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 Take This Hand

Come take this hand I offer you and walk with me.

Come cling to me and never part,

Not even for a start.

For if you start then I shall but hold you tighter.

Just walk with me. 

Just talk with me. 

Just be with me.

For into the garden we must report.

And never, never depart from my side.

For we must be ready for,

A brand new start.

So take my hand and hold my heart,

So tenderly we cannot part.

©Jimmy Carden
July 2001




Love is gentle.
Love is kind.
Love is of the heart,
Not just in the mind!

Of all our emotions,
The strongest is love!
It is truly a gift,
From God above!

Robert F. Dotson © 2003



Change of Seasons

A chill fills the air
a leaf blows by,
the grass no longer green
as I breathe a subtle sigh.

The days becoming shorter
and darkness fills the morn.
A frost lies on the walk
in patterns frail, they adorn.

The coming of the winter
will soon be well upon us.
Flurries and the gusty winds
are the topics we discuss.

Somewhere in my heart
with the crispness in the air
I feel renewed and fresh
with the branches turning bare.

I think of snow white fields
like the ones when I was young,
and wonder of their sparkle
as they glittered in the sun.

There's a freshness of the seasons
as each one takes its turn
and somewhere deep within each one
lies a message, and we learn.

We learn of time and change of path.
We learn of how things move.
We learn of life renewed again.
We learn how to improve.

A chill fills the air
as a leaf blows by,
the grass no longer green,
and I breathe a subtle sigh.

© Pamela L. Serrilla
October 2003
(All Rights Reserved) 


Side by Side

Took a trip to find my fate
This seemed to take awhile
Knocked twice upon the Pearly Gates
And was greeted by a smile
''Welcome friend, you've traveled far''
''Bet you weren't expecting this?''
I shook my head in disbelief
For I knew this face I'd missed
We once walked across the whitest sands
The sea was so crystal clear
He spoke, and I was in a trance
All the while I had no fear
But that was only in a dream
For the next day I'd awoken
And yet no matter how I tried
Could not recall a word he'd spoken
So who was this before me now
Knew the face, but not the name
I had not asked but soon was answered
He and I, are one, just the same.

I am he, I walked beside you
I am he, I spoke my word
I walk with you still....

©Debbie Stevens



These Days

These days I think of Heaven,
Of how it's going to be…
As that blessed day approaches,
Your glory, I shall see.

I think too, of the angels, 
Singing praises O so sweet.
Some day soon, I will join them,
Then I'll worship at your feet.

These days I think of Heaven,
What a special place to be.
I know the time draws closer,
Every time I bow my knee.

Today I am contented,
Just to share Your blessed love.
As the Spirit gently guides me.
Smile upon me from above.

Lord, help me to remember,
As the day draws to the end,
There's a little bit of You,
Found in all my dearest friends.

©2003 Marie Williams



A Better Way Of Life

I sat trembling as I listened,
To the words that were spoken to me,
It seemed I had broken all the rules,
So blinded I failed to see.

The power that had weakend me,
Led me on a sinful course,
For now I found myself frozen,
And reeling from great remorse.

Flashbacks of a life I had led,
Haunted the depth of my soul,
Opportunities I recklessly squandered,
While acting out various roles.

This monster who had promised me,
That my life would be rich with fun,
Had taught me how to turn my back,
And how my Lord to shun.

Satan is the name that visited,
Stripping the love from my heart,
Until God's presence granted me,
Forgiveness and a brand new start!

He told me that His love for us,
Will never bend or weaken,
And that forgiveness is always granted,
When we listen while He is speaking!

~valentyne~ ©



Country Memories

I was born and raised in Kentucky
Way back in the hills
There wasn't stores and such
But there was a run down saw mill.

My memories are still so clear
As if it was just yesterday
Me playing in the fields and woods
And jumping around in the hay.

Over the hill was a creek I enjoyed
And the path where I could walk for hours
I waded in the water, then picked berries
And would pick my Mom some wildflowers.

Sometimes I would sit near the creek
and watch the tadpoles swim around
With the sun shining through the trees
I would sit on a rock there on the ground.

I still like to go back to visit sometimes
For all the beauty is still plain to see
The woods, and fields among these hills
All my memories are still so clear to me.

I miss my being there in my little hideaways, 
And miss all my family back home
But as long as I have these memories
I will never be completely alone.

©Annie 10/28/03


Have You Seen The Sunset?

''Have you seen the sunset?''
The old man chuckled as he waved
He pointed to the skyline
Then to the bench seat he had saved

''It nearly puts the snow to shame
It has so many shades - so pretty.''
He wrapped his arms around himself
Willing warmth while he waxed giddy

''But then I don't suppose
One so important as yourself
Finds time to gaze in awe and wonder
While wondering 'bout your wealth.''

I found myself defensive
My passion seeking vent
Of course I was a busy man
And time I couldn't rent

But the old man simply smiled
Offense - not his design
His face turned to the setting sun
As that face began to shine

''I wish I'd noticed sooner,''
The man spoke words so subtle
''Have you seen the sunset?''
I had not one rebuttal

I watched the old man glory
As he viewed the sinking orb
He seemed to drink in every sight
Something I had not absorbed

''Someday this may have meaning
I pray you won't take long
All the work in the world can not compare
To the beauty of Sun's Setting Song.''

Well, time has kept a steady march
And it's me now on that bench
I recall the words of the old man
This time I do not flinch

If only I had listened
So many years before
When I blindly allowed the sun to set
Behind my closed front door

But today It's me that's watching
As I just can't help but grin
''Have you seen the sunset''
I ask the old question once again.

And I receive a look
Like one I once displayed
But it simply didn't matter
With such a message to convey

''Have you seen the sunset?''

Copyright 2003 by Glenn A. Hascall 






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