I was not the perfect father
but you became great adults

in spite of that.

I am very proud of you
and every one
of your tremendous accomplishments.

When I look back
and see the mistakes
that I made

I have many times wished
that I was able to go back
and correct them.

But time is very unforgiving
in that it will never allow that.

I can only thank
The Good Lord and you.

That you became the Beautiful People
that you've become.


©T.J. Daniels



Her friendship engulfs me,
warm on a cold night.
Like a favorite blanket,
wrapped around me so tight.

I feel that she cares,
like no other can do.
She is there when I need her,
picks me up when I'm blue.

Her compassion is endless,
her feelings are strong.
A friendship this boundless,
will always last long.

When she is near,
life isn't that hard.
With a friend such as her,
you're never on guard.

She will always be there,
of this I am sure.
A friendship forever,
a friendship so pure.

©Tom Hughes


Lost Innocence

Tears of sadness
Stream down my face
As I remember the abuse
That took place

I cried so much
But you never heard
You didn't believe me
You took his word

I tried so hard
To be a good gurl
Not telling the secrets
That happened, in my world

A world filled with
So much heartache and pain
I wanted to die
Not suffer in vain

I know now
All he told was lies
Yet at age five
I was too young

To see thru his disguise
His blue eyes, cold as steel
Preying upon me
Like I was his last meal

Taking from me
What no one can give back
My lost innocence
A child of five

How can you say
You never knew
When you saw me
All battered

Black and blue
You heard my screams
But ignored them too
Now tell me mommy
Why should I love you? 

© Copyright 2003 Andrianna Holt
(Andrianna has devoted her life to bring awareness to child abuse)

Distant Voices

As I stirred in my morning bed,
Prepared to meet the day
I heard faint voices in my head
From fifty years away

My father, in the bathroom,
Clearing a lusty throat
Singing in fine Welsh tenor
And losing not a note.

My mother, in the kitchen 
Her sounds are everywhere
Her lovely clear soprano
Embellishing an air.

The shouting of my life-long friend
The sounds of skipping feet
Those happy games that never end,
The noises of our street

I close my eyes and contemplate
A childhood filled with joy.
Sweet memories to meditate
On when I was a boy.

And should my children, growing old,
Remember just the same.
Then even though I'm lying cold
I'll know I've won the game.

©Tom Jones


Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral
 Tigger sat on the grass
as people walked past
on their way to prayer:
a little boy had left him there.
then I saw Piglet too
and Eeyore came into view
also Winnie the Pooh
'what's going on?
I heard a tall man say.
Is this some special Pooh day?
Christopher Robin
once went to see the Queen
why shouldn't Tigger
spend the day at Winchester Cathedral,
while tourists pray?
Where is Kanga?
Where is Ru?
In the Hundred Acre Wood
with honey too.
I wish again
to have faith like them
wish my eyes opened
to see as a child-
have Tigger as my friend.
The boy returned
to find his friend
Tigger was in prayer;
he did not notice
Peter there,
who took him in his arm
and carried him away from harm
where grownups would not be
in the Hundred Acre Wood
on Peters settee.

©Philip Carmen (housman)



The Power of The Cross

How often we’re deceived,
By the thoughts that come to mind,
That we could earn God’s blessings,
Gain approval, in His eyes.

We strive towards perfection,
In all we say and do,
Forgetting that the Savior,
Shed blood for, not a few.

In obedience, He yielded,
His all to God in love,
He hung upon the Cross,
Shedding pure, life-giving blood.

I believe He said it best,
With His last ounce of breath,
When He said, “It is finished.”
He most surely, passed the test.

Yet it wasn’t truly over,
‘Till He rose in victory;
And He poured out the blood,
Shed to set all man-kind free.

So you see, my dear friend,
We glean no earthly treasure,
Nor can we earn God’s love,
It’s freely given, without measure.

There is power in the blood,
That will set the lost one free.
There is power for each day,
As we make a humble plea.

Set our hearts upon the Savior,
Trust the power of the Cross.
Pride will take a tumble,
We’ll continue the faith walk.

Copyright © 2003 Marie Williams


Evening Prayer

Another day is done,
behold the setting sun,
one more life's struggle won,
the long night has begun. 
Should life force ebb away,
as does the light of day- 
then I most humbly pray;
my Master's will be done- 
I will not hesitate to fly to He who waits, 
beside the ''Golden Gates'',
the Great I AM, THE ONE.
For all these many years-of life,
of hopes and fears, 
to leave this veil of tears-
and fly into the sun 
Mourn not for me, my friend-
my darkness soon will end 
my clouds, the sun will rend-
And millions soon will weep-
and mourn the life they keep 
when they, their harvest reap-
in judgment by THE SON. 

©Betty C. Daniel

Wind Flowers

White floral delicate
On such slender stems
Doing their wind dance
Just one of God's gems. 

Proudly they stand
when the wind is asleep
Opening their eyes
when the sun takes a peep. 

Mid all other colours
surrounding them there,
Their pristine white beauty
So pure and rare. 

Watching them sway
and dance to the breeze
or bend to the storm
with relative ease. 

Teaches small wonders
Lessons so true
Dance to, and enjoy
each day given to you. 

Bend but don't break
to things that distress
be like the wind flower
....... and be blessed. 

© Anne N. Byam


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