Have you ever thought about silence
The deafening sound that silence makes
Sometimes silence can be comforting
But other times almost frightening
For with complete silence
Comes a chance to listen
To what our father wants to say
About how he wants us
To conduct our lives
The love and gentleness
He wants us to radiate
Out amongst our brothers and sisters
Than there is the frightening silence
Having know faith and understanding
Always having feelings of being totally alone
Knowing there should be
Something more and bigger than you and I
The greatest thing about silence
Is our Holy Father gives us the choice
To have a silence of comfort
Or a silence of fear

©Donna J. Kramer
September 21, 2003


Battle Of The Bulge

Ever heard of “love handles”, 
From whence came the title,
I daily walk, diet, and stretch,
Trying to win the bulge battle.

Cold or hot rain or shine,
Pick ‘em up and put ‘em down,
Feet hastily patter,
Morn and in evening shadows.

Walking up an appetite,
That I can’t afford to feed,
Calories beckon to me,
Yet pounds I just don’t need.

I am destined to move about,
Evading the caloric crowd,
In vain, I hear them calling me,
A frosted cake is speaking loud. 

I turn my back and move away,
Distance is my only sure salvation,
I pick ‘em up and put ’um down,
While drowning in my own salivations.

©Gayle Davis
September 30, 2003


She's No Cyber-Mama

She hasn't caught the bug yet
She's not clicking, scrolling or surfing
I tell her about all that she's missing
She just smiles - while I get nervy

''I could email you pictures of Katy,
I could send you some stories so grand
I could help you to locate lost loved ones
Why won't you accept my helping hand?''

''But, I've got some pictures of Katy
Such a bright and gifted young girl
And my friends? Why, they send me letters
Besides, I couldn't begin to use a squirrel.''

''It's a mouse mother dear, I'm in earnest
There are so many surfing the web
Shouldn't you be on-line - just to keep in touch
With Connie, Melissa, Joannie and Deb?''

''But I've got their phone numbers,
And it's so lovely to chat
And face to face conversations? I've had them
Now that is where it's at.''

I see there's no changing the mind of my mom
So I finish my tea at the dining room table
And hug her before I go home to my family
And she hugs back because she's willing and able

And it occurs to me then like never before
That if my mom were to point, click and scroll
This elegant lady might not have time for me
While cyber space continues to roll

Maybe she does know more than I thought
Maybe it might just be all right
To refrain from the screen and the keyboard
And interact with her at twilight

Oh, I think I'm so clever in this modern world
I've got virus protection and more
But I don't know my neighbors and they don't know me
After 12 years living next door

Front porch and sun tea, pot lucks and picnics
Lost on the wise of this age
But Mom quietly champions her cause
As I read from her hand written page

''It's all right to use the computer
I won't fault you one bit
But when you find the time, Son
Could you drop by and sit?

''I would prefer to see you
But if not, won't you call
Or maybe write a letter
I love you, Son, that's all.''

Copyright 2003 by Glenn A. Hascall 



The Grand Homecoming!

There will be a grand homecoming, 
Over on the other shore! 
There'll be no sickness nor sighing, 
And no dying any more! 

There we'll greet our loved ones, 
Who have outstripped us in life's race! 
But, the highlight of that gathering, 
Will be seeing Jesus face to face! 

For His blood was shed on Calvary, 
For the remission of every sin! 
We're no longer aliens and strangers! 
To the True Vine we've been grafted in! 

There's a mansion now awaiting, 
In that Land of Endless Day! 
We will receive a brand new body, 
When the mists have rolled away! 

Very soon I will be going! 
Dear friend, won't you come along, 
And join saints of all the ages, 
In that grand homecoming song? 

We'll sing, "Holy, Holy, Holy," 
As we fall prostrate at Christ's feet! 
Then, with joy we will go shouting, 
Down that beautiful golden street! 

Robert F. Dotson © 2003 




Our Rainbow

Sparkle glitter softly
on the end of our rainbow.
The pot of gold eluded us
a tale how well we know.

What started out as wonderland
soon merged to black and white.
There was no curing hell-born wrath
though I tried with all my might.

As Lucifer deceives his prey,
so you persuaded me.
Taking everything I knew,
then belittling what was free.

The pot of gold that seemed so close
was the fire in your eyes.
The only wish you had for us
lay in cloudy, stormy skies.

I leave you now at rainbows end
no pot of gold to find.
Just aging dusty memories
of how you were unkind.

© Pamela L. Serrilla
October 2003


Friendship’s Path

Friendship’s path brings an exquisite view,
Lacelike beginnings begun,
From heaven above came someone new,
Like a beautiful song’s sung.

I thought it’d be nice to truly walk,
Friendship’s path and grasp a look,
An elegant friend’s grand way to talk, 
God’s graceful finishing book.

Each day gathers life’s sweetest faces, 
Blessing friendship’s softness too,
By sharing all that life embraces,
How wonderful God gave you.

Never ending tales of pure delight,
To bring laughter and pleasure,
Flowery with smiling rays of sunlight,
Friendship’s path is my treasure.

I often marvel, but thank God so,
This urn blooms of His design,
Masterminded by Him to bestow,
A sweet kinship so Divine.

~Dedicated to my God-Given Friend~
©Sondra McPherson
October 14, 2003©


Sable Fable

There once was a young man named Abel
Who had as a pet, a nice Sable,
Then one day he met,
A cute girl on a jet,
And it happened that her name was Mable.

So Abel and Mable were dating,
And soon they were talking of mating,
Then while at his table,
Up jumped the ole Sable,
And he thought she would surely be fainting.

But it wasn’t too long till she pet it,
And of course she was glad that she met it.
It was soft as could be,
As it sat on her knee,
And so then she was glad that he had it.

And then later when planning the wedding,
Mable sat with the Sable, while petting,
But to Abel’s surprise,
While she looked in its eyes,
She said the pet’s pelt, she’d be getting.

Well, ole Abel took Sable from Mable
And said, as he rose from the table,
I will never let go,
Of the pet I love so,
So you’ll have to find some other stable.

© James O’Brien
November 2



The Power Of Prayer

As I bow my head
And humbly pray
I thank you God
For helping me through
These darkened days

The loneliness that once
Filled my mind and heart
Is now replaced with hope
For a fresh new start

The pain from dealing
With memories from my past
Is now replaced with 
A feeling of peace
That I pray will forever last

Now when I feel alone
And my defenses get weak
It is your guidance God
I shall forever seek

Though I have no idea
What tomorrow will bring
I know as long 
As you're with me, God
I can accomplish anything

© Copyright 2003 Andrianna Holt




Midi "Lovers Lament"" is
used with permission 
and is copyright © 2003  Bruce DeBoer

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