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Remembering Tiger

I remember when you
First came to me
A cute little kitten
Who loved climbing trees 

I remember watching
You as you licked up
Your morning milk
Your eyes twinkling
Your hair so silk 

I remember holding you
On my lap
You purred so softly
While taking your 
Your afternoon nap 

I remember thinking
How this pretty little cat
Had crept into my heart
And left an imprint
That will never part 

I remember watching 
You grow through the years
You was my best friend
Seeing me go through 
So many fears 

I remember as the
Last few months went by
The twinkle had
Left your beautiful eyes 

I remember watching you
Walk ever so slow
I think you knew
It was your time to go 

 remember holding you
In my arms
And how hard I cried
Praying to God 
That you wouldn't die 

Then I realized your
Time on earth was through
So I quietly, but sadly
Let go of you 

© Copyright 2003 Andrianna Holt 


Candy Hugs and Kisses

When your sad and lonely
And you don't know what to do
Get a bag of candy hugs and kisses
And give a hug and kiss to everyone
Who means anything to you
For when you make others happy
It takes the sadness
And loneliness away from you

For when your loved ones are happy
It always makes you feel happy too
Someday, someone else will be sad and lonely
And will need to give a candy hug and kiss to you

Donna J. Kramer
Sept. 19,2003

At The Top Of The Bottom

I'm a pilgrim
sometimes lost in my wanderings.

I'm a wanderer
sometimes not even knowing where I've been.

Sometimes I know I've been there before
but it faded from my memory.

And places that I've never been
seems like I've been there before.

I've only been here once
that I'm aware of
but I've been to the valley of love.

That valley used to be a mountain
and I was the king.

Then the mountain started falling
'til I could no longer stand
and I fell to my knees.

Many times I clawed my way back to the top
'til my world started shaking again.

I should have continued wandering
'cause it's safer
being a pilgrim.

'Cause I'm right back where I started from
at the top of the bottom.

Copyright © 2003 T. J. Daniels


Inside His Arms

The feelings settling upon me
Are growing in intensity
They overtake my senses
They are controlling me

The warmth spreading deep inside
Is sending my weakening heart aglow
The precious loving words you speak
Special words I have come to know

They thrill me, consume me, and quicken me
Making me lose all coherent thinking
Enlacing, quivering with eagerness
Now is not the time for our retreating

Stay with me my wondrous love
The pinnacle must be somberly met
We have ascended into obliviousness
Reality is not the goal we have set

Wrap your arms a little tighter
Hold me with a lasting embrace
The moments are quickly dissipating
We scaled the summit in unified grace

Gayle Davis
©June 19, 2003


Come Sit With Me

Sit and cuddle with me.
The lights dim, 
The Fire crackling in the grate,
Outside chill air,
While we inside can shut out
The cold
The world
And imagine places far away, 
Storm tossed ships, storm tossed people,
Witches brewing evil!
Stampeding stallions o’er grassy plains.
Come, Sit,
Let me tell you a story.

Sit here with me in our “fort”
We can shut out the sounds 
Of the lawnmowers buzzing
Birds cackling,
Dogs barking..
Let’s weave a tapestry of illusion..
For we could be in the castle keep, 
Our moat the grass surrounding the base of our fortress. 
While knights in armor clash and clang their swords,
Fighting for our honor
High up in the crow’s nest,. 
Spying dolphins leaping in the sea,
Giving the shout to our swarthy pirate captain
Come, sit, 
I will tell you a story.

Come, sit with me,
On this long brocade sofa.
Let’s hold each other close, 
Our tears mingling.
Shut out the view of the coffin,
Shut out the cloying scents of stately floral sprays
With banners of tribute, 
Take a look at the “sleeping” face
And let’s go back to days where 
He was the handsomest man alive
And his smile could light our world
And we were as princesses
When we danced encircled in his strong, loving arms
At our weddings,
Or when he held our firstborn,
And remember the tales of Grandmas? 
And Grandpa’s 
And uncles with mustaches that tickled our cheeks,
And aunties whose cookies were like food from Heaven
The fun we had when we all went to………..

Sit with me……
And let’s tell the stories.

Copyright Karen A. Lech, 2003


Old Friends

We get together for breakfast
every other month or so,
been pretty quiet on that end these days,
perhaps its time to go.

I think about the last time,
we sat and spoke for hours.
We talked of planting vegetables
and perhaps some pretty flowers.

My close friend, how we enjoy
what the other has to say.
Our fishing stories are the best,
about the ones that got away.

For many years we've shared ideas.
Its rare that we agree.
We find delight in proving points
and love adversity.

Yes we get together for breakfast
the month's well on its way,
been pretty quiet on that end these days,
must be his turn to pay.

Copyright © September 2003
Pamela L. Serrilla
(All Rights Reserved)



Henry And The Dragon

The howling winds appeared to mock
The maiden tied up to a rock
Brought by a silent, horse drawn wagon
To serve as supper for a dragon.
And from her cruel and stony bed
These are the plaintive words she said
“ Will no one save me from this fate
Too dreadful far to contemplate.
My Hero! Please don’t hesitate
Or else, I fear, you’ll be too late.
Thence came a pure and gentle knight
He rode up from the Isle of Wight
A handsome and upstanding fellow
With posture bold and manner mellow
He’d brought his lance and sharpened blade
To try to save the hapless maid
He said in tones so loud and clear,
“ My Lady, you need have no fear,
So shed not one more single tear.
Have courage damsel, Henry’s here.

The dragon, hearing from his cave
Those ringing words, so fierce and brave;
Flew very quickly to the spot
With flaming coat and breath so hot,
Angry to hear this idle boast,
Ready to turn the knight to toast
The damsel screamed in mortal fright
“ Will no one save me from this plight?
Where is my parfait, gentle knight
To neutralise this dragon’s bite?

Then Henry drew his shining sword
With which he’d faced the Golden Horde
He’d slain a troll, and killed a wizard.
He wasn’t frightened by a lizard.
He stood before the frightened girl
And gave his sword a skilful twirl
He cried, “ Come dragon, do your best,
Prepare to face your final test;
This sword will sleep within your breast,
Before the sun sinks in the West “

The dragon glared a baleful glare,
Then rose to hover in the air;
The breath he breathed was fiery hot,
And suddenly, the Knight was not.
Where he had stood, so bold, so brash,
There rose a pile of smouldering ash.
The dragon spread his wings, and then
He took the maiden to his den.
She vanished from the sight of men,
And nevermore was seen again.

The thing that hurts us most is FEAR !
For though it may seem quite absurd
If she had never said a word,
she might have stayed there through the night;
Unheard, unnoticed, out of sight,
Then with the coming of the day
she might have found a cunning way
the rope to cut or knots to fray.
She might have even got away.

©T. Vaughn Jones


The Absence Of God

There are many who hold God responsible,
For the Evil and Decay of mankind,
Not knowing that satan is lurking,
Where the Absence Of God you will find.

We have closed the door on our Savior,
And have prevented His Light to shine through,
Depriving our Children and Leaders,
Of Guidance and Morals we once knew.

The lack of God's Word in our country,
Have been made law by a handful of fools,
While the rest of us appear to be sleeping,
Allowing those of the minority to rule!

If we continue in the direction we're heading,
Not allowing His Word to be spoke,
Too soon will His wrath fall upon us,
While we ignore the Commandments God wrote!

Can you invision a time in the future,
When all who believe will be stoned!
As in the days that Jesus was crucified,
To lead us to God's Heavenly Throne.

The time has come for all who believe,
To put an end to the laws of a few,
Who choose to abandon the Ten Commandments,
We Must Include Him in all that we do.



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