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We Don't Have To Pretend

The Bible has much to say,
And we need to study it every day.
Itís not important what weíve heard,
Unless itís in agreement with Godís Word.

Arguments and opinions may seem like fun,
But wonít amount to much when our life here is done.
Weíre much less apt to be led astray
If we read our Bible and earnestly pray.

Not Earthly wisdom or multiple college degrees,
Itís what we learn from Godís Word that will him please.
We donít have to pretend or put on airs,
God knows all about us and for us he still cares.

God wants to make us better people itís true,
And there are deeds he doesnít want us to do.
Thereís not an all-inclusive list,
But God will show us what to resist.

We canít use the excuse that we were born that wayó
Of course we were thatís why Christ died one day.
He wants to forgive us and help us change,
And any needed adjustments he will arrange.

Christ is loving and kind and we should be too,
As we constantly strive his will to do.
We must not get up tight and worry and fretó
God hasnít lost a battle yet.

As we let Jesus be our Savior and Lord,
Weíll find his love and his kindness on us outpoured.
Heíll make us more like he wants us to be,
And himself in us heíll help others to see.

©Bob Hefner 6-22-03


Country Dirt Road

In the fall on a country dirt road
Walking along at a gentle pace
With the soft gentle cool breeze
Blowing against my face
Scuffing my shoes along
Making a cloud of dust
The beauty of the trees
Turning the brilliant shades
Of yellow, red and orange

The quietness of being alone
Surrounded by only the sounds
Of small animals, scurring here and there
And birds chirping a happy tune

Remembering the memories
Of being a child
Walking down another dirt road
At another time and another place

The quietness and peacefulness
Of the beautiful falling leaves
For there is nothing more peaceful
Than walking down a country dirt road

All alone or with someone you love

©Donna J. Kramer
September 21, 2003 


Forty Seven Years

We met in nineteen fifty five
and never noticed love arrive.
We little thought it would survive 
for forty seven years.

We tasted joy and faced the pain,
through summer sun and autumn rain
and listened to loveís sweet refrain
for forty seven years.

The clock has gone from Dunlop Way.
Its time is done, itís had its day.
It gently ticked the time away
for forty seven years.

I well remember standing there
with perfect teeth and wavy hair,
I left them on the thoroughfare
of forty seven years.

But that was then and now is now.
Letís stand up proud and take a bow.
Be glad we struggled on somehow
through forty seven years.

Our love will last eternally
for you mean all the world to me.
I thank you for the memory
of forty seven years.

©T. Vaughan Jones



Made With Love

Aged hands filled, 
With a devout love,
Each action committed,
Blessed from above.

Dedicated they place,
The squares in a row,
Laying each one,
In a line to sew.

Faithfully she works,
Throughout the days,
Each stitch she sews,
Sends her love my way.

Pretty roses of blue,
Crafted just for me,
Diligently she toils,
So the quilt I can see.

The beauty she has made,
With oh, such loving hands,
Will endure the ages,
Steadfast in love it stands.

Proudly she presents,
The gift that love binds,
Reminding me always of her love,
Flowing through the sands of time.

*In honor of my 92 year old Mother-in-law,
who is like a mother to me
I Love You Mamma*

©Gayle Davis
May 5, 2003©



O God of the night
Still the aloneness of the soul
Be a beacon of light
To shine and show the way
Through the darkness hours

For though we cannot see
Or even begin to understand
Our lives are in Your hands
It is indeed You the Guider
Who permeates the whole being

Maybe You are not recognized
As our Supreme Giver
Never on our own completely
Could we be able to survive
Give us the grace to know You

For only when we discover
Our littleness and nothingness
Can we begin to grow
To surrender ourselves to You
With simple childlike trust

©Joan Carroll


Tears of an Angel

Weep no more my little one
Take my hand in yours
Feel this love within me
Let me guide you thru Heavens door
Walk in my footprints, as I light the way
Cause only God knows the answers
Only he, can foresee each ones way
In storms, I will shelter you
Your tears, you cry not alone
In heartaches, I'll embrace you
In death, God will restore your soul
For I am only his messenger
Sent to watch over you
To enlighten your spirits
My waiting arms, to cradle you.

©Marty Ford


Let Us remember

The sight was on target
the finger squeezed slow
the world would now suffer
its most devastating blow

He slumped in his seat
as death took its hold
This giant among men
so brave and so bold

The news of this day
shocked the world one and all
so much a human
yet standing so tall

he gained admiration
through his deeds far and near
He alleviated somewhat
the world of its fear

thank God for the time
he was able to spend
as the head of his country
to lead and defend

may his soul rest in peace
his image never dim
for he asked not of his country
but his country of him

©mr. doug



The Time Of Thanksgiving

The time of Thanksgiving draws near
And why we give thanks
Becomes abundantly clear.
Our Creator has blessed us
And provided our needs
According to His mercy,
Not according to our deeds.
And so we give thanks to the Lord God of Hosts.

©Dawn Ellen Austin


Threads That Bind.

There is a thread that binds us
It keeps us so close in our thoughts
Its made of seconds and minutes that we spend
Not days or hours or nothing that's bought.
It is the hugs you send at the end of the day
Or a card that says you still care
Its that sweet silence of a listening friend
When I am feeling I have more than I can bear.

Its the phone calls that I don't expect
Just to ask me what the Doctor said
Or the things you say to make me smile
When I am wanting to cry instead.

It's forgiving me when I have said the wrong thing
And you are so patient and full of good will
But this thread that binds us...heart to heart
Is gently woven, and made of invisible steel.




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