Roses wilt and die without water
And I would too if I didn't have You
The moment we met until my last
Each one I'll be thinking about You.

All petals on a rose I have reasons
Darling why I fell in love with You
Your smiles softened my heart
Is one of the reasons I love You.

A reason I believe to be the best
No one else could be sweet as You
Inside my heart you always will be
My heart and soul belongs to You.

When I hold you in close embrace
I feel love pouring from inside You
Flooding my heart with happiness
No one could place there but You.

Ralph L. Clark © 
27 DEC 2002


The Puzzle 

Have you ever done a jigsaw puzzle?
Making the pieces fit?
Then, you know from your experience
The patient part of it

At times, you find a piece
You're sure that it is right
You know somehow it must fit
You try with all your might

But, then you realize
It's not the piece at all
It's a little different
Just a little bit too small

That's how it is with life
And the ways of man
We try to fit the pieces in
But not within God's plan

God has a better way
To help you get through life
He'll make the pieces fit
And rid you of the strife

Life can be a puzzle
If you make it so
But, following His plan for you
Is all you need to know

His Word will direct you
His promises are true
Praying is a must
He's waiting just for you

His peace will assure you
That you are in His will
So listen closely to Him
And let His Spirit fill

©Kathi Wright

A New Wardrobe

As His chosen
our apparel
is charity and love.
of the heart's foreskin
bathes us
in the one from above.

we are robed in,
and joy overflows
our heart.
Wearing His
garments of salvation,
we exalt Him
King off all nations.

We praise
Him as King,
our Father,
our God.
As the bridegroom
adores his bride,
Jesus desires us to walk
in His stride.

Thanks God
for our new wardrobe,
from you,
it is free:
eternal life,
our inheritance,

@ Carol D. Meeks 2003


If I Could Write A Love Song!

Lord, if I could write a love song,
It would be especially for You!
It wouldn’t be about a love gone wrong,
Or a heart that had proved untrue.
I would mention Your precious name,
Telling how with love You came,
Into this heart of mine!

If I could direct a symphony,
With each instrument in place,
Oh, what an honor it would be,
To play “Amazing Grace!”
If I could take the brush of grace,
And portray upon my heart,
The image of Your loving face,
The tears of joy would start!

If I could lift my voice and sing,
With a spirit filled,
Blood bought choir,
To offer praises to my King,
It would fulfill my greatest desire!
For Lord, I remember how You died,
Upon the cruel tree.
The blood flowed from your hands,
Feet, and side,
To save a wretch like me!

Robert F. Dotson  ©  2003


Simply, Walk the Walk

I saw him approaching my house,
Where he gently knocked on the door,
I didn't have to turn the music off.
For, I was playing Christian music galore.

I didn't check the magazines.
'Good Old Days' was on the table.
'Field and Stream' was by the door
And the Christian Network was on cable.

I didn't check my appearance.
I'd been up and dressed for over an hour.
I didn't wonder if my house was clean.
It smelled fresh as a springtime flower.

It was then that I realized,
You don't have to talk the talk.
When you're sure you're going to Heaven,
You simply walk the walk.

I answered the door with confidence.
You never know when the Lord will be there.
But, if you simply walk the walk,
You'll always have glory to share.

© 2003 by Claytia Doran

Open Doors

I came to your doorstep,
all tattered and torn;
Regretting the day
I was even born.

You opened the door wide
and said to come in.
You talked of Jesus,
said I could trust Him

I got down on my knees
and began to pray,
Still am rejoicing
you were there that day.

Your seed has blessed me
much more than you know.
I'm giving you thanks
by helping it grow. 

Someone came to my door,
just the other day,
 I gladly opened
the door all the way.

© by Joyce C. Lock
John 4:36


Butterfly Kiss

A beautiful butterfly
Flying around in a lovely
Flower garden
I'ts colors so vibrant and bright

Colors of black, blue and green
The most gorgeous butterfly
Which I have ever seen
Fluttering here and fluttering there

Flying up around my head
Planting a butterfly kiss
Upon my face
Oh, beautiful, beautiful butterfly

 You have tickled my face so
With your butterfly kiss
I knew I had been blessed
By your wondrous kiss

Beautiful, beautiful butterfly
Black, green and blue
What a marvelous gift
When you are given a kiss

For every time you're given a kiss,|
A special friend is thinking of you

Donna J. Kramer
Aug. 18, 2003


Be Near My Lord

The doors are shut where ever I go
I look for peace and esteem is low
I need Your touch, and lifting peace
This anger and upset I must release

Going to and fro in life is so hard
I do realize this life is only borrowed
These days shall pass and be gone
And to You, I will be drawn

Yes, I know the day is coming, Dear Jesus
When you will be coming near us
So I will try to climb the hill to higher ground
And the prize - will be the trumpet sound. 

Lord, I am tired
Help me relax

Lord I am upset
Soothe me

Lord, I have gotten weak
Strengthen me

Lord I am sad
Comfort me

Lord, I am anxious
Teach me patience

But Lord most of all
Please hold me.. 
.. and continue to keep me in Your will.. 
Without You I am nothing.. 

© Kentucky_Lady4 
September 2003





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