Do you KNOW? 
As the night gave way to daylight
and the pink began to appear
and the stars grew hard to see.
I could see the hand of God
in all His mighty glory.
It was then that I knew
Just whose that I was.

As I went to the stern of the boat
where my men were hard at work.
I saw all the little creepy crawly things
that were caught along with the
things that we wanted.
I saw all the birds, dolphins, sharks
and turtles feeding and enjoying a
free meal as these were pushed over the side.
It was then that I knew
Just whose that I was.

As we finished and were ready to go to bed,
the wind started to blow and
the waves started to grow large.
I lay my head down just not knowing
if when I awoke the sea would be smooth
or the waves would be large?
I spoke these words
''Lord, it is up to you and my eyes fell shut''.
It was then that I knew
Just whose that I was.

When hours passed and my eyes opened
and I felt so refreshed.
I walked outside to see how it looked
and I saw a small land bird.
What kind I did not know.
How it found the safety of this haven
so far from land and yet so small.
But there it was, all safe and sound.
It was then that I knew
Just whose that I was.

As the sun was slowly setting into the sea.
It looked as if the water was just slowly eating
the sun in the western sky.
Night was just beginning to come to the eastern sky.
The stars were just starting to show
and the full yellow moon just touched the sea.
It was then that I knew
Just whose that I was.

©Jimmy Carden



Wishes On Paper

As she steps out to the sunroom, to stare
Looking out across the yard so bare
Wishing for the answer to her only desire
So nightly she writes by the candlelight fire.

As the Indian summer sun  begins to set low
Makes the sky have a purple and pink glow
Such emptiness fills her and loneliness is bound
As the sun casts long shadows across the ground

She lets go of the tear stained paper that she holds
To be carried away as the autumn wind blows
This small note for someone who she needs in her life
And praying for love and happiness  , and no strife.

As she walks out to stand under the maple trees
She tosses the note up in the soft warm breeze
As the mourning dove begins to coo its song
She watches with tears  until its gone.

As darkness surrounds her and fighting her tears
That freely flow because of all the lonely years
But tomorrow will bring another beautiful night
And one more day..and one more note to write.

The memories of a love that was way in her past
She thought it was real and would always last
But it was not lasting for the one she loved
So she has been sending prayers to the one up above.



For All The Times

This is for all the times I looked into your eyes with that foolish look of amazement.
For all the times you looked at me as though I was a fool.
For all the hours, I have spent wondering when you would grace my doorstep, just one more time.
For all the times, youíve stepped on me.

For all the times, my love for you flowed like a flooded river.
For all the times my tears flowed, while thirsty you swallowed up my energy.

For all the times your beauty, like music played inside my soul.
For all the times, you were without soul.

This is for all the times that will be no more

©Ava Cozzi

Written after a long stint of abuse by a very pretty man, the beauty was only skin deep, the pain remains.

His Servants

The only way to come to the Lord
Is with open hands
And hearts full of love
It is in this way that God uses you
To be His instrument in the world

Yes we are His hands and His feet
As He continues to minister and heal
Only when we are free interiorly
Can we help free others from their chains
And let grace like a river flow from its source

We have but to love the Lord
That alone is a mighty task
When we realize the involvement and work
In responding to His Word
Some people are harder for us to love

Remember Christ once trod upon this earth
So our feet are on Holy Ground
And there is goodness in all people
With peace in our own hearts from God
We are free to spread this peace to those we meet each day

©Joan Carroll


The Road

With the birth of Christ He built a road,
For all mankind to travel,
There were no curves or hills to climb,
And no detours to unravel.

Man was unhappy with the design of the road,
And endeavored to make it more pleasing,
Steep grades were added with long twisting turns,
And danger signs unfit for reading.

An effort was made by the hands of few,
To repave to it's original state,
But Satan's followers had stood in their path,
While repairs to the road came too late.

Evil continues it's work on the road,
Adding gravel and thorns for our path,
The serpent continues to add to his flock,
But will soon meet up with God's wrath.

Not heeding the words that were promised to him,
Man continues his perilous trend,
Only when Christ returns for His rule, 
Will we learn that the road had an end. 

Please turn and face God with love in your heart,
We have failed and bowed down to Satan,
But it's never too late to run to His arms,
Ask forgiveness for all of mans hating.





Beautiful late summer sky
Whispy clouds floating by
Warm, relaxing sun, cooling breeze
Tears come with too much ease. 
Memories of days long past
Of a love I thought would last
Warm, caring eyes, tender touch
All these things I miss so much.
I think back to that day
When it was I heard you say
''Our love will always be.''
Now I live with that memory. †


A Quiet Corner

Give me a quiet corner 
Where I can hear a skylark sing;
A place where I may shelter
Away from worldy things.

Just me and all God's creatures
In a garden filled with peace,
Watching the flowers grow,
Having my worries cease.

Give me a star studded night
At the ending of the day,
And in my quiet corner
I can watch this magic display.

Just me 'neath the heavenly lights
Shining down from the sky above;
My soul is renewed and at peace
For here I am touched by God's love.

©Marian Jones



Angel's Loss

Out of the original chaos storm
where even light and dark were not yet split,
angels were Godís first sentient life-form
to see Creation and make sense of it.
These beings that can look into Godís Face,
unfettered creatures, noble, true and pure --
an entirely spiritual race --
do share His omnipresence and endure,
prevailingly exuberant and glad,
so radiant they make mortal eyes sting,
imbued with joy, in exultation clad,
so full of Grace that, when they speak, they sing;
and yet they lack what God gave to mankind:
a sense of humor and creative mind.

©James Ph. Kotsybar








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