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Today I want to thank you
For all that you have done.
You saved my sinful soul,
When you sent Your precious Son.

Yesterday is behind me.
Today I start brand new.
I cannot change the past
But today, Your best I choose.

Today I値l love another,
While choosing to forgive.
For in forgiving others,
A peaceful life I値l live.

In sharing joy with others,
It often comes my way.
For you see, it is contagious,
Pass along some cheer today.

I cannot see the present,
If I知 always looking back.
So today, I値l live and love;
Leave yesterday in the past.

When Satan comes to tell me
Just how terrible I致e been,
I tell him, ''I知 forgiven.''
And I quote the Great I Am!

ゥ 2004 Marie Williams


My Once, And Only Deer Hunt

I never knew the consequence
that slaying a deer would have;
but all the time, I felt suspense
while going down that path.

I made a stand up in the trees,
and loaded up my gun;
my hands and feet were 'bout to freeze,
my face, already numb!

It had to be the coldest morn'
in memory of my years,
for 'cicles from my nose had formed,
and frozen were my ears.

I was sitting there all tightly drawn
with ''big buck'' on my mind,
up-popped his doe and little fawn,
I thought: '' he's close behind!''

That brought surprise at what I saw,
my heart jumped all a'thrill,
my frozen blood began to thaw
on thoughts about a kill!

And there he stood, ten feet away,
whose sad eyes gazed in mine,
I felt a chilling, sick dismay
that traveled through my spine.

I didn't have the heart to fire,
so I just sat and stared,
for I had gained a new desire 
to let that deer be spared.

I still don't know the consequence
of having shot a deer,
But, now I feel much better since,
I quit the sport that year!

ゥWilliam E. Hardison


Grandma's Canning Jars

Memories of Grandma
And her canning jars
All the times we spent together
In Grandma's cozy little kitchen
The laughter we shared
As we snapped the green beans
And cleaned the other veggies
To fill Grandma's canning jars
The stories she would tell
About the good old days
About the fun and joy
She shared with all her loved ones
The joy she said she had
When ever someone she loved
Would help her do her veggie canning
Telling us she always put a pinch of love
In each and every jar
Her beautiful twinkling eyes
As she busily bustled around
In her tiny little kitchen
Humming and singing a sweet song
A Bicycle Built For Two
The laughter and giggling
My Grandma always did
When ever something silly would happen
When she was filling a jar
These are the memories
I will never forget
Grandma in her
Tiny little kitchen
Filling her canning jars
For the ones she loves

ゥDonna J. Kramer
Nov. 15, 2003

Many Young Christians

Many young Christians living in countries,
See all terrorism's horrors,
They send their love to Americans still,
Their hope's opening freedom's doors.
Their hearts are blessed and filled with Jesus' love,
Their need is food and water too,
Still they pray for America's triumph,
And our President who is true.

He's filled with Godly wisdom and he prays,
This special young Christian I know,
He's sees evils, yet lives close to Jesus,
The Lord's mercy touches him so.

My heart's moved for this one praying for us,
He suffers agonies so wrong,
Reaching out to us following Jesus,
Our Savior is making him strong.

Pray God sends His angels to watch o'er him,
The many young Christians there too,
Their needs are great and yet their hope is here,
Praying America gets through.

ゥSondra McPherson
November 24, 2003


~Dedicated to Bernard~
Buduburam Refugee Camp
Accra, Ghana, West Africa


Within the heart of this dreamer
are all of the dreams that I hold inside
words are so pure , with thoughts of love
with a warm breeze and a inviting sky.

So in dreams I drift in such wonder
So far beyond this world that I knew
I dream of drifting beyond the clouds
And with thoughts of my love, I flew.

In these pleasures of this moment
with all my worries left behind
I have found a love, and have peace now
In my life and the love I did find.

We captured love in those moments
In the honesty of our youth
And now we have our feelings hidden
In this dreamers heart, she holds the truth.

ゥAnnie 12/03


Morning Dew And Footprints

I look out upon the morning,
See the ground with glistening dew,
Realizing the Lord has blessed me,
With a long life of mornings anew.

Years I have trod this ole earth,
Leaving many footprints in the sand,
Some quickly faded away,
Yet, others will always stand.

The child that carries my name,
Has planted seeds that grew,
They too will one-day stand, 
And watch the morning dew.

The lingering footprints of time,
Are not easily swept away,
For each action that we do,
Some will remain yet another day.

I hope the prints I leave behind,
Are plain and filled with dew,
So in the morning sun they値l glisten,
Becoming a roadmap of guidance to you.

ゥGayle Davis


She Was

She was my sun
I was her moon.

She was my music
I was her tune.

She was the violin
I was the strings.

She was all of
my favorite things.

Then time went on
as it always does.

And so did she
that's why she was.

Copyright ゥ 2004 T. J. Daniels



One Size Fits All

Read the following if you will
In my words of thoughts I pray
My faith allows this chance to write
To write to you this way

Has all your life depended on
Depended or relied
Relied on trust through promises
Promises broken or denied

Did you love someone more than life itself
But your own life never loved
Did you notice you were only noticed
When the push finally came to shove

Has your heart room enough for everyone
Room enough to take on more
More than it can handle 
But still an open door

Are your tears of your own pity
Or do you pity another who cries
Are you contented by simple truths
Would you choose to live with lies

Do you find the words ''I love You''
Impossible to share
Impossible to share 
In fear of showing that you care

Then let me make it easier
For everyone concerned
Life is a mission of learning
Just how many lessons have you learned?

Faith is what sustains me
A promise is never asked
There are no lies if seeking truth
Honesty wears no mask

I've cried many tears at many times
Yes, many times I've cried for me
But my faith is my reminder
Of sadder things I cannot see

My heart carries scars from different wounds
But has strength to meet each call
Faith created it flexible
So much that one size fits all!

ゥDebbie Stevens



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