End of Day

My day began before the sun,
With darkness all around,
But soon a smile would cross my lips,
As thoughts of you abound.

Then on to work, still in the dark,
A light shines up above,
For in the moonlight that I see,
There shines a growing love.

It is the thoughts I have of you, 
So gentle and so fair, 
And somehow, by the end of day,
I’ll show how much I care.

Then as my day continues on
My thoughts remain with you,
And though the work and chores persist,
These thoughts will see me though.

And then will come the end of day, 
The work and woes are done,
And soon I’ll hold you in my arms,
To watch the setting sun.

James O’Brien
Aug 2003


Heart Strings

I know of one who plays my heart strings,
Love's passion in words of rhyme,
He tunes my strings like a violin,
Sweetly he knows the right time.

He's romantic in verse with love songs,
Stringing chains along my heart,
‘Til I feel a warmth and glow inside,
A love aria to start.

I know this one who plays my heart strings,
He strums to hear a love chord,
Sweetly he sounds each string as he rhymes,
From my heart he'll reap reward.

I know he's playing heart strings with all,
And more hearts love into his,
But his love rhymes gently wave to me,
Sweet romance just as he says.

I'm sure this one who writes love in rhyme,
Knows now which heart strings do draw,
To a sweet romantic I do say,
I'll e'er welcome you with awe!

Sondra McPherson
September 15, 2003©


You, In The Morning

I awake in the morning
I am filled with sweet bliss
Joyful songs swirl inside me
With a warm, welcome kiss

The feelings I experience
Are from the touch of you
You are truly amazing
In all the things that you do

My heart is pulsating
At the slight touch of your hand
My face is afire as you slowly
Draw an invisible band

It is bonding us together
As sure as it were steel
I love you precious darling
We've a union of love so real

Your control me completely
By the look in your eyes
Your kisses make me weightless
As in elation my senses fly

I alight in a dream world
Yet it all starts anew
When I lift my head
To focus my eyes upon you

I love you my darling
You make the mornings bright
My world is so happy
You are my glowing light

Gayle Davis
August 25, 2003©


Share A Smile 

When you're walking down the street,
Share a smile with those you meet.
If you happen to be wearing a frown,
It makes their smile turn up-side down.

Ever notice, a smile has a way
Of saying, "Hello, and have a nice day?"
Smile for awhile. Don't be lonesome or blue.
Smiles are contagious! So, share one or two.

What if we all walked around looking sad?
Would we feel better, or would we feel bad?
When you give everyone around you a smile,
It makes them feel happy, at least for a while.

It's so easy to put a smile on your face.
Smiles take little time and they don't take up space.
And, a smile seems to go a very long way.
So, instead of a frown, share a smile everyday.

© 2003 by Vickie Lambdin


So many hold back and feel unworthy because of sin.
They hide forbidden secrets and never welcome Jesus in.

Distressed and downhearted, and carrying so much weight;
Never realizing He is standing and waiting by that pearly gate.

Life will have new meaning and Jesus can set you free.
All sins will be forgiven and worthy you can be.
For, One, who was worthy, shed His blood on Calvary.

Some wait until they are sick and ready to die.
Repentance is theirs.  On that you can, always, rely.

Life will have new meaning.  On that you can believe.
Rejoice and know that Jesus is here and He will never leave.

Feeling unworthy, for Satan spreads guilt and shame ,
No longer sin covered ~ but buried in His name.

Forgiven and worthy every time you call out His name;
He forgave Mary Magdalene, rose Lazarus from the grave ...

Healed the blind man, the women at the well,
Healed the sick and the lame.
Now, I feel worthy and my life will never be the same.

"Has America Changed Since 9-11?"
---Lest We Forget Those Heroes!!!---

Has America changed since we were mangled?
Never have our emotions been so wrangled!
In twisted steel, our heros lives dangled!!
Live TV coverage show'd all of deaths' angles!!

Not since Pearl Harbor on December 7,
When thousands of heroes went to Heaven,
Have we seen such violent hatred leavened
By Muslim terrorists eight plus eleven! 

Shocked to reality America came to contrive,
National life saving groups began to arrive.
Firemen and rescue crews searched for those alive;
Doctors and nurses helped some to survive.

Food, clothes and money were quickly sent in,
Missing ones photos were posted by their kin.
Prayer groups petitioned God; media did their spin.
Americans came together; we were united again.

Now, flags on cars and homes fly no more;
Gone is the compassion in months twenty-four,
Billions of dollars has not evened the score,
"IN GOD WE TRUST" should America roar!!!

By James Herbert Henderson 
September 11, 2003
Hartselle, Alabama

My Special Angel

I ask God to bless you
In his own loving way
To watch you and protect you
As you travel life's weary way.

You see I know he hears me
I can feel it in my heart
I know he walks beside you
He is never far apart.

So lift your face to heaven
And ask for healing grace
Let him put his hand upon you
And caress your loving face.

I know that you are tired
And your patience wearing thin
Believe that your salvation
Will be your faith in him.

©Ginny Bryant



Come sit ye down beside me, friend,
we'll spin a yarn or two;
and talk about how long it's been,
and what we've all been through.

Just reminisce of long ago
when we were young and spry;
when life seemed free from strife and woe,
and sweet as apple pie!

When folks could walk the streets at night
without some harm to pass;
when everyone had hearts as light
as dew drops on the grass.

And after meals when evening stills,
the folks would often camp;
and sing and hum as banjos strum-
by light from oil-fed lamps.

When friendly smiles were normal styles,
with handshakes strong indeed,
and folks we knew would walk for miles
to help a soul in need.

And we would even walk to school,
maybe a mile or two,
and never dreamed of violent schemes;
which now they sometimes do.

And in the school the golden rule
was seen a daily ''norm.''
But not today!-- It's disarray
as cops patrol each dorm.

Remember back in early years
when carefree was the style?
The many hayrides and the cheers-
that made our life worth while?

We'd stack a pile of Autumn hay
into a pick-up Ford;
then off we'd go our merry way,
without some drug on board.

No cigarettes, no alcohol,
by parent's guided grace;
and looking back, we had a ''ball''
with smiles on every face!

No, there was no sign of acid rain,
and drugs we did not see;
like opium or ''crack'' cocaine,
or ''pot' and ''ecstasy''.

Oh what a shame! it's the times I blame;
I yearn for the good old days;
but the world has changed, and disarranged,
 and my! how it changed our ways!

But I'll cling to the thoughts I pine today;
I'll hold these memories long;
and I'll give thanks in a sadden way--
for all that's!come and gone.

But listen, friend, about this trend,
It too, will pass away;
and all the mess this world is in-
will meet it's judgment day!

By William E. Hardison (copy rights recorded 


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