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Come To Me

When a pale moon lights up the heavens with
a gleaming, incandescent, aura; casting eerie
dancing shadows across the blackness of the
night, and you're alone, afraid---just come to me!

When a chilling, wintry, wind rustles through
the windswept trees, which stand like towering
sentinels guarding a barren landscape, so cold
and bleak; and a diamond flight of geese on high
paints an unforgettable portrait in the sky, and
you need warmth---just come to me!

When you sit on a beach, looking out to sea, and
watch the rippling, surging, waves rush in; and
the oceans roar, and a breaking, pounding surf
permeates your very being with the power and
glory of nature; and you ride a high of beauty so
 deeply felt; and you want to share---just come to me!

When you see a loved one off at night, leaving
you, a tiny speck, so far behind; as you watch
the airplane, with its colorful, blinking lights
ascending into the darkness until enveloped by
the sky; and you know, deep within, that more
should have been said, or done, too late; for
solace---just come to me!

When life seems too much, and you muse on the
ever present mystery of who you are, and what
you are, and why you're here; and you feel you
just can't cope, you can't do more, can't do it
all; can't understand the confusion in your mind
which makes it hard to know which road is right,
which turn to take; for help---just come to me!

When the morning sings, and the flowers bloom,
and beautiful music fills the air; when you are so
alive, you want to dance, and run, and jump, and
play, and laugh; and see and feel the wondrous
things that happiness can bring within your inner
self; for joy---just come to me!

When you yearn, and want, and long for someone
else; to touch, to hold, to feel, to love, to care, and
share, and join two souls as one; to shrink the gulf
that separates, and prove the perfect union, two
then one; contentment, and total peace of mind; for
love---just come to me!

©Mack McGee



Kindred Spirit

Tortured soul, kindred spirit,
lay down your many burdens
which you covet ever so fiercely
Come to walk with me for awhile
along the shores of the true reality,
beyond the illusions of here and now
It's never been about your triumphs,
nor about your defeats and sorrows,
but all about what you alone choose
to become because of these trials 

© dennis j hopkins


Two Children

I saw a lonely child today,
He had no one with whom to play.
His parents didnít seem to care,
Perhaps they were busy or unaware.

I also saw a happy child,
Not left alone or running wild.
Her parents took time to be with her,
Child neglect did not occur.

What made the difference in these two?
I donít know the answer, do you?
Both children deserve a happy home,
Why was one left alone to roam?

Would the parents who apparently did not care,
Have been happier with no child there?
Was the boy unwanted, was he an intrusion?
By observing that seems a likely conclusion.

The other child, did she fulfill a dream,
Are her parents as happy as they seem?
Perhaps because they deeply love each other,
They make a better father and mother.

I know Christ loves each child the same,
And itís not the children who are to blame.
But I canít help wondering what they will be,
Models of deportment or dregs of society.

No parent is perfect that is true,
I know Iím not, are you?
Being a parent is an important task,
God gives us wisdom if we ask.

Not perfect but trying to do our best,
And trusting God to do the rest.
Itís not easy but it can be done,
We can raise a happy daughter and/or son.

©Bob Hefner Revised


Tell Him We Will Be There

Lord, he was such a little guy
So fragile and so small
But yet we wanted him to grow
To be, oh, so big and tall. 

He filled our days with gladness
At nights he said his prayer
He looked so angelic sleeping
Had no problems here to bear. 

But illness came so suddenly
And his small body grew so weak
He could not fight the fury
Answers from the Father we did seek. 

He said this child was always His
And we knew it to be true
But, Father it is so hard here
Starting life, without him, anew. 

We know he is so happy now
And smiles with You each day
The pain he suffered here on earth
Has turned to laughter and play. 

So Father, let him know, please
We surely miss him every day
And soon, in just a little while
We'll be with him again to stay.. 

© Kentucky_Lady4 
January 2004


You Are

You're the stars in the Heavens, the magic of light
The glow of the horizon, as sun sets each night
You're the warmth of sunshine, on a bright summers day
The sweet blooms of springtime, the freshness of a gentle rain.
You're the strength in my weakness, my light of life
My hope for my day dreams, a song plays within my mind
You're my voice of wisdom, when I tumble or fall
Your tender arms cradle me, like an Angel's loving call
You're my soft shoulder to cry on, you dry my falling tears
To shelter me from unknown harm, and  take away my fears
You're the colors of my rainbow, the spirit of my soul
The gift of love, of friendship, this is who you are.

©Marty Ford


Cold And Still

I see you laying there
Wishing it was a dream
You're so cold and still
Why didn't you say
That you needed to talk
I would have helped
I feel a tear run down my cheek
I whip it away fast 
As I think of the fun we had
I had no idea you were so sad
While everyone cries for you
I think of the times I'll have without you
We'll never get to talk or shop
Or do anything fun again
I sit in your room with your mom
As she cries 
I try to comfort her
She asks me if I knew anything
I tell her no 
You hid it too well
She gives me a hug 
And hands me your bear
Tells me to take it 
That's what you'd want
I'm still thinking of why you hid
Your pain from me
As I walk home hugging your bear
The memories of us flood me
And I cry for the first time
Since you took your life

©Ginger Hallock a.k.a Sno 

Visions Of Home!

Through eyes of faith I see a meeting,
Over on Heavenís happy shore! 
Friends and loved ones there are greeting. 
They will say goodbye no more!

Heavenís golden bells are ringing,
For the celebration is about to begin! 
I hear millions of voices singing, 
As the saints come marching in!

Before the Saviour they shall appear, 
In their robes of spotless white! 
Then, God will wipe away each tear. 
Oh, what a blessed sight!

All of those who have gone before us, 
Will bow before the Great I Am, 
And with a mighty resounding chorus, 
Cry, ďHoly, Holy, is The Lamb!Ē

Some from every kindred, tribe, and nation, 
Red and yellow, black and white, 
Will join in the celebration, 
In that City of Light!

We will be through with toil and pain! 
With our Saviour we shall be! 
And with Jesus we shall reign, 
Throughout eternity! 

©Robert F. Dotson 2004



New Beginning

Somewhere, deep down inside me,
There is a place you have healed.
A place you have touched so gently, 
So carefully and I now can feel

A place where you have, one by one,
Opened all the windows to let the sunlight in.
That place is my heart.....the magic is love.
The sunlight is the joy of being with you then.

This heart has been torn and mended
In my younger years there were many pains
As I have loved deep within this soul
I know how long its taken me to heal again.

You came into my life so unexpected
Yet I knew right from the very start
You were the one who would never hurt me
And you would love me with all your heart.

So I give to you all this I hold inside me
All this love that is within me to give
And I know that our love is special
As we both now, again begin to live.

©annie 1/27/04


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