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Angel of Mystery

God works in mysterious ways,
As all of us can attest,
We know if His will, we heed not,
We also do not rest,

He selects special angels,
To perform certain task,
They quickly obey the Lord,
In grandeur that will last.

Some wish to be acknowledged,
For the goodness of their deeds,
Yet among the sown flowers, 
Oftí times we see a weed.

Others stay in the background,
Quietly obeying His word,
Never a pat on the back,
Not seeking praise to be heard.

There is a benevolent angel,
In silent splendor does heed,
íTis a beautiful field of flowers,
Nurturing not one small weed.

The halo cast around oneís head,
Should shine as bright as the sun,
Quietly obeying Godís command,
In shadows their work is done. 

Gayle Davis
October 15, 2003í©


If I Were Called

If I were called to teach,
I'd give it my best.
If I were called to preach,
I'd better pass the test.
If I were called to reach,
I'd do it with much zest.
If I were called to each,
I'd surely need some rest.

©Joyce C. Lock

Jesus' Tears

I lay in bed at night
Wondering about Jesus' tears
The pain of being forgotten
The sorrow of wondering if anyone cares
Knowing he gave his life for us
The agonizing pain he endured and suffered
For his great unending love for us
And his great love for his father

For his tears must flow
For the unforgiving nature of man
And the sadness that swells up in his heart
For those who seem not to care

Sometimes if you listen
In the middle of the night
You may hear the weeping of our lord
His tears being shed for his brothers and sisters

I was not sure I heard weeping
As I laid there in the dark of night
Until a tear fell on my face
And rolled down my cheek

Than I knew for sure Jesus
Was feeling our sorrow and our pain
And because of his great love for us
He will always shed Jesus Tears
For all those he loves

Donna J. Kramer
Sept. 19, 2003 

Liberating Son

There was a time so long ago
When the truth, I did not know,
Rendered me helpless.

Fear and doubt filled my mind
With each passing hour of time,
I felt so hopeless.

Then one day I heard of Christ;
How He came to give new life,
Yet He was sinless.

He hung there on the tree,
Becoming sin to set me free,
Making me guiltless.

It was all because of Love,
Iím redeemed now by His blood,
Living life in fullness!

Copyright © 2003 Marie Williams

His Heavenly River

There's a river flowing gently from above;
It's crystal clear, and so filled with God's love,
And this river of mercy will never run dry
It's the Lord's Heavenly River, up there in the sky.

Now this river runs, both night, and day;
And when I have a thirst, I just kneel and pray.
Then, when I drink from God's Holy Fountain,
I feel as though I can move a mountain,
So I drink from His fountain each day.

I know this river forever will flow;
Filled with forgiveness, and love for each soul.
So if you need to sup from God's water on high,
Drink from His Everlasting River, 
It's the one that won't run dry.

Copyright: 2003

© Vickie Lambdin


So afraid of change
in my advancing years
I sit and ponder now
all my previous fears
Looking out the window
Peering through the door
To see if something happens
I stand and wish for more
Memories besiege me
Loss is in my thought
Wishing for the days gone by
In misery I am caught. 

Dawn again - An Angel's touch
from where I do not know
A touch that lightens all my woes
and makes me want to know
if there is something good and pure
to change and growing old
I know it is our Father's will
when all is done and told. 

Now I know I have a choice
which course do I take
to age with grace and dignity
or in miserable disgrace. 

Changes come to all at times
throughout our lives I know
I thank my God I still have health
and a need to learn and grow
Until my last breath here on earth
when my Angel will escort
My spirit to my Heavenly home
A final sweet resort. 

(c) Original by Anne N. Byam

Glory Of Autumn

Sun sending subliminal message 'thru the trees,
Stagnant air is chased by a freshening breeze-
mind and body hearken to the clarion call--
changing leaves announce the arrival of fall.
AWAKE!!--Wash summer doldrums from your face,
there's a transformation taking place!
The sky is cerulean blue,the air is clear-
the time for harvest gathering is near.
The fresh aroma of apples scent the air--
pumpkins hugging cornstalks-brittle and bare,
the hay is baled and waiting in the field-
the walnut trees are giving up their yield.
Trees in fall fashion, bright and bold-
flaming torches of scarlet,orange and gold.
Put your house in order,reap your harvest,friend!
Old man winter's waiting for the Glory of Autumn to end.

Betty C. Daniels
September 15/03

Do You

Do you ever wonder
what it's all about,
in between the times
of your temporal regret
and the prayerful belief
of something much better
Do you know of possibilities
without any limits or conditions,
places where you have not ventured
nor ever dared to explore before now
Is it not time to go there without hesitation,
free from the shackles of normal expectations,
and the debilitating encumbrance of "I might fail"
Do you find yourself falling towards the realization
of what you truly desire and absolutely need to do,
while flowing freely with what is natural to you
Then I say to you, as I do so often to myself,
believe wholly in whom you might become,
or suffer for whom you might have been 

© dennis j hopkins


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