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I'll Cry Tears

At last, you've come back to my lonely heart,
I've been so empty yet filled with sadness,
Never again will we be far apart,
Now from my heart, I'll cry tears of gladness

At last, I feel your face so close to me,
Oh, the anguish not having your sweet kiss,
Thank God our love is once again to be,
Mornings, I'll cry tears of our moments’ bliss.

At last, our hearts can breathe in love's embrace,
How I've prayed for you, my one and only,
Always recalling harm's way you would face,
Yes, I'll cry tears but they'll not be lonely.

Dear Lord, I thank You that my love's now home,
My heart’s just full of grateful tears he's near,
Oh yes, he's sealed within my heart to roam,
And I'll cry tears of joy, heaven will hear.

©Sondra McPherson
November 1, 2003©


Enchanted Poetess 

From hands so gifted, 
Flow beautiful rhyme, 
I read them often, 
I always find time.

The words thus set forth,
Are superbly profound,
Talents are splendid,
Can twirl your world around.

Words aimed straight toward the heart, 
Bring tunes to waiting minds, 
If you allow fine tuning, 
Sweet melodies you’ll find.

Do you hear an orchestra?
All instruments perfectly in tune, 
I slowly close my eyes tight, 
Smell the faint scent of roses in bloom.

Loving words written on paper, 
Time dictates they will surely fade, 
Yet these sweet magical moments, 
In the memory, do not jade.

©Gayle Davis
October 1, 2003


May God Grant You ...

Peace that surpasses all other possibilities.

Hope for things yet unseen.

Faith in that Jesus continues to save.

Joy, being enveloped in God's love.

Courage when knowing that two agree

and Remembrance of God's promise that ...

Love Will Never Fail;

Not His, yours, or mine.

© 2003 by Joyce C. Lock


 His Crown of Glory

Crown of glory, halo of light
Wonders of Heaven
The miracle's of life
A beginning of wonderment
The start of it all
When a little babe was born
Sent by, our Lord above
Words of faith, truth and love
A life that is eternal
In presence of, the beloved son
His light will cleanse, the darkest soul
Saving the lost ones, sheltering his fold
A heart that knows, no hate, no foe
Waiting arms to cradle, he littest souls
Come, all my Children, spoke the Lord
Live with me in Heaven, you will pain no more
A path will lead you, to this door
The forgiving one, The Holy Son.

©Marty Ford



Oh how I long to see a butterfly
flutter by
and with each stroke of satin wing-like
cleaning cloths-
wipe away the accumulated soot on the
windows of my soul
and let the golden rays of sun-
warm the parts of me grown cold
with responsibility
and wake the parts of me long
sleeping since my youth
But I must wait
for it is winter now
and all the fancy painted cleaning
Ladies are snug in their cocoons

©Alan Lee 


Lost Faith

I have been adrift for so long
I no longer know where I belong.
Lost as a leaf blown by gale wind
no place to start no where to end.

Sinful life's pleasures I've stolen
until by the wayside my faith has fallen.
I no longer hear my conscience voice,
from inside whisper the right choice.

The emptiness inside me grows
with each godless sin I chose.
Guilt and sorrow cloud my mind
depression the only friend of mine.

This person that lives inside me
is not the being I wanted to be.
There is no want to live each day
somewhere in life I've lost my way.

Now as I think back to yesteryear
the reason for my emptiness is clear.
I had removed God from my heart,
allowing misery and strife its start.

For years my own bitterness I tasted
God's love I shunned and wasted.
Forgetting God's love is for eternity,
''The Father's'' grace never once left me.

©Written by Kenneth J. Ellison 12-22-03



The Beginning And The End

''The Beginning and the End''
Everything in life has a new beginning
And, then, it all must come to an end.
Peace and contentment came from the
One whose love transcends.

Lord, listen to your children praying.
Lord, send your Spirit in this place.
Send us Love, Send us Power, and Send us Grace.

Beyond the clouds there's a silver lining.
Beyond the clouds is rest for a poor mans soul.
The only one who can stop sin and make you whole ...

He, in His infinite wisdom, can open Heaven's gate;
Stop us from the fires of hell, evil, and hate.
Only with His unconditional love
Will we ever learn to relate.

He came and gave us the breath of life,
Breathing it into our nostrils and ending all strife.

Through our failures, we grow to know and love the Lord.
Will we succeed in the end?
Yes, for our Savior was with us right from the start
And He will remain with us until our death we do depart.

I know, from the scriptures, that night fall never comes
Because the beauty of the Savior died to free us all.

My new home bares no reminder of the past or former things.
It reminds me only of what Jesus came to bring.

He brings us into life and comes to get the faithful in the end.
For, Jesus is the One that His Father will always send.

© 2003 by Nancy Hoback


Lets Do Our Dreams

Lets go ahead and chase our dreams, we never get too old.
Just follow our star by all the means, should always be our goal.
With many more things left to do, and doing them in style,
like taking a trip to Kalamazoo would make it all worth while.

We could paint a scene of paradise, or what we perceive it to be,
or write a book on sacrifice, or one of poetry.
We could climb a rocky mountain, and realize a dream,
and gather our blessings for counting to bolster our self esteem.

We could take a trip around the world and go from site to site.
Let all our hopes and joys unfurl, just living without strife.
To go explore the ocean's floor and search for treasures there,
would thrill me to the utmost core in finding something rare.

Another thing we all may try... is parachute from a plane,
just to think that I skydived would be a thrill to gain.
Now , I realize that most of this is just a state of mind,
but that is why we all must wish and always search to find.

And if we try with all our might and dreams still won't come true,
Well, we did our best, and did what's right,
but yet, there's still much left to do;
so go ahead and dream away, it doesn't hurt anyone,
will help us make it through the day, should any sorrow come.

We can still work in the garden where things of beauty grows;
ask the Lord, his pardon, and the mercy He bestows.
Then at the close of everyday, before we turn it in,
Let's ask God to show the way, so tomorrow... we can start again!

© William E. Hardison



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