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A Friend 

A friend is one, who’s always there,
Someone that shows they always care,
A person that will stand by you, 
No matter what you’ve had to do.

A friend is one, who’ll help you see,
The person you’re supposed to be,
And when a challenge comes around,
Their hugs will help your heart rebound.

A friend will show you things you’ve missed,
Like presents for your Christmas list,
Or maybe show you ways to grow,
By helping with the things you know.

But as I think about a friend,
This thought I hope to also send,
That friendship should begin with me,
To be the friend that’s there for thee.

I hope we all are guilty of,
Supporting friends we have with love,
And be the friend they need today,
For this, I bow and humbly pray.

©James O’Brien
March 2004



Sound Of Your Voice

The gentleness
The softness
The sweetness
Of your voice

Lingering in my ears
When I am happy
And when I am sad
And so forlorn

Hearing the loving sound
Of gentleness and kindness
Protection and support
In my most times of need

The sweetness of your voice
Giving a feeling of confidence
And a feeling of faith
In ones fellow man

Which surrounds me 
With a marvelous feeling 
Of freedom from danger and fear
Given to me only from hearing
The sound of your voice

©Donna J. Kramer
December 31, 2003


A Crib of Stone

Lying upon a marble slab,
His little body oh, so cold,
What causes him to lie in death,
If only his story could be told.

He is not the first,
Regretfully not the last,
No child can be so bad,
In the short life that is past.

Depend upon another,
For what he ate and wore,
Brutally mistreated,
His tiny body could take no more.

Christ intervenes when,
Parents forget their role,
Mistreating a child of His,
Whose stories can’t be told.

I look upon this innocent baby,
Even in death its beauty shows,
Marred by cruel hands,
The recipient of many hateful blows.

He never stood a chance,
In his short little life,
Filled with such horror,
All he knew was strife.

Oh God, how can anyone,
Mistreat a little child,
They give so much love,
In such a little while.

Precious little babies,
They cannot make it all alone,
Neglect and abuse bring them,
To this slab of marble stone.

©Gayle Davis 


No Doubt

The streets are dark and lonely
My friends all fast asleep
I park my car in shadows
Then I hang my head and weep

Who do I turn to for times such as these
To give me words of comfort
To put my mind at ease
Why do I feel forsaken
Has God's work forgotten mine
I come before him begging
''Please send a little sign''
His plan for me a mystery
Yet I follow every rule
My life I give to others
Yet others can be so cruel
My inner strength has weakened
My spirit slowly wanes
My faith must surely be in tact
For my trust in him remains

I think I hear his message now
I may stumble
I may fall
Any fears or doubts I harbour
Not a reason to recall
Each bridge I'll cross with courage
Greet each new day with a smile
Lift my head towards the skies
For he is with me all the while

©Debbie Stevens



I Think Of All The Times

I think of all the times you’ve held me,
Just so close to have my heart,
For many years it’s been all romance,
And I know we’ll never part.

I think of all the times you’ve kissed me,
Sending lights that flash like stars,
Like heaven belongs only to us,
For the love we share is ours.

I think of all the times we’re alone,
Talking and gazing so much,
It seems we know each other’s thoughts now,
With our hands on each to touch.

I think of all the times of our love,
I know you hear my heart’s call,
When we look at each other we’re one,
We both feel we have it all.

I think of all the times we’ve been joined,
Our sharing of me and you,
Amazing's we live like love’s just ours,
And then believe it's so true.

Sondra McPherson
December 15, 2003©


Just Live It Up

Both women and men are prone to sin,
some do so purposely,
if you're someone who meets this trend,
consider these tips from me:

''That when you sin don't sin so small,
think big, is how you view it;
for on the way you'll surely fall
with either way you do it!

And when you lie, just tell 'em big,
the small ones... never mind,
for the largest, deepest holes you dig,
are same for either kind.

And when you steal, don't waste your time..
just taking little things,
set your sights on larger crime,
either one, jail time brings!

And when you're cheating, don't go for less,
for cost will be the same;
'cause while you lose your nobleness, 
you also mar your name.

So as you live, just live it big, 
whatever reasons be,
for in the end you can't renege
on your life's misery.

And yet, there is another way
to live your life more tall,
and that is brighten everyday...
attempt no sin at all!

Smiling when a frown is due,
or look into some eyes,
and tell the tales that's only true,
and not a pack of lies!

Let tear drops fall in humble care
without a sole pretense,
avoiding pitfalls of despair
by prayerful relent.

Instead of crime, spread peace in kind
with friends, and foes alike,
helping folks is so sublime,
which makes a lasting strike!

And don't ''do in'' your fellow men,
you'll need their help some day'
reach out to them with willing hand,
this bond will work it's way.

So as you live, just live it big...
with all your choices be,
for in the end you can't renege...
on your morality!!

©William E. Hardison 




Here I sit alone, in my little cavern
..a mere crevice in the earth,
..where the warmth of the earth lies.
Here I feel the protection of the Lord.

I see Him in the glimmer of the light it peeks through the slim openings.
Light bringing with it the song of angels the wind whispers through the trees, 
..and hope of everlasting happiness.

In the world with troubles all around
..we go through the motions of life each day, 
and thinking we have arrived at goals.
Alas, our goals are out of reach!!

Not until the earth totally covers us silently,
...and we give up this worthless shell 
.. will we feel the release of trials.
Then, and only then will we reach total bliss.

Our souls will leave this worthless shell,
..and the angels will carry us home live in our Father's home forever more.
No more trials, our ultimate goal satisfied!!! 

© Kentucky_Lady4 


The Gift

Love is a gift of such a tender caress
with dreams and laughter and happiness

Lasting love is made of hopes and sharing
Sometimes its happy and sometimes dispairing.

Love is much patience and much understanding
but its sad if there is to much demanding

Its good when you climb the steep hills together
And have courage to face life's stormy weather.

But nothing on earth can make it depart
When its love that's become part of the heart.

So its just like the tall waves in the sea
Our love will go on throughout eternity.

Because true love lives on forever and a day
And our love will be true and lasting always.

©Annie 1/26/04


One Day at A Time

If just for today, Lord,
I’ll keep my eyes and heart in tune
To Your ever-loving presence.

I’ll walk with You,
Talk with you, and glean
Upon Your every word ...

Be ready to go,
Ready to stay, and bask
In the fullness of Your day.

If just for today, Lord,
I’ll find joy in whatever
Comes my way ...

Give You glory in each situation,
Smell the roses, pat the dog, and
Enjoy the wonder of Your creation.

If just for today, Lord,
I’ll check my thoughts,
Motives, and ways.

I’ll see through Your eyes
All You’d have me to see and
Be all You’d have me to be.

I’ll reach out to my fellow man,
Give others a helping hand,
And let Christ live in me.

~ * ~

The life of a true servant
Can only be lived
“One Day at A Time”.

© by Joyce C. Lock


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