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Behind the curls
and golden locks
behind my curtain of hair.
Is where I place
those secret things
I would not dare to share.
Behind my heart
where no one goes
behind where feelings lie.
Is where I lock
them all in place
so that I will not cry.
Behind the softness
of my cheek
beneath my silken skin.
Is where the pain
lies most of all
and broken hearts begin.
Behind the tautness
of my smile
behind the imaged laugh.
Is where your loving
lived and learned
to sever me in half.
Behind the lies
in all you promised,
behind my heaving breast.
Is where my sorrow
in love gone wrong
has built its feathered nest.

©Pamela L. Serrilla



Just before it happened,
I was looking at the vision
of my future with joyful love
And then, in a heartbeat, all my
hopes and dreams were shattered
I couldn't breathe, nor make sense
of what had actually happened or why
I remember picking up with tender care
all the tiny shards of what I had envisioned,
not because of logic, but with loving reverence
Far too many days and endless nights afterwards,
when I finally truthfully reflected upon this vision,
I began to notice so many of the flaws and cracks
in what I had considered to be my perfect destiny
Then when I understood, I went to the seashore
with all those beautiful shards I had retained
Once again I saw that beautiful vision
of what might have been my future,
and I smiled as I cast the shards
into the surf and let them go
I would have the memory,
but not the nightmares

© dennis j hopkins



Heaven lost an angel,
when you came to me.
When you say that you'll be mine,
I'll always be yours you see.

Spirit of an eagle,
heart of a gentle dove.
When I first laid eyes you,
I knew it must be love.

I don't know what's come over me,
or why I'm feeling this way.
But I felt my soul tremble,
when I heard your voice that day.

With a beauty such as this,
I must be careful and slow.
For one step in the wrong direction,
and back to heaven she'll go.

Then all that I'll have left,
is a fleeting memory.
Of what was once so special,
and at one time meant to be.

©Tom Hughes


My Dream

I Dream Of The Day
When I Can Play
Like A Boy With His Toys
Every Day

I Have A Boat
And I Have A Plane
But They're So Much Work
They Drive Me Insane

I Like To Sail
Along Side The Whales
And I Like To Fly
With The Birds In The Sky

I Dream Of The Day
When I Can Say
My Works All Done
I'm Going To Play




You cannot get, what I can’t give

You cannot buy, what can’t be bought

You cannot have, what is not yours

You cannot not hold, what can’t be held

You cannot find, what is not lost

Why? Because I belong to another.

eve hall 2002


We still shed tears…

He's gone now,
And it's been a long 15 years,
Full of sorrow,
And still full of tears…

He left an indelible mark,
Upon this earth,
Anyone who knew him,
Realized how precious his worth…

He'd always lift us up,
When we were feeling down,
More than spiritually and mentally,
We are at a loss since he's not around…

We still shed tears,
When we think about Dad,
It's been a long 15 years,
We now realize what we had…

Dedicated to my father "Rocco."  He was "Poppy, Sr.," I am now "Poppy, Jr."



None Considered

When I observe Heaven
(The work of the Master's hands),
The foundation and the wall;
The measure of a man ...

The pearly gates,
Devotion being ever so real,
His lovely jewels, and
Glass that's crystal clear ...

Walking down streets
Paved in pure gold .
None considered what
Heaven is to the LORD.

© by Joyce C. Lock


His Time

Time was waiting patiently
For it knew when things were right
To Him it was for all things
A season given to the Light

And still I waited there with it
Knowing for me it would come
And this I knew without question
When my life's work here was done

Standing now on the bridge crossing over
Expecting soon His face to see
And enter that rest He had promised
When life here ceased to be

Remembering those things He said
To share the things to betide
And speaking Hope give eternal
His Time is on my side

©Ronnie Leviner



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Performed by 
Margi Harrell
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Made with love
July 15, 2003