My Love

My dearest how I love you
My life my everything
The vision of your precious face
The love within me sing.

Your love means everything to me
I don't know what I'd do
If you could never love me
The way that I love you.

What a perfect life we share
Together you and I
You are my love my dream come true
So happy I could cry.

Instead I'll be contented
With your special kind of love
We will always be together
With blessings from above.

Ginny Bryant


There's Joy In Knowing Jesus!

There's Joy In Knowing Jesus!
Some folks spend a lifetime,
Seeking happiness it seems.
Yet, they find that elusive utopia,

Only in their dreams.
Well, friend I have the answer,
For each man, woman, girl, and boy!
Jesus is the solution,
And the source of our real joy!

You see, happiness often depends,
Upon our state of mind.
Yes, we spend endless hours,
Yet it's impossible to find.

But, there's joy in knowing Jesus,
As we travel along life's way!
He has promised to never leave us,
And to guide us every day!

When dark clouds hover over us,
And the sun refuses to shine,
Jesus gives us the calm assurance,
That everything will be just fine!

He's the Alpha and Omega,
The Beginning and the End,
Our Closest Companion,
And our Dear and Precious Friend!

Robert F. Dotson © 2003 

Bouquets of Sweetness

I see Godís bouquets of sweetness,
All His blessings greet,
Being revived for each new day,
These bouquets are sweet.

Fragrant florets render brilliance,
The Master imparts,
Yielding heavenly scents in light,
Priceless work of arts.

I glory in His grand splendor,
This sweetness granted,
Tributes freely tended for us,
Oh Yes Godís planted.

Praiseworthy and invaluable, 
Laid outís great essence,
Sweeter than gold is Godís bouquets,
Sensed is His Presence.

Sondra McPherson
July 23, 2003©

Beauty of the Creator

Made in His image and likeness
In the clasp of His embrace
To grow and to become
What He truly wants

Love so life-giving
Enriches, moulds and deepens
In the beauty of the other
To have searched and found

Life's experiences mature one
Walking hand in hand with the Creator
For He it is who taught us
And all we ever know

And as we walk our journey
His image clear in the other
His is the love they give us
We reflect His likeness to them

For God wills souls to meet
That is their encounter with Him
He shows Himself
In and through their love

©Joan Carroll


Prayer From Within

Let me reach out from within
To those who sre traveling around
To freinds and strangers who is on this path
Where I am walking , on sacred ground.

We may never see tomorrow
But I will love for that day
So please listen to the words I am saying
And follow your guide , this I pray.

For the ones who is living with suffering
I will pray for you a healing balm
I pray you know of His presence
As He will hold you in His palm.

And for you who feel forsaken
And fell down at every turn
I will pray you will keep Hope
For this your heart must yearn.

For you all that feel lifes so uncertain
And in your heart, which is surely broken
I will pray you will grow in Faith
As these words that in earnest, is spoken.

For all of my family and friends I love
And all who I am connected to each day
I am praying you know that He and I
Am sending all of our love , your way.



Come Walk With Me

Come-walk with me thru' yesteryear,
we'll take the road of child hood cheer;
we'll wander down the 30's age-
and try to calm their fears and rage.
we'll tell them what will come tomorrow,
and maybe somehow, ease their sorrow.
We'll talk to folks long ago gone,
and give them hope to carry on.
We'll trod the forties tenderly,
because they nurtured you and me.
childhood friends we visit now-
lines of worry on their brow.
Roller skating old Broadway
just five little giggly girls at play.
Reassure them the time will come
when the turmoil is over,
and the war is won.
We'll meander the fifties and take our time,
an age of innocence and joy sublime.
The banner of Old Glory is unfurled,
forgetting the horror that changed our world.
Tread lightly now-the sixties arrive-
the easy living will not survive.
A man succumbs to an assassin's gun,
a new type of sorrow has begun.
A shot heard 'round the world, my friend-
signalling the age of innocence to end.
Rush 'thru the seventies in shock and outrage,
a permissive society opens this page.
A Sodom and Gomorrah generation explodes-
responsible people shoulder the loads.
Walk 'thru the eighties, look around-
Aren't you glad we're from an era more sound?
When entire families took care of their own,
where life was clean, cabinets bare to the bone?
When every new dress was a joy to behold 
and every new taste was better than gold?
Run 'thru the nineties-HE's showing his wrath,
disasters and tragedies forming HIS path!
We'll just go back the 1940's-
when I called you 

Betty C. Daniels

You and Me

Do you happen to know
Why we met -- me and you?
Do you think it was possible
That our souls met long ago
And guided and prepared us
For our very first hello?

All things happen for a reason,
For if something happened differently
We'd not be the same person or
Be in this place today, you see?

I believe that it's very possible
That our Heavenly Father up above
Has been waiting for this moment
To give us both this special love.

So, I will try to be patient and
Content, to wait and see
What there is for the future
For you and me.

©Susan Bromen


God's Artwork

As dawn of day is awakening
New beginning for us to see
The gentle rain of springtime
Feeling warmth of a summer's breeze
Colors among a rainbow,

in shades of purples and
The golden tones of sunset, grazing the sandy 
Snow-peaked mountains, crispness of morning's air
Crystals of snowflakes drifting under Heavens
gentle care
Winters wonder, the colors of fall
The blossoms in spring time
The magic of this all
Twinkling of stars, halo's of light
Beauties of mornings, wonders of night
Creation of family, new birth, new life
We are Gods children, we are his love, his life.

©Marty Ford






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