Matters Of The Heart

When your heart aches for something
Most precious to your life,
God has placed that heartache -
As He grieves in your strife.

When your heart aches for something,
God wants that for you, too.
For, He sent His Spirit,
Who resideth in you.

When your heart aches for something,
It's time for a fresh start;
As He forever cares
In matters of the heart.

© by Joyce C. Lock


Proverbs 4:23
I John 3:21-22, 24

Knowing You Are There For Me

Knowing you are there for me
And supporting me all the time,
Gives me strength and fortitude,
It makes me feel sublime.

Knowing you are there for me
No matter what each day brings,
Gives comfort and much happiness to me
It makes my Spirit sing.

Knowing you are there for me,
That makes me feel complete,
You play a big part in my life,
You make my life so neat,

Knowing you are there for me,
Gives me a fullness , I feel whole,
Knowing you are there for me
Makes me happy in my Spirit and Soul.

© Anne R. C. Neale


Your Beauty

I sit in this room and look through the window
I see you there so tiny and fragile.
You are only a few months old
truly beautiful to behold.

I have fed and sheltered you
since the day you came.
Yet you don't call me mum
that is because you can't little one.

At night, I see you curl up and sleep
and as the dawn breaks
your world opens wide
as you awake.

With my protection and love
you will slowly grow 
and rely on me less
to keep you alive.

The ones that visit
become awed by your beauty.
As they look through this window
and view
a beautiful BLACK ROSE.

©Jude Bouckley-Simons
copyright 7/8/20 


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A New Dawning

During the now dark hours of our souls,
We pray for the break for a new dawn.
We will then seek with an unalloyed passion,
The healing light of that day.
Then, and only then, can we move on,
Into the warmth of that days's sunshine,
Realizing  we have been blessed.
With a new beginning that is ours to explore.
In awe, and wonderment and love,
We will walk this life's path together,
And whenever our paths cross and you need me,
I will take your hand in mine.
Letting go, only when you or I must fly.....
Fly through the realms of eternity,
And there with outstretched hand,
One will lovingly wait for the other.

©Sandra Hemstock


What I See

As I look out my window I see a stragley old bush.
But as I look closer, I see spots of life and things of beauty.
I see dried up flowers fading away, but I also see a flower or 
two that are bright and new. I see very few leaves and 
things look dead but at the end of the limb is a beautiful 
pink flower.

Just beside it is one that has died and on the other side is 
the miracle of new life as a new flower blooms. I see the 
wonder of God's hand as it stretches from birth to death.

©Jimmy Carden



Legend Of Groundhog's Day

On Groundhog’s Day, we follow legend
Our eyes look to the ground
For a sleepy little woodchuck
In Punxsutawney town.

If Phil, the brown haired critter
Comes out into the light
And quickly sees his shadow
He’ll bounce back out of sight.

He’ll slip into his burrow
For spring is far away
Six more weeks of winter
The price that we will pay.

But should the day be cloudy
Ole Phil will wander out
With spring around the corner
He’ll spread the news about.

Tis fun to follow legend
It brightens up our day
To think the bliss of springtime
Is not that far away.  

©2004 Marilyn Ferguson


Someone Is Always With Us

Someone is always with us, it seems quite clear some days,
Someone holds our hand, to guide us on our way.
When the path that we are taking leads to where we shouldn’t be, 
Someone is watching over us, I’m sure we’d all agree.

How can it be, that when we stray, and then begin to fear,
Someone’s always there to whisper in our ear.
Someone truly cares for us and lovingly will say, 
“Please remember, there are rules we must obey”.

Someone is always there to help when things go wrong,
Someone is always with us to help our faith grow strong.
It’s up to us to know just when it’s time to ask,
For Someone’s loving guidance, no matter what the task.

When life’s temptations knock upon our door,
It’s so easy to always want some more.
It’s so easy always to give in,
Sometimes we act regardless of the sin.

Someone is always with us to help us do what’s right,
Someone is always with us to guide us through the night.
Someone will always help us make the choices that we make.
And help us to decide the chances that we take.

Someone will always guide us with a loving hand,
Someone is always with us, that makes our life so grand.
Someone will always help us when we say that we believe,
Someone is always with us, what a blessing to receive!

©Larry Munson 


The Best Love

The sun was shining brightly,
The day you had to go.
I didn't feel its warmth,
Or see its golden glow.
Flowers grew in abundance;
Formed so perfectly:
But life had lost its meaning,
The day that you left me.

Time, they say, heals all;
It can mend each broken heart;
Ease the pain, stay the tears,
From a love that's torn apart.

Whatever the future holds,
A piece of my heart you'll own,
For loving you was special;
The best love I've ever known.

©Marian Jones



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