Through Camera's Lens

I use to go to mountain streams
And beaches by the sea
Iíve seen the mighty oceans
And Iíve seen the tallest tree

I thought Iíd seen all God had made
While traveling through these lands
I thought Iíd seen the wonders he
Created with his hands.

But then one day while pondering
Just how great it would be 
To take some pictures of these things
And save the things Iíd see.

So Camera hunting I did go
And yes, I tried a few.
I learned that if I zoomed in close
Iíd get a better view.

And as I played with light and zoom
While snapping countless shots
I realized, the Fatherís hand
In tiny leopard spots.

And now because of cameraís lens
I see a clearer view
I see much more of Fatherís hands
And found more I can do. 

© James O'Brien 



A Prayer Of Thanks

Dear Lord I want to thank you
For the blessings you gave to me
The love, the joy and happiness
The beauty that I see.

I wake up every morning
See perfection all around
Knowing that a loving God
Can easily be found.

It's hard for me to understand
The miracles you perform
The sunshine and the star lit sky
The way the earth was born.

I know a higher Godly one
Just took it upon himself
To give us all this glory
The beauty and the wealth.

I reach out to my precious friends
My family and my foe
To honor you and thank you
For the blessings you bestow.

So when you see a rainbow
Stretching out across the sky
Be thankful for his gift of love
He lives, he did not die.

©Ginny Bryant



The Loveliest Of Memories

The loveliest of memories
Will never fade away,
Though years may come and go,
The joy they brought will stay.

Golden days of childhood;
Running free in fields of flowers,
So happy in our innocence
When all the world was ours.

Special times, once shared
With loved ones, long since gone.
We hold them in our hearts;
Their memories living on.

The loveliest of memories
Mean more than words can say,
For when we feel downcast
They will chase all cares away.

Now another year is ending,
Many things I will remember:
The most precious of them all
Was when love came in September.

Copyright Marian Jones 2003.



This Place Called Heaven 

My dear sweet friend
If God should
Call me home tomorrow
Please don't remember me
With tears of sorrow 

For I am in 
A much better place
Where only good happens
Evil has no face 

A place of beauty 
Where I am free to roam
This place called heaven
Which now is my home 

So my dear sweet friend
I hope you now see
Just how good having
God, in your life can be

Walk out the darkness
And into the light
Pray for forgiveness
And things will be alright 

Then maybe someday
We will meet again
In this place called heaven
My dear sweet friend 

© Copyright 2003 Andrianna Holt 



Everyone Is Someone

Everyone is someone, we always have been taught
Everyone is someone, no matter what we thought.
We all are someone special, in a very special way
We all make someone happy each and every day.

If you see someone thatís different, that doesnít look like you,
Remember that theyíre someone, and have their own life too.
Perhaps they do things their own way, and we do not approve,
Perhaps if we would understand, our own life would improve.

A cuddly little puppy gives us love that is so free ,
That puppy wants to share his love, a friend he wants to be.
Take a lesson from that puppy, and share your love with all
Youíll find that you have answered someoneís lonely call.

When we were placed upon this earth by a loving God above,
He meant for us to share this world and blessed us with His love.
Itís up to us to carry on and show Him that we care,
Itís up to us to share our love and spread it everywhere.

Everyone is someone, those words can mean so much,
Everyone is someone and needs a loving touch.
We all are someone special, in a very special way
We all make someone happy each and every day.

By Larry Munson ©2003


Growing Old

We outgrow dancing every night,
and sit home by the firelight;
Relaxing with the family
with children dangling from our knee.
The wild oat days are dead and done;
but what of when the kids are gone?

Our son grows up, our daughter weds.
The family expands and spreads.
The children come from wide and far, 
to ransack Grandmaís cookie jar;
but what prepares us for the day
when all these children fly away?

The world revolves, the years speed by.
Lifeís song becomes a lullaby.
We search for some familiar face,
some comfort in our time and space; 
a shoulder we can cry upon.
when all we loved in life has gone.

If fortune smiles, and natureís kind,
before we leave the world behind,
as we await our final call,
we once again may see them all.
When God sits by our rocking chair,
in our mindís eye, theyíll all be there.

©Tom Jones



Blessings Of Healings

Rest in the downy soft wings of angels,
Amidst the finest spun clouds,
As the Lord caresses gently with love,
His tender healing enshrouds.

As you sleep unaware of His flowing,
Your body breathes to abide,
The imperfections begin to take leave,
'Tis Lord's ebbing of the tide.

Allowing Him to wash away asthma,
And all sickness genetic,
Healing waters will immerse completely,
The Lord's Blood's antiseptic.

All through your body from your head to toe,
Springs His rejuvenation,
Creating healing thus continual,
Bless the Lord's restoration.

May His Blessings cover you as a quilt,
And with his heavenly glow,
Purify and wrap close in your body,
His healing virtue to flow.

Sondra McPherson
©September 19, 2003


The Lordís Sweet Blessings

The Lords blessings, 
Shower gently down upon us, 
Making eyes weep, 
In sheer joy of miracles thus.

Bringing the sweetest of smiles, 
Even in the mist of prayer, 
Ceasing not in His forbearance, 
To show us how much He cares.

He is the sheer sweet fragrance, 
The beauty of the majestic rose, 
Giving everlasting love, 
His path with gentleness overflows.

His touch is glorious, 
His love is profound, 
Walk along beside Him, 
Your faith heíll rebound.

Proclaim Godís undying love, 
Declare Forever and a day, 
He is the mighty Savior, 
The Father of loveís sweet bouquet.

©Gayle Davis
October 18, 2003


Take My Hand

When you feel your in a corner
You just donít know what to do
Reach out my loving sisters and brothers
And take my hand so I can help you

When your world seems turned upside down
And there seems to be havoc everywhere
And times when your heart feels oh so forlorn
Please take my hand; Iíll always be here for you

When loved ones seem to be drifting away
And you just donít know what to do
When you may need someoneís help
Who can help you figure out what to do
You donít have to worry; for I walk along with you

There is only one thing I am asking
One little thing I would like from you
For I promise I will always walk beside you
For I have great love for you

So please reach out my brothers and sisters
And please take my hand
So I can walk along beside you
And do as much for you as I possibly can
For I will always love you

©Donna J. Kramer
October 5,2003


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Performed by 
Margi Harrell
Please feel free to visit her wonderful site right HERE.
This midi along with more wonderful compositions and/or performances are available at Ms. Harrell's site on CDs.
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