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Twas The Fight Before Christmas


“Twas the fight before Christmas, and all through the house,

Not a good deed was stirring, and dad was a louse!

Their mother was angry and loaded with care,

‘Cause the gift list was longer than ever this year!

The children were nagging for gifts worth a ton,

And dad was convinced, “Christmas just isn’t fun!”

With mom’s loud complaining and dad mad at all,

They loaded the car for the trip to the mall.

They stopped first at Sears to buy grandma a platter,

At Wards, sis tried jeans that confirmed she was fatter!

They stopped at the bank to pick up some more cash,

And saw their new neighbors with their Christmas stash!

Hearts sank as they saw what their neighbors could spend,

“We’ve got to buy more!” everybody chimed in.

When what to their shopping red eyes should appear,

But a miniature sign that relieved Christmas fear!

Use credit, use VISA, use your Master Card,

Just run up their limits, it’s not very hard!

More rapid than eagles the charges they came,

And they whistled, and shouted, and called them by name.

Now Dillards, now K-Mart, now Price Club and Kinneys,

To Wal-Mart, to Target, we’ll finish at Penny’s!

To the top of the porch, to the top of the mall,

Their packages piled up-they’d out-bought them all!!

As dry leaves that before a wild hurricane fly,

When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky,

So flew away hope of a Christmas of joys,

Not a problem was changed by the gifts or the toys.

And then, in a twinkling, dad knew without doubt,

They needed to know, “What is Christmas about?”

That night in a dream he saw Bethlehem town,

And a babe in a manger with thorns for a crown.

The scene that dad saw, brought the tears like a flood,

Christ’s back was all tarnished where lashes brought blood!

A rugged old cross was his torturous rack,

As He shifted it’s weight to his now bleeding back.

His eyes filled with burdens, ‘twas nothing there merry,

The thorns had no roses-the night became eerie.

His dry thirsty mouth was drawn thin like a bow,

And the beard of His chin was plucked cruelly and slow.

The cross from His back held Him high in His shame,

And the soldiers encircled His death with a game.

He had a kind face, in His eyes none saw hate,

And He shook when they laughed at His horrible fate.

He was dying for me, took my sins as His own,

And I wept when I saw Him, and the love He had shown.

The look in His eye, and the twist of His head,

Soon gave me to know, I had nothing to dread.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to His work,

He took all my sin, and turned with a jerk,

“It is finished!” he said.  Death He willingly chose.

Then, glory to God, from the grave He arose.

Dad sprang from his bed shouting what Christmas gives.

“It’s not all the gifts, but that Jesus now lives!!”

So you’ll hear them exclaim, on their next Christmas night,

Happy Christmas to all, who will keep Christmas right!


©Dr. Richard Tate




© Family Solutions Publishing, 1990



The Great Wait

My mind wanders as I sit and stare,
There’s work to be done, but I don’t care.
I think about the happenings of my life,
Which lead to the reason I’m still not a wife.

“Hand-Maiden of God,” is what the Preacher said,
Oh no, not me, full of doubt and dread.
I cannot live up to this expectation,
I am but ordinary in this crazy nation.

Since that time of declaration in Church,
I’ve spent my life helping those in a lurch.
People; Animals; it didn’t matter,
They were the focus in all of the clatter.

Passion for helping is just who I am,
Not but a sheep, only a lamb.
Trusting God is the way to the truth,
Wising up to the Word; not being a sleuth.

The time is now; the time is for me,
I have helped those in need, all for Thee.
Grant me Lord but my one desire,
A Love of a lifetime, full of passion and fire.

I feel his presence, yet I cannot see,
My Love is out there waiting for me.
I dream of the day our eyes do meet,
The day I am totally swept off my feet.

Sometimes I grow weary instead of strong,
I know what’s right and I know what’s wrong.
Send my Love or take me there,
No more waiting; no more despair.

Time on earth is not that of Yours,
Please synchronize and open the doors.
I will wait upon Your every move,
Praying to You, so my heart I may prove.

©Elizabeth E. McPherson


When Grammy Walks With Me

When Grammy Walks With Me
I love it when Grammy walks with me;
She sees all the things just like I see.
A cloud makes a pirate in the sky
She even shows me the patch on his eye.

We walk real slow, we take our time
If I stop to look, she doesn’t seem to mind.
Grammy always tells me not to worry,
It’s okay, we don’t have to hurry.

So we walk along, I find a shell
Grammy loves the way the ocean smells
I grab my bucket and dig some sand
Build a castle; Grammy even lends a hand.

And when I get done and am ready to go
Grammy still lets me walk real slow
Who knows what treasure we might see
But Grammy says her only treasure 
Is her walk with me.

©Cheri Lee Funk




When you fall down, you cannot stay,
In that spot you can't just lay.
Problems, yes, we've all seen some,
Better days are yet to come.

Trialsome days are sure to be,
Happy times, you too, will see.
You are certain to feel some pain,
Sunshine comes just after rain.

When you fall, down you cannot stay,
Rise and walk, be on your way.
Don't let life get away from you, 
Our days on earth are far too few.

©Shirley Lange


Saint George

For The President George W. Bush
You must have came from heaven. 
An angel you truly are. 
A modern day disciple, 
A blessing from a far. 
The world engulfed with hatred. 
Yet, you are filled with love. 
I know you tote a heavy cross. 
Just like the Man above. 
You've got the world upon your shoulders. 
You've been ridiculed and mocked.
But you've sacrificed all that you can, 
To save God's wandering flock. 
God is proud of you dear George. 
A Saint you have become. 
To all of us who follow Him, 
We know you're His chosen one.
Bless you as you fight for peace
and battle satan's men.
Remember when you're down and out,
Keep your heart focused on Him. 

©Kathy Lynne Gatlin


Say Things

Say things that make me smile
Say things that mean a while
Say the things
that remote the wild,
tame the weary and
calm a child.
Say a prayer for those in need.
Say a powerful prayer for
Let the light shine
from inside- not to cry
yet to breathe
and see the passion
which implies.
Energy and money.

©Christopher Fabbri




Little hands and tiny feet,
shy, and cute, and so petite;
little whimpers, little cries,
darling, little sparkling eyes;
outstretched fingers, wiggling toes;
God, how can you love them so!

Children chase away the gloom,
and sunshine fills most every room;
little mannerisms dear,
laughs of happiness and cheer;
you just can't know the joy of home,
until you have children of your own.

You feel so humble, deep inside,
and have so much parental pride;
you can't describe the joy and pleasure,
God has given with this treasure;
a million couldn't buy the joy,
the happiness, and love, sublime;
they're bundles straight from heaven,
and, Lord, they're really mine.

©Mack McGee




All I ever wanted was to live my dream
of a simple cottage by the seashore,
with that certain woman who loved me
for whom I'd been, for whom I am,
and for whom I'm trying to become
And yet, the fates would have it otherwise,
casting me in the role of the victim of my desires
But I will not succumb to the reality of defeat,
since I have a vision of the future unbounded
by the constraints of conventional logic
For where there is the will to be known,
there is the belief that it will be done 

© dennis j hopkins



Your Enemies Thought You Were Defeated

Dear Lord, I feel your presence
As this day comes to a close,
And the more I think about you
The more the blessings grows.

Thank you for being my Savior
And for giving me faith in you.
You make my life so rich each day
In the many great things you do.

You died on the cross many years ago
And your enemies thought you were defeated,
But three days later you arose from the grave
And Salvations's Plan was completed.

You paid the penalty for all my sin,
And you led me to believe it was true.
Now you are my Savior and Lord,
And I'm eternally grateful to you.

I know I can never repay the debt,
Dear Lord, that I owe to you.
Please help me to never forget
And to always be faithful and true

©Bob Hefner


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