Friendships and Family

Friendships and family
make for a day;
they help heal the pains
in a care-giving way.

Friendships and family
are the mortar of bricks
serving to weld
when life plays her tricks.

Friendships and family
can make a grouch giggle
with a simple reminder
of the fun in a ''wiggle''.

Friendships and family
are the joy in your gait
keeping you strong
when a loved one is late.

Friendships and family
are blessings you see,
it is why I have offered
this friendship from me.

Copyright © 2003 Pamela L. Serrilla
(All Rights Reserved)



Do You Know My Darling

Do you know my darling, how I miss you,
You are such a part of me,
And there are days when I do realize,
Our love was a time to be.

Do you know my darling, my life has changed,
That it will ne’er be the same,
And even though we’re apart for awhile,
Our love I’ll ever proclaim.

Do you know my darling, I still love you,
Deep in my heart you’re right here,
I miss your sweet love, your smile, and your arms,
You holding me Oh so near.

Do you know my darling, I’m here for you,
All my love to you I send,
Whenever I need you, I see your face,
I blow kisses through the wind.

Do you know my darling, there’ll be a day,
When we’re together again,
I dream of you every night and I know,
Our love will always remain.

Sondra McPherson
July 15, 2003©

The Grass Was Greener

I've seen places
I've never been.

Though I've wanted to be
but never was
yet wanted to be again.

I've seen love
watched it slip by
and many times wondered why.

I know the grass
was so much greener
on her side.

Copyright © 2003 T. J. Daniels


Mighty Tidal Wave

The blood of Jesus
Washed o’er my soul
Like a might tidal wave
Making me free from sin
My heart, Jesus Christ will hold

I am now afloat in a sea of love
Placed there by God’s loving hands
He will be my captain in the sea of life
Where His goodness is immeasurable
Where heavenly love abounds

My obedience is my life jacket
My prayers to Jesus above
Keep me floating along
He steers the ship that carries me
With a heart filled with love

Oh yes, Jesus is my guidance
Upon this misty sea
He will safely carry me home
With a light from His heart
He is the beacon shining for me

Sailing in unfamiliar waters
His light shines for me once more
Navigating around unknown dangers
That could sink this sailing ship
As it, reaches heaven’s golden shore

Gayle Davis
January 13, 2003©


Mothers Wisdom 

I cannot ease your aching heart.
or take your pain away.
But let me atay a while and hold your hand
And walk and talk to you today.

I will listen if you need to talk
I will wipe away your tears
I will share memories when they come
And help you face your fears.

I have been here to stand beside you.
With each hill you have had to climb.
So again, take my hand, and face the world.
And live just one day at a time.

You are not alone for I am still here, my child.
To be with you that extra mile.
And when your grief is eased some.
I will help you learn to smile.



I Humbly Pray

There is something I love to do,
It seems to fill my soul.
It brings contentment deep inside,
And makes me feel so whole.

This simple thing I need to do,
That means so much to me,
Is holding you within my arms,
Which seems, my destiny.

I know my thoughts are warm and soft
Each time I hold you near,
For all the troubles that I had,
They seem to disappear.

I often wonder if you feel,
The same things that I do,
For if you did, I'd find a way,
To spend more time with you.

The world would be a better place,
If more would hug this way,
For peace and love would fill our hearts;
For this, I humbly pray.

©James O'Brien



The reflection of a godly light
Hover's over the barren ground
Where buildings use to reach the sky
They no longer can be found.

Two evil flights destroyed them
In a burst of horrow and flame
The people who went down with them
Our hearts still feel the pain.

Now the grounds are sacred
Loved ones buried and never found
Memorialized forever
As we hear their mornful sound.

We will never understand
Why things happen as they do
Just pray that 9-11
Will never again come true.

I pray for those departed ones
And their families left behind
I ask that God be with them
Be generous and be kind.

We remember the other fallen ones
That day not long ago
They will never be forgotten
Their courage we'll never know.

I pray that we will never
Have to live that fear again
The ones lost on that fateful day
In our hearts they will remain.

Let us stand to protect our land
Keep our ethics and faith secure
Pray that God will watch over us
And forever help us to endure.

Ginny Bryant


Do Not Weep For Me

I see the sadness in your heart,
The hurt that is in your eyes,
The tears that gently reflect upon,
The last day I said goodbye.

But this is to remind you,
That we'll meet again once more,
For it's here that my surroundings,
Is a place that I adore.

Please remember not the pain,
But all the love we shared,
For I am truly happy now,
In knowing how much you cared.

God's arms are wrapped around me,
Such love I have never known,
Rejoicing that I feel no pain,
For I am in God's home.

~valentyne~ © 



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