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Don’t Hit Reply!


I heard the sound to verify,

Mail had just arrived.

Opened up Outlook Express,

And much to my surprise,


An unexpected poem request,

For children’s PO E TRY.

“Sure, said I…I’ll do it!

Just how hard could it be?


Incoming mail abruptly stopped,

Creative thoughts from churning.

I checked the mail and there they were,

“Open Me,” cried them, in yearning.


Checked the address on the mail,

And knew without a doubt,

There was an error… I’d received.

This mail goes back to South!


So I hit the forward button,

And I sent it on its way.

“Back to my poem,” said I,

“I’ll get it done today.”


Again, incoming mail sounds ding.

This time I recognized,

The subject showed a poem of one.

I simply hit reply!


“Now where was I?” I asked myself.

“To write, or not to write?”

I heard that familiar ding again!

I wanted to take flight.


I sat there looking at the mail

Submissions others sent.

I couldn’t just ignore their work,

Once more, I would relent.


Forwarded the final mail,

I let out a big *sigh*.

As I clicked to close it out

I heard it one more time.


“That’s it,” said I, “It must be me!”

“Of this, I can’t deny.”

It’s then I heard that little voice,



 © 2003 Marie Williams


Loving Arms

I can't help but think of you right now,
Your arms draw me in each night,
Wrapping around me in love's embrace,
Fulfilling me with delight.

Passion's locked in your romantic arms,
Sweet love is our existence,
And the nights seem to be ours alone,
Such a dream, your persistence.

It's pretty and warm this afternoon, 
And ‘course my heart calls for you,
Pulling me near with those loving arms,
My dream is you need me too.

Your loving arms often hold me close,
I still look at you and see,
Love's longing that strongly will capture,
Romance again that will be.

I can tell by that look in your eyes,
And sweet smile inviting me,
You're thinking of me as I am you,
An afternoon's love will be.

Sondra McPherson
September 21,

What Should I Be

If I could be an animal,
I wonder what I’d be;
A lion or a grizzly bear,
Are tough and bold you see.

But maybe I should think again,
And be an Elk or Deer,
And have those awesome antlers on,
My head that all would cheer.

Or maybe on the other hand,
A wolf is what I’d be;
To live and be a member of,
The Pack’s integrity. 

But then I think of bunnies and,
Their coats so soft and warm,
But then I think of ears so big,
Out in a thunderstorm.

Perhaps I’d better stay the same,
And keep this Human form, 
And live within the stucco walls,
And there be safe and warm.

Now as I’ve thought of all the things,
And forms that I could be,
I think I’ll just be grateful for,
The form of me, I see.

James O’Brien

Aug 2003

Fade Of September....

Light of day has broken
a new suns on the rise,
The storms have now abated
with a 40s degree days surprise....
The heavy dew on shivering grass
is winking howdy do,New season changes
are in ernest progress while the glory 
of falls unveiling for you....

Crisp morning airs intake of breath holds promise
as rustic colored leaves begin their descending fall,
Jackets need donned for warmths comfort
with natures encroaching chill of
first touch enthrall....

Northerners rapidly now preparing stores
of warmth and feeds for winter dens,
Gone now the leisures of the lazy days
til spring tulips break through springs 
refreshed soils again....

©Sherry Kersey

Words Hurt Too 

When you asked me 
To be your gurl
I was the happiest person
In the whole world
Little did I know
You would test my worth 
And make me feel so low 

Though you didn't 
Hit me with your fist
The ways your words hurt me
Are too many to list 

Always taunting me
With bad names
Making me the center
Of your mind games 

I tried hard to pretend
But your words, did offend
I was blind, and couldn't see
Just what your words
Were doing to me 

I thought my love would cure
The bitterness in your heart
But all it did was 
Make us drift farther apart 

I did try hard 
To stand by your side
Until you stripped me
Of all my pride 

Tomorrow i will finally leave
Then maybe you can see
Just how much
Your words really hurt me 

© Copyright 2003 Andrianna Holt


We Just Call Them Friend

Sometimes, God sends angels
To give His work a hand;
To bring a smile, to dry a tear,
Or do the things He planned.

They carry out His duties.
They're with you to the end.
On earth, they have a different name.
We just call them 'friend'.

Do you ever wonder why
We think our friends are blessed?
Could be because they're angels
That withstood friendship's test.

They withstood all the anger,
Had broken hearts to mend.
On earth, they have a different name.
We just call them 'friend'.

© 2002 by Claytia Doran

Gone to Glory

He's gone now
He must journey on alone
and we must face the future
on our own.
Although we shed 
a multitude of tears,
we can take comfort
with the passing years
that when he comes upon
his promised land;
Angels will come
to take him by the hand, 
so when he meets his Maker
Face to face,
God will enfold him 
In his warm embrace;

And while the Heavens ring
with psalms of joy,
The Lord will whisper

Welcome Home My Boy

©Thomas Vaughn Jones


The Bond of Friendship

Thank you for your friendship
It means so much to me,
You're always understanding
And display true loyalty.

My life has been so blest
Since you have come my way,
Your cheerful personality,
Brightens each new day.

In sunshine and in shadow
You've shared my hopes and fears,
And made my life so happy
As we've traveled through the years.

Time will never break the bond
Of friends who truly care,
Every day I thank the Lord
For the friendship that we share.

Copyright Marian Jones


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