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Safe harbor

In the far distance I saw the lightening flash
and the thunder roar as the rains started.
The seas were high and the winds blew strong
Where would I go, what would I do?

My anchor was lost on the sea bottom down below
Nothing to hold me, no one to help.
Just my self to keep me safe with out much hope
Then I looked toward the shore and what did I see?

A twinkle of a light standing on higher ground
That was there to guide me in the long dark night.
I just had to trust and reach out my hand
Just place my life into His care.

Not knowing for sure just what was there
The closer I come the brighter it shone.
The light to lead me
Was there all the time.

This light was Jesus.
Will you follow him today?

© Jimmy Carden aka Jcshrimp1
Nov. 12 2003


© Nov. 12 2003

Always Change

When you go to shop around
you'll see upon the sign;
a very clever price is bound,
and always ends with nine

From Zero-nine to ninety-nine,
the cost is so arranged;
that what it means is what it deems;
that pennies are your change!

This is a trend I wish would end,
the one that deals with "change",
the copper kind that builds with time,
and yet, no value claims.
A special change the "Feds" should make,
 is do away with pennies;
for everybody's gracious sake,
the pennies must diminish!!

If all the pennies in the mint
were melted into pipes,
it would save the trouble spent,
the headaches, and the gripes!
For pennies often load us down;
our pockets always filled;
they're everywhere they can be found,
'cause everywhere they spilled.
They come and go in overflow
in every cup and jar,
down in a vase, in some suitcase,
and floorboard of your car.
In pocketbook or dining nook,
the sofa and your chairs,
in all ash trays, in window bays,
and even on the stairs.
On table tops, unmentioned spots,
these pennies all have lain,
and ever stay in all our way
until this trend has waned.

It would be nice to show suffice,
to round things to one dollar,
'Twood be no "change" to tax our brains
and be the trend to follow! 

William Hardison / copyrights recorded



A Few Of The Signs Of A True Friend

Much has been written about friendship

I have many 'friends'
but very few TRUE FRIENDS!

If you say I need
a TRUE FRIEND will say:

"How much do you need?"

I've had many 'friends' say:

"Sorry, can't help you.
See you next time."

A TRUE FRIEND will say:

"If you need to rest
lean on me.
If that doesn't work
I'll carry you."

I've had to be carried a few times.

Thank The Lord for


Copyright © 2003 T. J. Daniels

©T. J. Daniels



Whispering Words

Whispering Words
Be strong little one
Be the girl that you are
Be loving, be patient
Don't take so much to heart
Laugh away your sadness
Dance up a mighty storm
Say just what you feel
Always be true to form!
Romanticism your world
Melancholic your nature
Keep writing from your heart
For no other words are greater.

©Debbie Stevens



An Orphan Girl

A little girl stood in a silent street
Uncared for in the meanest part of town
No silken hose or shoes upon her feet
A ragged doll dressed in a tattered gown.
She shivered in the grasp of winter’s cold
The wind cut through her body to the bone
And never friendly arm to reach and hold
An orphan girl who faced the world alone.

Her feeble frame was feverish and ill
She searched and clutched to find each frantic breath
Until at last her tiny heart was still
Her tired spirit yielded up to death.

But wait! What gentle smile lights up her face
Why has her sun at last begun to shine
Has she discovered some Eternal Grace
That takes her through a portico divine.

Her Father waits to take her by the hand
In harmony a heavenly choir sings
She enters gladly to her Promised Land
And soars above the world on angel’s wings.

©T. Vaughan Jones



Sounds Of Silence

What deems the silence,
That echoes the night,
Brings forth such sadness,
Closing out all light.

Barriers erected of steel so cold,
Silence halts love given true,
Powerful in its vacuum, deafening,
The sun dims in distant view.

Hearts lay broken, carelessly shattered,
Crushed by the swiftly ricocheting emptiness,
Where love sounds once echoed in delight,
Quietness overshadows all remnants of bliss.

Sounds once again travel the hallways,
Seeking to be heard, to have a voice,
Stopped by the walls of ones own design,
Prevailing silence echoes your choice.

Gayle Davis
October 16,


Petals Of Love

Petals of love floating in the air on the wings of a dove.

Soaring high in the sky, caress the petals and watch them fly.

Hold them, keep them warm , for if you don't they wilI wilt ,and it will cause harm.

Let there be no drought, don't let them hide among the clouds of doubt.

Never again let your petals wilt and fall to the floor, drench them with love let them ascend through the open door.

Your petals of love will grow and bloom , for there will be no gloom .

If only you let your heart soar , from your petals, love will pour.

Hold on to your petals of love, float in the wind with them, letting them whisk you away, on the wings of a dove.



Wisdom in the Sky

The sky holds wisdom; the awe of the infinite makes each soul embrace the meaning of shy.

To see the tapestry of the clouds brings me to dream.  Wondering, looking upward, seizing the answers.  Certainly, magic has been woven for centuries, through the window of the eye.

As geese make dark the sky, I know there is a power beyond the mortal dance.  I tick, keeping rhythm with society, a clock caressing time.  I'm a player enchanted, enticed by these hours of mystery, patiently unraveling the webs of my life.  

Craving our moments, We have all been fed, not realizing our fullness. Twisted some of these moments of   youth may be, all to the whisper of pain.

 If not for this journey– I would not be.

©Ava Cozzi




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