A Dance

I'd love to dance this dance with you,
Recalling all the things we do,
Not thinking this will be the last, 
But knowing much is in the past.

Yet I will gladly dance this dance,
For my life’s love you have enhanced,
And as we stroll across the floor,
My heart and mind will soar once more.

I'll hold you close and feel you there,
With arms that show how much I care
And then with careful steps we take,
I’ll kiss your cheek for old-times sake.

Oh yes, I'll dance this dance with you,
And with this love that is so true,
We’ll glide with ease across the floor,
And I will feel that joy, once more.

James O‘Brien
Oct 2003


One Summer's Night

I've never felt a wind blow through sweetly,
With such a warmth feeling right,
I've never seen heaven’s lights this sparkling,
For us this one summer's night.

I've never felt more heavenly than now,
Even the air's scented too,
Much sweeter than all the flowers in one,
Like one summer's night is you.

I've never felt lovely clouds cover me,
Now I see they're soft and pure,
It’s like a new love growing in my heart,
This one summer's night I’m sure.

I've never felt such sweet love before now,
I know it's because of you,
And all things feel so beautiful to me,
This one summer's night come true.

Sondra McPherson
August 3, 2003©

Sad Eyes

As I was walking
Down the street
A little brown puppy
Ran up to me
With wet and dirty feet 
As i looked into those sad eyes
My heart skipped a beat
Never had I saw a puppy
That was so neglected 
And full of defeat 
His fur was matted
His ribs showing through
Never had I saw a puppy
That looked so sad and blue 

I could tell he needed a friend
Like he was saying
Take me home
I'll be with you, to the end 

I won't eat much 
Or make any mess
If you take me home
I will try my best 

To watch and protect you
For as long as i live
I will be a true friend
My loyalty, I will always give 

I will share your good days
And your bad ones too
I will always be here
And never abandon you 

So please say you
Will take me home
So I will no longer
Have to roam the streets
Hungry and all alone 

© Copyright 2003 Andrianna Holt


I Haven't Left Yet

The older I get
the more I wonder
how much time I have left.

Each morning when I wake
I know

I haven't left yet.

Copyright © 2003 T. J. Daniels


Simple Blessings

Like petals fall to the ground
And float down the river
So our lives change
In just a second or two

Courage is needed
To keep on the journey
Amid all the rises and falls
Yet how else could it be

The challenge always there
To stay in the race
Overcome those obstacles
And come up smiling

Positive attitudes spur us on
To achieve the best we can
And help each other
Along the way

For to give to another
Is an act of love
Smile on them with warmth
It is they who bless your day

©Joan Carroll

Yesterdays Gone

The air is brisk and cold,
the leaves crunch under our feet.
I have been here before, in my childhood, sweet.
You both are gone now, 
just six years apart.
I am here in this place, 
where you gave me my start.

The leaves are turning colors,
and starting to fall,
the apples are nearly gone,
Halloween is nearly here.
All the childhood memories, so sweet.

I think of the years gone by,
the years of growing up,
the love you showed,
the happy times shared,
the things we did together
as a family.

This time of year,
it brings back the memories.
I think of you everyday. 
My parents, my friends.
I miss you so much,
all the love that you gave us,
all the time that we shared,
it cannot be replaced.

Mom, Dad, I love you and miss you, so very much.

©Inez Z. Monroe


There are words in life to inspire us,
Words that bring comfort and care;
Encouraging words to a friend
When they're in the depth of despair.

There are words between two lovers
Declaring their love for each other;
But sometimes we speak harsh words
Inflicting pain on another.

Words that are chosen wisely
Which we speak in a gentle tone,
Are those that come from our heart
And with them true kindness is shown.

© Marian Jones



It's cold this morning,
The sun, somehow,
Came up so late.

Tricky Autumn
With smiling face,
Cruel facade,
Destroyer! Disgrace!

Winter is behind her cloak
With freezing fingers
Doth she choke
The life of flower, fern and tree
And steals away the greenery.

The brightly painted, colored leaves
Are all a part to lie, decieve
For once the hues of autumn leave
What's left is skeletal
How I grieve!!

No more the soughing willows sigh
Their branches swaying, dancing by
No scent of rose, her petals lost
stangled without mercy
By Autumn's frost.

My eyes spring tears
My soul bereft
Oh! how I mourn,
Sweet Summer's death

©karen a. lech
September 23, 2003


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