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The mountains raise their heads and feel
the gentleness of Heaven on their brow
They ponder how most sweet it is, unreal,
so distant from the touch of earthly ‘now’

Pure as the pristine snow that lines their breast
for transient sorrows cannot linger here
and so the grandeur rises to the test
To banish every vestige of a tear.

I wandered lonely, once, and could not find
A hint of inspiration on a theme
Until a violet, by a slope inclined
brought fresh and gentle solace to my mind.

For in these hills, immensely hewed from stone
The Lord looked down and sowed a tiny flower
One isolated gem to call His own
A symbol of His majesty and power.

T.Vaughan Jones



Letters of Love

Wrinkled pieces of paper
Many colors did I see
Drawings of our flag, in red, white and blue
The banner of feedom, we American's knew
Some words were large and slanted, as I began to 
read the lines
It started by saying, ''Dear Soldier'', your in my
heart and mind'
The misspell words didn't matter
It was in the meaning of words I seen
Made my lonely heart ache with gladness, as I 
struggle on to read
It said,' May God bless and keep you
Thanks for fighting for us, keeping us safe and free
Gods Angels are watching over you
To keep you safe and strong
Please come home soon, God loves you, so do I 
Your Friend, 
hugs & oxoxoxox 

©Marty Ford


Don't Laugh at Me

I'm God's little miracle, born into a world of sin.
Though life can be cruel, I get by as best I can.
My heart is so tender. My hopes are in you
To tell me who I am, to guide what I'll be.

My load is heavy, not at all like yours.
Though I may falter, don't close the door.
Created like God, a soul, don't you see?
You laugh at Him when you laugh at me.

© 2001 by Joyce C. Lock


Whoso sheddeth man's blood,
by man shall his blood be shed:
for in the image of God made he man.
Genesis 9:6


We are all invited to a magnificent place 
Where peace and love abound,
A place where everyone can go, 
A place far above earth's ground,

This place has already trillions of souls,
It's a Paradise, a Heaven above,
Where God's radiant Light will surround us all 
With His boundless unconditional Love

How wonderful it is to know one day 
All Souls we'll meet once again,
There are no walls, it is a tremendous place, 
We will abide with Him in Heaven.

Isn't it comforting to know what's ahead, 
A place already prepared for us all,
We can imagine now what it might be like
And one day we'll be there, Our Spirit and Soul.

God already has a place for us when 
We move to His Heavenly Plain,
We are all invited, we will all go there, 
When He calls us to come by our name.

We all will go to a magnificent place, 
A place prepared for us now, you know,
Where Peace and Love are eternally 
Heaven's a glorious place, where we'll go.

©Anne R. C. Neale
Jan 22, 2004


Oh Where My Darling Where

I like to take a walk in the quiet of the night,
Especially when the trees are still and the stars are shining bright.

Then is when I can really think of all the things I do.
Good or bad tho come what may, I'm still in love with you.

The moon shines down upon me so very very bright,
As if to say...walk on my child and I will give you light.

If only in that light, I knew that you might be,
I'd walk until I found you, if it took an eternity;

But only in that light I know, I'll never find you there,
I'll keep on wondering where you are. Oh where my darling where.

The light led me to a path, upon a great big hill.
There is where I found you, lying oh so still.

I turned and upward as I looked a voice came from the sky,
It said ''Don't cry my darling. Someday we all must die.''

The heavenly gates were then opened wide,
And I knew that my love had not just died,

But gone on to Glory with Jesus to be,
Soon I would join, my love and be free
From all the loneliness bestowed on me.

©Phyllis Oliver


Winter Muse

We sit before the fire-how warm inside, and sheltered
against the cold,our cozy room,
the crackliing fire-a cheery sound,while outside-
the winter wind howls like the voice of doom.
The brightest stars look down but cannot know
how pale they are beside our firelight glow.
Now under paler sun,the leafless trees;
heavy from night,the winter ice and snow;
make bell like music when springs the morning breeze-
as bare limbs winter dark-move to and fro.
Like harpists touching waiting strings at will-
small chimes replacing summer notes-now still.
Cloistered in the barn,the winter birds;
their sweet small peeps and twittering are heard.
In the garden a cheeky snowshoe hare
lifts his head and tastes the crystal air.
Over on the hill, a herd of deer 
forage in the snow without fear.
Suddenly bright white day dissolves into
twilight shades of soft violet hue--
as quickly glittering stars burst into sight--
heralding another long winter night

Betty C. Daniels



Word by word

Two thoughts unite

Until the ultimate is formed

A perfect body.

© James M. Cannon


Nothing Left To Give

Why did you have to leave?
Why couldn't you stay?
Why are we put here?
What's the meaning of it all?

I have nothing left to give.
Why did you lie to me?
You said you'd never leave.
I'm all alone in this world,
With nothing left to give.

I cry myself to sleep at night,
Trying to see the light.
But darkness overshadows me,
And I try, with all my might,
But I have nothing left to give

©Michele Mucciolo



'Go pick 'em up and set 'em down,
and walk some everyday;
walk to work, walk to town,
but walk wherever may!

Walk, walk, walk, oh how great it feels
to go outside and stride,
and walk away those daily meals
that we just stored inside.

And walk away your troubles too,
and hit the trails today;
and walk, and walk, and walk 'til you
have walked your fears away.

And when you walk, walk down some street
you never walked before,
and look for signs and things to meet...
that walking has in store.

For sights you see come closer then,
not seen from any car;
a smile, a handshake from some friend,
is better to far!

To see the things that comfort brings,
when walking to and fro;
pretty houses, folks in swings,
maybe someone you know!

So, go and walk, and walk, walk, walk,
just walk your life around,
and with you, make this cadence talk,
''pick 'em up and set 'em down, 
and hup to it when you do it!

©William E. Hardison 



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