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A Soldier's Heart

A soldier's heart
So courageous and brave
Committed to his country
And the lives he saves 

Giving all he's got
But wanting to do more
So proud to serve his country
And what our flag stands for 

Away from home 
Living in a foreign land
Standing on the frontline
Waiting for his command 

Fear is unknown 
As he battles another
So eagerly he would die
To save his fellow brother 

Born a warrior
Right from the start
That's why God gave him
A soldier's heart 

© Copyright 2003 Andrianna Holt



 I Am The One

I Am the One you call on each day,
I love you, Yes I Am here,
Deep in the recesses you will stay,
Until you accept I’m near.

It is the time for many changes,
Assume the impossible,
I Am the One who rearranges,
Making your life possible.

I Am the Lord Your God who so heals, 
You only need to believe,
On the Cross I endured your appeals,
Just ask and then you’ll receive.

My healing flows like a warm honey,
As a blanket covering,
Head to toe you’ll feel light and sunny,
It’s more of Me hovering.

I Am the One you say ‘Thank You Lord,’
Yes I hear your every prayer,
You are My child, one of My adored,
I Am with you everywhere.

©Sondra McPherson
November 15, 2003


Reflective Image

Behind your smile,
Securely hidden,
Are detested actions,
Voicing is forbidden.

Eyes that foster,
Searing pain,
Guilt ridden,
Who is to blame?

Spirit and heart,
Scarred and broken,
Yet not one word,
Have you spoken.

Movement shows it,
Silence mask the deed,
Eyes are revealing,
Yet no one takes heed.

It is like looking,
In a mirrored glass,
I know the signs,
Memories forever last.

©Gayle Davis


Through Every Day

I went down by the lake one day,
To spend some time alone;
To get away from city strife,
Especially the phone

Then after tending cabin needs,
Like cleaning up the floors,
And chopping up some firewood,
And other homey chores.

T'was then I went out on the porch,
To rest and feel the breeze,
To drink in all the loveliness,
Of mountain, lake and trees.

Then as I walked out on the dock
To watch the setting sun,
And there to feel serenity,
As day was nearly done.

But then I heard some light footsteps,
And as I turned around,
I saw you as you came near me,
Without a verbal sound.

I took you in my open arms,
And held you oh-so tight.
T'was then I know my dream was true,
You'd be with me this night.

Then as the fading sun went down,
I found the words to say.
''I love you more than words can tell
And will through every day.''

©James O'Brien



Back O' the Moon

A Tribute to the Crews of Apollo 1, Challenger and Columbia

The twenty-seventh of January in sixty-seven
Apollo one was pointed toward heaven.
Ready to launch that late afternoon,
Ready to see the Back O’ the Moon.

Going Back O’ the Moon was mankind’s dream,
To see the heavens of a Being supreme
Three astronauts bravely showed us the way,
And gave their lives on that fateful day.

Back O’ the Moon is now where they are,
Waiting and watching the earth from afar.
They know the future we hold in our dreams,
Will depend on the brave new astronaut teams.

The twenty-eighth of January in eighty-six,
A nation watched and became so transfixed
When the Challenger crew just before noon,
Joined Apollo One and flew Back O’ the Moon.

February first of two thousand and three,
another date in our space history.
The Columbia crew, that magnificent seven,
Made their last flight and flew on to heaven.

All of these loved ones now cheer us on,
From Back O’ the Moon where they look upon
This earth that they left, altogether to soon
For their heavenly home Back O’ the Moon.

Our nation looks up at the heavens above
And remembers these heroes with all of our love.
They proudly look down at the earth that they miss,
From Back O’ the Moon and blow us a kiss.

©Larry Munson ©2003


A Few Hours

As you sit with loved ones gathered around you
a tiny pill you will pop.
Then you have no more memories
until after the op.

No machines will you see
no voices will you hear.
As into another would 
you will disappear.

A world that is beautiful
and special to you Dan.
It's a world full of Dolphins
taking you by the hand.

To their world you will go 
far under the sea.
The beauty seen will astound you
the creatures will all know you.

Dolphins with skin as smooth as silk
Sea horses as they wiggle their ways.
Fish of all sizes and colours of the rainbow
will say 'G'Day'.

Coral of all colours and shapes 
will tickle your feet.
And Destiny the mermaid
you will meet.

She will help you upon the Dolphin's back
secure you with her arms awrap.
She will whisper in your ear
'It's ok Dan - I am here'

Jude Bouckley-Simons
©Copyright 26/3/2002 - 



Gates Of Heaven

To the gates of Heaven
So far above we will
Keep an undying love
For your precious white dove

I am a precious Angel now
Sitting on a pink & white cloud
I have my wings now
You can hear me when the birds sing
Don't be sad
I cherished the time we had
I am free in Heaven
To roam about this world

Please don't cry
I am with Jesus now
He said I will be alright
He will hold me tight
I am an Angel in waiting
Holding a spot here in Heaven
For you 
It is very beautiful in Heaven
I can see so many things

Please remember this
I am the wind beneath your wings
Sending you A Heavenly hug & kiss
My family below I sure do miss
I am in the arms of my heavenly family
Remember I will always love you 

(C) Ja Nell Harris


Take Time to Smell the Roses

Take time to smell the roses
Time moves along so fast
It could be that your turn is next
Tomorrow could be your last.

Take time to look around you
See loved ones go away
We do not know the future
It might be you today.

Take time to read your bible
There’s power in the light
You think you’ll live forever
But you might go tonight.

Take time for fervent prayer
Lift up His name on high
Call out the name of Jesus
For you will surely die.

Take time for sweet surrender
Seek out His mighty will
Today while you are able
For soon, you will be still.

Take time to grasp the moment
So fast, the clock does tick
We do not know the hour
Your number could be next.

Take time to smell the roses
Before it is too late
Today is full of promise
Tomorrow will not wait.

©2003 Marilyn Ferguson


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