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Crushed By Puppy Love

This is not what I expected
I find it hard to breath
My stomach's feeling queasy
I walk with weakened knees

I must put on my bravest face
I can't show my distress
I'm on a roller coaster
I feel a deep need to impress

Sweat glands working overtime
A heart that's beating fast
Perhaps I should get some help
Perhaps this sickness will not last

I remember when it started
The moment I was woozy
The moment her eyes looked at me
The smile that had been choosey

Now sparks are shooting in my brain
And I find it hard to think
She wrote my name on her notebook
I've been taken to the brink

She's a perfect, flawless angel
Sent from God above
I know what you are thinking
But THIS IS NOT puppy love

There's no one quite as pretty
There's no one quite as kind
There just is no one better
You can look, but will not find

My parents offer sage advice
They say this will not last
They say - feelings will go away
Just a memory in my past

How could they know
How she makes me feel
They've been married quite a while
And I know this feeling's real

I think I'm feeling better
It comes as a surprise
I thought I die of ecstasy
By looking in her eyes

Suddenly I'm swept away
The sickness comes anew
Another girl - she looked at me
Now what will I do?

This is not what I expected
I find it hard to breathe
My stomach's feeling queasy
I walk with weakened knees....

by Glenn A. Hascall
Copyright 2004 



Open Doors

I came to your doorstep, all tattered and torn;
Regretting the day I was even born.
You opened the door wide and said to come in.
You talked of Jesus, said I could trust Him.

I got down on my knees and began to pray,
Still am rejoicing you were there that day.

Your seed has blessed me much more than you know.
I'm giving you thanks by helping it grow.

Someone came to my door, just the other day.
I gladly opened the door all the way.

© by Joyce C. Lock


And he that reapeth receiveth wages, and gathereth fruit unto life eternal:
that both he that soweth and he that reapeth may rejoice together.
John 4:36


As beautiful as a yellow rose
drifting over the music of love,
our lives entwine with our beating hearts;
cooing softly as the dove.

In peaceful bliss as we embrace,
our minds rest from our plight.
As love unfolds a passionate kiss
that lasts all through the night.

Waking with a tender smile
a moment in time forever,
promises made for times to come
when we will be together.

Our hearts sing of forever in love
and beat in every song.
For in our eyes we'll always be
young and true and strong.

Enjoying the essence of a touch;
our visit all too brief.
Eyes embracing a longing look
held forever in our belief. 

Copyright © Pamela L. Serrilla
2003 (All Rights Reserved)


The Beginning

In the beginning, one Christmas eve
A son was born, on this nights eve
Born unto Mary, a newborn king
A star of great brightness, led the way
To a manger in Bethlehem, on straw he laid
Shepherds and Kings, come from afar
Bearing gifts and gold treasures, for the 
infant child
Angels voices echoed, from Heaven on high
In songs of blessings, for the Holy Child
A Saviour was born, on this blessed eve
He's the Son of the Highest
Jesus is his name.

©Marty Ford


My Winter

Snow is drifted deep around my door,
winter's fury has entered with a roar.
Crystalline flakes on the windowsills
as north winds rage from off the hills.

Hill and dale silent beneath the snow,
tree boughs bend low under their load.
Black bears fasting, asleep in their den
patiently awaiting a snowy seasons end.

My mountain home creaks and groans
from cold winter winds relentless drone.
Sparkling icicles from my eaves hang down
dripping on roses that now are brown.

I hope this snowstorm will soon pass 
as my breath forms on the window glass.
I stare longingly at the tiny village below
completely covered with ice and snow.

Winter days seem so long and dreary
and persistent boredom makes me weary.
Nothing to do as I wait 'til winter goes
but sit by the fire and warm my toes.

© Kenneth J. Ellison


I Didn't Choose To Be Born

I didn't choose to be here, but I am,
I am going to make the most of my life on earth,
I have so many days and years to live here
Until I have a second rebirth,

My physical body is given to me you see
By the Love of God and Love of my parents too,
My Spirit and Soul God created for me,
He always know what is best for me and you,

I didn't choose to be here but I am,
I am going to live each day and make it last,
I didn't choose to be here but I am,
And my life certainly is going to go by fast.

I didn't choose to be here but I am
So I will take one day at a time you see,
And enjoy each one to the maximum,
Until I am called to be with Him again, yes, He.

 ©Anne R. C. Neale


Childrens Wings

All children need some wings
Some wings to fly high
Sometimes we break our childrens wings
And they can not seem to fly

Be real careful what you say and do
For broken wings are hard to use
Protect your children with all your love
Than they'll soar way up high above

God only gave us children for a little while
So we could give them wings to fly
So give them gentle loving care
Than they'll have wings to soar on high

©Donna J. Kramer 2002


The Helping Hand Gift Shop

This is the story told to me by the man with a broken soul; 
he has a load of gifts he towed to a stand that's lined with 
I met this man and understand all gifts and cash are free. 
When I went in and spoke with him, these words he said to 
''This is my humble helping stand, I'm here to give and try; 
to serve you with a helping hand, only the poor apply!
I gained much wealth from life of stealth, which is a well 
known fact, 
and now my aim is cure the pain, by giving it all back!
For in my life there's been much strife, I stepped on many 
so help me God on all I've trod, I wish to end their woes. 
Would you think a man would sink to rob poor people blind?
Well, down I sank into a ''tank'' and lost my peace of mind!

Now I'm alone and seek atone, I wish to set things right;
by giving back to those whom lack, now fuels my guiding 
Many souls somewhere out there can use a helping hand, 
and I'll show care for those despaired by this once greedy 
It's only right to tread the plight; to square with all my sins. 
I treated folks like testing mice, It's now time for amends.
But there's a hitch in this here stitch, and it's much worth your time; 
for in my cause you have to pitch, and spread this wealth of 
You must not run, steal or hide, when sharing with others my 
what you derive, give conscience guide, for all to get this 

So now receive and when you leave, go share these gifts I 
especially those in pain or bereaved, so they may happily 
Then you will find at the end of your line, you missed the 
pitfall's stinging,
And then like me , you'll forever be free as we join the angels 

©William E. Hardison 





Performed by 
Margi Harrell
Please feel free to visit her wonderful site right HERE.
This midi along with more wonderful compositions and/or performances are available at Ms. Harrell's site on CDs. If you wish to use her music on your personal web site you must contact Ms. Harrell

Thanks to DYNAMIC DRIVE for the great snow effect!