All That I Am

Iíve never seen so many stars,
Or seen the moon so bright.
Iíve never felt the breeze so soft,
Or felt so warm at night.

But darling all the world has changed,
With you so close to me,
For everything is beautiful,
All things, I feel and see.

Yes everything has changed for me,
With you now in my heart,
For now I feel a timeless love,
And did right from the start.

The warmth and strength of your sweet love,
Has changed all that I do,
And darling, know all that I am,
 Is so in love with you.

James O'Brien
July 2003


America's Strength

I pray to God for Americaís strength,
His Wisdom be with us,
To give direction in a measured length,
Through His Son, our Jesus.

Without God on our side, weíd be vanquished,
But in God we put trust,
He leads us each day through all the anguished,
Praying to Himís a must.

This battleís the Lordís against such evils,
I pray for our soldiers,
God gives force by His warrior angels,
Armorís forward shoulders.

Our soldiers go forth as God directs them,
God gives Divine imprints,
Speaking in prayer, they lay each fear on Him,
Tread Godís secure Footprints.

War is devastating and terror steals,
Godís with us one by one,
America has Jesus, He reveals,
Deliverance by the Son.

©Sondra McPherson
March 17, 2003

Wings Of An Angel

I felt the soft feather touch
As I lay sleeping in my bed
Softly brush across my face
And linger on my head.

I thought I might be dreaming
An Angel in my view
More beautiful than words can say
I thought what should I do?

I laid there in deep silance
My eyes so big and wide
Her smile was oh so glorious
As she sit down by my side.

I did not come to hurt you
I was sent from up above
To watch you and protect you
And covet you with love.

She wrapped her wings around me
The vigilance she would keep
She held me in her sweet embrace
Until I fell asleep.

I know I wasn't dreaming
It is clear to me you see
The Angel in my vision
Was watching over me.

c~Ginny Bryant~


''I Write Poetry For People Like Myself"

I do not write
that the reader must hold a poem in one hand
and a dictionary in the other.

I do not write
so that 150 years later
they are still debating
what it was that I wrote about.

I do not write for those
who love to be baffled
about what it was that I wrote.

I write poetry for the common
down to earth people.

I write poetry for people like myself.

 © 2003 T. J. Daniels


The Giving

Oh my wonderful Jesus
Gives countless blessing untold
I forever reap His goodness
In great magnitude untold

The compassion showered upon me
By our heavenly Father above
Is complete in all its essence
By the power of Godís great love

He gives to me each morning
He gives to me throughout the night
Each wakening hour is virtuous
Jesus eases each impending plight

He is forever giving of His virtues
I am awash in a sea of heavenly love
My precious Father is the Great Giver
I am the receiver of blessings sent from above

Gayle Davis
June 24, 2003 ©

I Wake Up Singing

When I wake up each morning,
the first thing I do is sing.
To find a song within your heart,
helps take away the pain.

Sometimes it's just a silly song,
just one that I made up,
looking out my kitchen window,
drinking coffee from my cup.

Most times a song about Jesus,
times I make up the words.
But to me seem to sound alright,
no complaints from the Lord.

Makes breathing so much easier,
and good for the appetite.
So try it, might be what you need
to start your day of right.

Seems to work for me each day,
you might want to give it a try.
You have nothing to lose my friend,
just the minutes that go by.

Walt Chapman
3 / 9 / 2003



As the cool breeze comes through the window
It gently caresses my cheek
as it blows softly away my slumberbr
Of another night of dream and sleep.

Awake now, I hear the sounds
Of the dark before the dawn
The very last bit of twilight, just before
The sunrays will slide across the lawn.

The shrill sounds of the roosters crowing
As he flies out in a strutting dare
And then a mocking bird starts in with his song
from a high lofty perch way up somewhere.

I throw on my robe and grab a cup of coffee
And step lightly out the sunroom door.
As I wait and watch for what will soon appear
That will cause this heart to soar.

With another sunrise in the east
with so much beauty across the sky
And that God has chosen once again
To paint another awesome sunrise.


'That Last Thread Of Hope

When you're at the end of your rope
And you feel like your life is sinking,
Reach out to Jesus, for He is
Your last and only ray of hope.

Overcome by problems and backed
Into a corner, each and everyday,
Reach out for Jesus and
You'll never be dismayed.

If complications from a troubled marriage,
illness, or

Financial burdens have you hanging by a thread
God will guide you to the shore.
For, on His promises you can depend.

Life, in these trying times, aren't always easy
And that road becomes hard to walk.
Listen, with an attentive heart.
For, Jesus is there to talk.

Never give up and throw in the towel.
Our Savior has never left you.
He has been there all the while.

When you're hanging by a thread
And on that last string,
Hang on to Jesus and
To Him you can cling.

If you should slip and fall,
Reach out for that hem of His garment.
With the Master, you can have it all.

Don't ever let go of that last thread of hope.

© 2003 by Nancy Hoback




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