind the clouds
Yet beams of light shown through,
Illuminating grass and trees,
With colors bright and true.

And as I saw the meadow’s green,
And trees that seem to glow,
I had to stop and marvel at,
This priceless scenic show.

And then as rain across the way,
Is blessed by shards of light,
The glories of the rainbow come,
With color’s pure delight.

It’s then I realize how blessed,
I am to live this day;
To see the beauties of this land,
Here in the U.S.A.

©James O’Brien

Universal Beauty

 The beauty of the sunshine
The vastness of the sky
The glorious glow of moonlight
As stars twinkle way up high.

I watch in amazement
At the miracle that I see
Does anyone else observe these things
Or is it only me.

As I inhale the beauty
Of our great universe
I wonder what others feel
Or are they just reverse.

My idea of fulfillment
Is the galaxy and all its splendor
Just watching the world go by
Appreciation and total surrender.

Just take a peek then close your eyes
Dream the night away
For when a new tomorrow comes
It will bring a glorious day.

c~Ginny Bryant~

Wine And Poetry

Go together like
a hand in a glove.

I have the wine
and the poetry
but where is the love?

Too much wine
can bring back
sad memories.

Now all I have is
too much wine
and sad poetry.

 © 2003 T. J. Daniels

I Promise

Today when that door closed
you thought your heart would break.
But another door slowly opened and
you found it wasn't too late.

For you had known all along,
deep down in your soul,
There was another out there
who would finally make you whole.

Now you will receive the love
you had always strived to share
And you will have someone beside you
that is thankful you are there.

So sit with me and hold my hand
and tell me what you need,
Trust me. I will always be here
and I promise never to leave.

©Cheri Lee Funk

Needless Tears

I gently wiped her tears away,
As we sat and said goodbye,
And softly whispered in her ear,
Darling please don't cry.

The love we felt so deep and strong,
That kept us close together,
So long had lived within our hearts,
And had conquered stormy weather.

As time walked on so tirelessly,
Never stopping to catch its breath,
The sharing of our dreams stood still,
For the moment that we thought best.

And while we kept our lives on hold,
Unable to feel loves touch,
We had let the days go slipping by,
Missing and longing so much.

We are in love and it's so sad,
That we still remain apart,
Until the day that we will meet,
Sadness will fill my heart.

©~ valentyne~ 

Fleeting Thoughts

Memories come skipping by
Swift Swiftly flashing before my eyes
Darting in, darting out of my mind
Bringing happiness, creating smiles

Days of yesteryear flit around
Catching memories in hidden veils
Floating about so gleefully
Rushing along life’s separate trails

Hauntingly gliding along memory lane
Leaving tid-bits of bygone days
Seeking shelter less they are forgotten
Continue roaming in a timeless craze

©Gayle Davis
March 14, 2003

The Country Girl In Me

I like to hang the laundry on the clothes line
The white cotton sheets to blow in the wind
And the sun bleaches and freshens all that is there
Just waving in the breeze till they are all dry again.

I look over and see the cattails nearby
With their seeds blowing across the way
As the sun glimmers on the water in the pond
As the cattails are blowing every which way.

I see the tiny little foot prints of the rabbits
Going across my garden..through the gate
They will be there all summer, and then
As long as the vegetables are there, they wait.

I love the sunrises and sunsets and watching
As the stars are shining all over the sky
I love chicken feathers
And warm weather
And the soul songs of the owl up high.

But most of all I love the countrys quietness
When at the end of the day, it comes to a close.
As Gods earth gets still and the night falls
This is the part of the day, I love the most.

(I was a Country girl.....but still one in my heart)




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