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He came one day in dreadful cold
with snow drifts all around;
the winter storm had taken toll
on this small Beagle Hound.

Upon my back-way stoop he lay,
no whimper could I hear,
for this young pup who went astray,
demise.. was clearly near!

I lifted him and took him in
to see what I could do;
he looked so weak and deathly thin,
I thought his life was through.

His tiny sides, without a doubt,
was starved from lack of food,
his little ribs, they just poked out,
he did not seem to move.

The little body , limp as silk,
I placed there on a cot,
and with a bowl of warm whole milk,
I nursed him every drop!

And then I saw his little tail
go twitching all around;
then came the best part of this tale,
a new home he had found!

From there on out, without a doubt,
that pup began to sprint,
and grow and sprout 'til he got stout,
then to the woods he went.

I've never seen a nose so keen,
he'd sniff out every log,
he was a rabbit chasing thing,
He was a sniffing dog!

Now to the past, I look with pride,
when saved that little drifter,
my one great prize, that almost died,
my Beagle Hound, named ''SNIFFER''

©William E. Hardison 



I Am Only Me

I am only me, that is all that I can be
No more, no less, donít second guess
I love, I laugh, and I live and cry
Iíve wished at times, that I could die

Some days Iím in overdrive and canít stop
I am a loyal and honest friend
You know that Iíll be there until the end
I am a mother, my children my greatest gift
The smiles on their faces always give me a lift

I am a romantic, sensual, sexual and passionate too
To the love of my life, Iíll share this with you
I can be sweet and shy or sassy and bold
Iím quite a handful, or so Iíve been told

I am not perfect, I do have my faults
Like when I get scared, I put up high walls
Or Iím not as forgiving, as Iíd sometimes like to be
Because when I hurt, I hurt deeply

My logic is all my own, at times misunderstood
Because I donít always do things for my own good
I have many facets, like a diamond you see 
I Am Only Me

©Donna Jeanne Kramer


My Heart's Garden

I have a garden in my soul, that needs cleaning every now and then,
Of judgment seeds, and anger too, impatience might grow in there, Amen,
I have a garden in my soul, it needs to be tended every day,
No hatred grows in there at all, and Daily I tend to it and pray,
I have a garden in my soul, I watch over it all the time
I prune out the seeds of envy too, and then my garden is fine,
There are many weeds that tend to find a place in my garden's heart,
I have to be careful and cultivate my garden, so good seeds can do their part,
I have a garden in my soul, and Love is the seed that's the best,
I tend to grow that all the time and it matures fast and with much zest.
I have a garden in my soul and I tend to it all day long
Seeds of Faith, Hope, Belief, and Trust, and Love are the seeds that are strong,
My garden is weeded daily you see, I tend to it all the time
And MY Heavenly GARDENER watches over it too, to see that I am doing fine.
I have a garden in my soul I nurture it and weed it you see,
My Soul will live on forever I know as that is how it is programmed to be.

© Anne R. C. Neale
Dec 22, 2003


Reflections On A Quiet Night

The moon mirrored
on a quiet lake.

Two hearts
side by side.

One future.

© 2003 T. J. Daniels



God's Love

The Holy Spirit,
Descending like a dove,

Shines upon us;

Remitting God's love.

© by Joyce C. Lock



A Mother of ďGrandĒ is who you are,
Bearing four children, with one afar,
Lois, James, Johnny, and Dick,
All blessings from the Lord that He did handpick.

You were chosen above all to be their Mother,
Loving and raising them like no other,
Families have grown all from your seed,
Giving a lifetime of love to those in need.

How blessed you are at the young age of 96,
To be able to experience love, laughter, and the grand mix,
My little Grandma with beautiful snow white hair,
Watching the birds in the window as you sit in your chair.

Your mind is just as sharp as a whip!
Lord be watchful of her feet and donít let her slip,
Keep Grandma filled with joy and happy memories,
Let her remember the good times with all the stories.

Be excited and not bored,
For someday you will be with your Lord,
I love you Grandma with all of my heart,
I promise to visit more with today as the start.

~Dedicated to Grandma ~ 
© Elizabeth E. McPherson
January 11, 2004


Are You The One?

Should I ask you? Are you the one?
Yes, yes, a thousand times yes;

For I have looked into your eyes and found a friendó
And lost myself there in sweet heavens that only you and I can make.

Come with me now and let us find a place where we can live together
And spend our youth learning each other.
Tasting, smelling every secret spotó
--And laughing when it tickles.

And fly kites in the Summer Sunó
And drink of lifeís every happiness.

And spend our days in search of all the things that make us smile.

So that if one dayófar away from nowó
We find ourselves old and tired alone at a table with little flowers

We will have but to close our eyes and hold one anotheró
To know there is no other place in all the world to be.

©Alan Lee 
February 2001
For My Wife


The Prejudicial Planet 

Picture this globe, a mass of hate and greed 
As humans kill themselves on Planet Earth 
Why do we claim to be the only creed 
What difference colour, faith, or place of birth 
Take credence of the nearest pulsing star 
Which gives us warmth and light and night and day 
An energy, a life force from afar 
Bestowed on us from countless miles away 
And while we give our thanks to Father Sun 
Think of the planets dancing in his wake 
Could there be living beings on any one 
Some secret species waiting to awake 
Now count the stars that decorate the sky 
Each one a sun, sustaining in it's light 
A planetary system nearby 
Substantial, real, though they avoid our sight 
And every planet that we cannot see 
That we have not the power to explore 
Could carry life as sentient as we 
A billion life forms just outside our door 
So why exist in total ignorance 
This miserable spasm called the human race 
Choosing to live in blinkered arrogance 
A teardrop in the infinite eye of space 

©Thomas Vaughan Jones


Celestial Wings Of Prayer

As softly as the dove doth fly
Across this land so free
As steadfast as a ship that sails
Across a tranquil sea.

As soothing as a summer rain
That falls upon the ground
As wondrous as a drop of dew
In morning light, is found.

As tender as a babyís kiss
Upon a motherís cheek
As sturdy as a fatherís hands
Whose strength we often seek.

As lovely as a blooming rose
Upon a climbing vine
As steady as the heart that beats
Within this breast of mine.

As humble as a beggarís plea
Upon a listening ear
As caring as the one who kindly
Wipes away a tear.

As fragile as a new born colt
Who tries to find his way
As graceful as a stately swan
One fine September day.

As gentle as the rush of wings
Of angels bound in flight
As sacred as the eastern star
That shone one holy night.

As vital as the book of life
Youíll find a refuge there
As precious as the Lamb of God
The celestial wings of prayer.

© Marilyn Ferguson



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