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The One I Love

Yes, love is such a special thing,
That lifts my heart and makes it sing,
And then when voices say the words,
I feel pure joy, when they are heard.

And as I live my daily life,
I muddle through my trials and strife,
But when those words, from heart are said,
That nurture love and keep it fed.

Then I'm renewed with loving food,
My heart ignites with passion's mood,
Rejoicing in the things I feel,
Because I know it's 'Oh so real.

And so I give my heart to you,
And know in all, I say and do,
You are the one I'm thinking of,
Because you are the one I love.

©James O'Brien



Dancing On A Dream

With grace and poise and softness fair,
on ballerina toes;
the lights go up, the stage is lit
now everybody knows.

The music flows from gown to gown
the leotard is tight
the dancer dances dreams once past
like memories in flight.

The prima ballerina
in all her glittered gold
is dancing on the shadows here
and on the dreams of old.

With sparkled glitter, glimmer, glow,
she's dancing on a dream.
where to and fro this wonderful sight
builds a magical bright moon beam.

She's dancing on a dream, you see,
one pale and taught and fine.
The dream of fate and used to be;
a dream I once called mine.

Copyright © August 2003
Pamela L. Serrilla
(All Rights Reserved)



River Of Hope

Like a river flowing
The woman inside me
Wants to run free
So Leave me if you must
I am strong
I still have the memories
I still hear the laughter
And the river of tears

I won't forget the
Times we shared
I will always be 
A little girl
Lost to many
But inside me lays this brave
Woman ready to explore
The world on her own

Like a river flowing
I want to explore freely
Yet I'm not alone at all
I have touched many hearts
I left a imprint on many souls

If only you knew
I made many laugh
And smile 
I made many sad
Cause they saw my 
My river of tears

But they saw I have hope
And they know I'm not alone
For as my new 
Journey in life begins
I know I will go
Long and far

As long as I have hope
For better things in life
To reach for the stars
And never let go
To dream of things 
I never thought was possible
I have a river of hope

To know the person
I have become 
Can make a difference
In another's life
To really be what I thought
I never could be
So see I'm not alone

For as long as I can breathe
I have hope
Like a river forever flowing
So is my hope

©2003 Andrianna Holt



Echoes Of Love

Echoes of love walk all through my heart,
So many years have passed by,
Why oh why do memories take part,
In sweet times that make me cry.

I know a heartacheís deep impression,
Pounding my soulís corridor,
Itís calling to voice loveís expression,
The pretender of splendor.

Itís sad when a loveís just hurled away,
For left are yearnings not gone,
And scenes of a lifeís love that portray,
Sweetness in the light of dawn.

Awake Oh foolish heart for love haunts,
Echoes of love are lonely,
Theyíre pictures that cling, mirroring wants,
And walk through my heart only.

Sondra McPherson
October 9, 2003©


Let's Give God Praise!

Come ye people of the earth,
Let us declare the awesome worth,
Of Jesus Christ, King of Glory!
By each kindred, tribe, and tongue,
Let His praises be sung,
As we tell with joy the wondrous story!

According to Salvation's plan,
Jesus came in the form of man.
Mary, the virgin gave birth to God's Son!
Our Lord Emmanuel,
Among us came to dwell,
Until His earthly work was done!

Jesus died and rose again,
To become triumphant over sin,
Death, hell, and the grave!
Though we deserved the chastening rod,
Our compassionate God,
Sent His Son our unworthy souls to save!

So we shall give a mighty shout!
From sin's prison we've been led out!
Our lives will never be the same!
Oh what a happy day!
All our sins are washed away,
For that's the reason why He came!

Robert F. Dotson © 2003



Winds of Love

I laugh at myself, as I remember the times
Of much better days and happier times
A breeze just brought back some old memories
When happiness belonged to you and me.

Your love has helped me through so many years
Your smile and laughter, took away a lot of tears
All these words that I am wanting to say
But its hard to find them , thinking of you today.

As the flowers of age are starting to pass
These winds of memory I know will last
These times I cherish, and it is good for me
And so in those winds, I will always be.

When nothing in life can make me smile
I can just feel the breeze from this wind awhile
It comes sometimes when I don't even choose
It bound softly in my heart so I cant loose

But now I thank the Creator up above
As he blessed me with the gift of your love
And I know now what most people don't know
That a wind of love can forever blow. 



Seven Wonders

To see the world,
Through the eyes of a child.
To hear their laughter;
And to share a smile.

To touch a heart,
lost and undone,
Showing there's a hope,
Through Jesus, God's Son.

To taste of forgiveness;
To know in your heart,
No longer remembered,
You have a fresh start.

To feel joy at the birth,
Of your first grandchild.
And for those thereafter,
Making life worthwhile.

To love and be loved,
Unconditional and free
A gift without measure,
For you, and for me.

These are the wonders,
Their value, untold.
I cherish them more,
As each day unfolds.

©2003 Marie Williams


Nice day for a walk.

Its a nice day for a walk,
with a friend by your side.
Warm weather, nice breeze
the first blooming flowers
the swaying of the trees.
She is happy to be here
happy to just be with me.
smell the freshness of spring
listen as the birds sing.

We explore the tall trees
she lets out a sneeze.
We find a nice hill
a place to sit still.

Listen to the wind whisper
as it gently blows the tall grass.
My friend lays down her head
so content nothing needs to be said

A sound in the grass
my friend once tired now awake.
What is that sound?
Is it a rabbit? A squirrel?
her eyes become wide.
her ears begin to twitch.

The sound goes away
my friend wants to chase anyway.
But its time to leave
time to be on our way.

I stand to leave 
she eyes me expectantly
happily she wags her tail
as we head off down the trail

The walk is over 
no more time to have fun
cannot walk anymore
under the sun.

But we'll be back
tomorrows another day.
for it's always nice
to go for a walk
with a friend by your side.

Mel Larson 2003 


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