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The Froggy And The Queen

He was a croakin' and knee-deep-in, hopin' it would work 
this time,
But every little "frogette," simply slipped back in the slime.
he looked at his reflection, in the mirror of the pond,
And thought he was nice lookin', of the look which frogs 
were fond.

With nothin' left to guide him, but a green heart filled with 
He gave up on his dreamin', of a love sweet as the rain.
One day he sat a croakin', it was always just the same,
Belchin' out his cry of searchin', even tho' it seemed in vain.

When he saw a lovely maiden, such a beauty, and so 
Not the kind of girl a froggy, ever hoped that he could meet.
She stopped and knelt before him, in her eye he saw a tear,
What had hurt this gorgeous creature? As she knelt down, 
now so near.

There he sat in stunned amazement, as she spoke so soft 
and low,
"There is something little froggy, that I think you need to 
I can see down deep inside you, that you need a single 
To return you to believin', I know just the thing you need.

Off her head she took her golden crown, from her flowing 
locks of hair,
And she crowned him King of her domain, on his head, 
'twas placed with care.
"You always must remember, that I see a King in you,
My crown's a sure reminder, of the things you soon will do."

With her velvet cape upon him, and his new crown's golden 
He began to see more clearly, what he'd needed so to 
When someone loves you deeply, and decides to choose 
just you,
They love you for your dreamin', as a Queen can only do.

So when you are a feelin', like that froggy, all alone,
Remember this true story, and the love a Queen had shown.
She chose this little froggy, and it caused his heart to sing,
As she turned him in an instant, to an honored happy King!

He loved her 'til forever,
Left his mark on history.
'Cause a Queen saw in her wisdom,
All she knew that HE could be.

©Dr. Richard Tate


Cherished Love

I am the receiver of God's blessings,
They gently shower down upon me anew,
Nourishing my soul in Divine Spirit,
Like unto the grass replenished by the dew.

The love of the Father sustains me,
Giving strength when I am weak,
His word builds my spiritual knowledge,
Yet, helps me to remain meek.

Heaven's angels gather 'round me,
Encircling me in a protective shroud,
I join with them in songs of praise,
We lift our voices high unto the clouds.

I turn my eyes to the heavens,
I pray to my dear Lord above,
I kneel in total surrender,
I thank God for His cherished love.

Gayle Davis
©January 4, 2004


All Your Ways

As my heart remembers all your ways,
Streaming in sweet thoughts of you,
It's heavenly to just feel your soul,
How you say I love you too!

Love's everything to dream about you,
I have all your love within,
And my head still spins like a whirlwind,
When you kiss even my chin.

Love's in your eyes when you look at me,
You fill me Oh completely,
No fantasy or illusion's close,
Even when you smile sweetly.

Your love's in all your ways without end,
From way back when we first met,
My heart ever streams sweet thoughts of you,
Because we’re so in love yet.

©Sondra McPherson
January 7, 2004©



Food For Thought

Now here's some food for thought
that most of us were taught...
to remind ourselves each day
of what we know:

that everything we eat,
whether bitter, salt, or sweet,
are what we are
down from our head to toe!

That everything we drink
controls the way we think,
so be careful what we pour into a glass;

and be careful what we eat,
so the people whom we meet,
won't view us as a donkey when we pass!

©William E. Hardison



Throw Away Children

Two little children
Sitting by the side of the road
Barefoot, dirty and cold
Know one seems to care
Raggedy clothes
Sad with tears streaming
Down their little faces
Feeling they have been thrown away 
Like yesterdays piece of trash

Throw away children
Lost and forlorn
Know one to care 
If they have clothes
To keep them safe and warm

Wanting love and protection
From the cruelty of their world
While the two small children
Are wondering how the cruelty
Could possibly continue on

Isn't it sad for us to contemplate
That our throw away children
Have to continue their lives living
In a throw away world

©Donna J. Kramer
Dec. 22, 2003


Power of Love

I know no power more stronger than love
If you take love away, ones life is so blue
It will echo such emptiness without love
Even duribg hard times, love will shine through.

With love your life will have warmth and meaning
As you look back at all the events in the past
You will cherish the moments that you enjoyed so much
And the times you did things in the spirit of love , that's lasts.

If we have love we don't need for anything else
And it matters not what else you have
So search for the love you need in your life
Only then you will really have started to live

Some think love can be bought with money
And some thinks it can grow with power
But you will find that those are so lonely
But simple love grows stronger by the hour.

So look inward to all the love that is inside you
And look for someone who can love , and share 
When you find the one, give from your heart
And enjoy giving to each other with care.



A Battered Child's Prayer

Please Dear God
Keep me safe tonight
Just in case my daddy comes
Home and wants to fight

Please take care of
My mommy too
I don't like seeing her
Beat black and blue

I can't understand why
My daddy is always mad
Even though we're good
He always said we're bad

My mommy works
From morning to night
Just to please daddy
So he won't want to fight

I wish we would leave
And get a new home
But mommy says it's
Too soon to make
It on our own

And mommy always says
Our tomorrows will be brighter
But only if daddy changes
Will our burdens become lighter

So please Dear God
Make everything alright
I would really like to live
To see mornings light

©2003 Andrianna Holt



You Can't Lose By Trusting Jesus

My friend are you burdened,
Is your life full of stress?
Do you long for a way
To get away from all this mess?

Do you have so much to do
That there is no end in sight?
Do you scurry to and fro from daybreak
Until you lay down in bed each night?

Do you long to just sit down
And enjoy a quiet time with our Lord,
Does it seem that taking such a break
Is something that your time will not afford?

Now I don’t want to judge you
Or pretend to know it all,
But perhaps some of the big things you are doing
Are in reality rather small.

Perhaps you’re attempting more
Than God intends for you to do.
Maybe he has someone in mind
That he wants to give some of those jobs to.

I don’t have all the answers
But I serve a God who does.
Instead of worrying and rushing,
Take time to give our Lord a buzz.

Simply ask him to show you
What’s important and what is not.
You may find you’re doing battle
In a war that is for naught.

Let Christ worry about your children’s futures,
Let him provide leadership and give advice.
What you see as doom, gloom and disaster,
With God in control can turn out nice.

I know that God loves you
And he has a plan for your life.
Trust him for today and for tomorrow.
Give to him your stress and strife.

He’ll give you peace and contentment.
He’ll give you the strength you need each day.
You can’t lose by trusting Jesus,
He’s the truth, the life, the way.

©Bob Hefner 10-29-03


Calvary's Tree

Are you weak and heavy laden
Are you cumbered down with care
Does the weight upon your shoulders
Seem like more than you can bear?

Do you struggle with life’s burdens
As you travel on life’s road
Do you tend to bend and buckle
Under such a heavy load?

My friend, just think of Jesus
How He suffered and He died
For our sins and our transgressions
He was whipped and crucified.

Imagine how He stood the pain
It cut right to the bone
The anguish that He must have felt
Up there, so all alone

Each strap that lashed across His back
Brought pain beyond belief
While soldiers laughed and scorned Him
How He prayed for some relief.

A crown of thorns was laid to rest
Upon His weary head
While angry crowds cried crucify
He suffered and He bled.

My friend, just think of Jesus
He was such a wretched sight
They bound Him to a rugged cross
He died without a fight.

The nails were driven through His hands
He moaned in agony
Yet, He would do it all again
He’d give His life for me.

So my friend, just think of Jesus
When you grumble and complain
You’ll see the man on Calvary
The place where He was slain.

That lowly figure on the cross
Will slowly come to life
You’ll see the anguish in His eyes
The torment and the strife

You’ll see the sweat upon His brow
The burdens that He bore
All the things that bring you pain
Won’t matter anymore.

©2003 Marilyn Ferguson


Spring Bride

Young beauty dancing 
in pearls and lace;
where truth and peace 
touch a shining face.

When dusk becomes
the dark of night,
you are a dream
on winged flight.

With twinkle sparkles
and ribbons silk,
your nourishment sates
like mother's milk.

Golden locks
finely unfurl;
satin dreams spiral
through every curl.

Peaches and cream;
soft rose petals melt.
Gentle as raindrops
of tomorrow felt.

Cool as air,
through nature's veins.
The bride is Spring
as winter wanes.

(c) Pamela A. Lamppa
January 2004 (All Rights Reserved)



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