Holding hands with God 

Come you that are heavy laden,
and let us all hold hands.
So we reach across America,
and into other lands.

From Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific,
let us get upon our knee.
And ask our God in Heaven above.
to make all Countries free.

Let us all have a talk with God,
and all from other lands.
Let us all pray to him together,
as we stand holding hands.

God ask we should congregate,
what could be a better way.
If the world held hands together,
and together we would pray.

Let us all Unite with God

©Walt Chapman



Sand Castles

As I am walking and thinking about
All my life's paths ,as I go along this road.
I am remembering all the feeling 
Of the happiness and the heavy loads.

I've have loved so deep and believed the lies.
I still feel the anger and cant seem to let it go
I want to forget the pain of the past
And I don't want this to ever show.

Yes we had happiness and fun, 
But I know I've lost the war. 
I enjoyed the good, until it turned bad
Then the hate consumed me even more

My lingering pain that never leaves.
My broken heart, and broken wings.
My life now is lonely and useless it seems
And all the happiness we had, now is as a dream 

I couldn't believe the look upon his face.
when he told me our love had to end
He said he would always keep me in his heart
But only as the love of a friend.

So with this final thought I leave this message to all 
Never let your heart be fooled, be strong and stand tall
Life can be full of happiness , but be sure your heart is strong.
And if you build your castles on sand, it will tumble and fall.



The Sanctuary Of My Soul

I have an inner place you know
That only God and I can go
It is a sanctuary of my soul,
It's a tranquil place, that is so,

Peace and Love fill every crevice
It's mine and it is real,
It's deep within me in an inner place
For My Spirit and Soul, that I can feel.

The Sanctuary of my Soul is real
It's a place that's deep within
I can go there any time
And I will always there find Him.

©Anne R.C. Neale


Your Lighthouse

I will be your lighthouse 
I will always light your way, 
When the sea is churning crazily, 
Just cast your cares my way. 
I will be your beacon, 
Standing straight and tall, 
Worry not how rough the seas 
I will calm them all. 
Sometimes keeping your sail afloat, 
Is too much for you to bear, 
I'll try to keep your trials on course, 
I will always be right there. 
Even though the sea is rough, 
And you fear your life is through, 
I'll shine my light on your troubled ship, 
And bring you safely through.

So as the churning of the seas, 
Grow larger than before, 
Depend on me, your lighthouse, 
I'll show you to the shore. 
The seas no longer will cause you pain, 
On shore I'll light your path, 
The ebbing of the still waters forever, 
Will bring you peace at last. 
I will be your lighthouse, 
I'll guide you from above, 
I'll light your night, and keep you safe, 
In the harbour of my love.

©Sandra Hemstock



My Memories Of Home

I was raised in Oklahoma way back in the wooded hills.
There wasn't a factory in sight, just a couple of old 
silos and a few run down saw mills.

My memories are still so vivid as if they were made
just yesterday. Like playing in the fields of wild 
flowers to the bailing of the hay.

I can't go back to visit much but in my memories I 
can plainly see, all the lovely places that will always
be dear to me.

There is a creek I used to visit that I walked it's 
path for miles, picking wild berries and dainty little

Sometimes I would take a dip in one of the many pools
of water. Just soaking up the memories that I now can replay for hours.

I miss my little hideaways and all my folks back home
but as long as I have my memories I will never be 
completely all alone.

©Peggy Ann Hardy



The Beauty of Winter;
A Peace Driven Snow,

Sight by a Candlelight,
Warmth in a Fire's Glow,

Surrounded by Family
And the Comfort of Friends,

Restoring the Soul ...
A Time to Cherish and Tend.

© by Joyce C. Lock


Greatest Love

Is death an ending, like most of us think
Or is it the beginning, of life's greatest love
In birth, we are given, many kinds of love
Our Fathers gift of parents, a child's first love
As years come and go, many enters our lives
Some loves we cherish, others we set aside
Lastly, we know our forthcoming
Prepare to meet our Lord
To live in his home in Heaven
An Angel awaits, to take us home
Following her footprints, to the golden doors
Echo's of chimes, whispering about
Heavenily wings flutter, among Heavens glowing lights
Home of my Father, death is not my end
It's my beginning of life, to live in Gods city
and to be in, his loving hands.

©Marty Ford






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