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Another Chance, Lord 

Some time ago I gave up my God,
Oh! Lord what was I thinking.
Taking a life like many others do,
started a life of drinking.

My days were spent sobering up,
Yes, nights were spent in bars.
Now sleeping in a cardboard box
with a heart so full of scars.

Laying here thinking of ones I love,
just how and where they are.
Looking up into the sky and praying,
"Lord, take me where they are."

"Lord, for another chance at my life,
You will then see a better me.
Asking You to lead me home again,
back to You, and my family."

"For Lord, when all this happened,
my life felt at an end.
But now asking with all sincerity,
Lord, take me back again."

©Walt Chapman
3 /9/2004



Some Might Think I'm Old

Some really might think me old… and maybe I would surely be
But in my head I feel all right, and my heart full of jubilee.
My mind races on… thinking of what next, I could possibly do…
Perhaps, if you came with me, on this journey of life, you could too.

Yes, some might possible think me old… but not if they could see
The beating heart that needs excitement… or it cannot be.
Life is a journey to me… and I do not need a lot of rest along the way.
I just need my love to go with me… on to the very last day.

There are exciting things to think on, poems to build, and creeks to cross.
All things pertaining to the heart and sure n suffer no loss.
There’s always a story to tell, another new hill to climb… a new year.
Answering the hearts call… most every time, will fill us with cheer.
I do not say bring back the days of old… I already lived them then…
Just go with me my love… and one sweet day we'll go around the bend.
Time and tide waits for none… so let our hearts flutter even more
As we build a life together the rest of the way... to Gods own shore.

Maybe the body gets old; I do not know for sure, I live inside my heart…
I will always be alive in my spirit, if you will with me, never part.
Let my notions run free… write all things of value… clear and free
Then maybe no one would think me old, but see the free spirit inside 

©Pearlie Walker



The Winds Of Time

Too often many of ones thoughts go up in smoke,
And are taken by a gentle breeze,
And dissipated into air.
A poet can capture these same thoughts,
And put them down on paper,
To save for others who might care.
If not consumed by others,
Or not a paradigm,
They too will be consumed by winds,
At yet a later time.

©Michael Abramson 



I Am

I am a mirrored soul.
Broken glass reflecting
a dance amid the rubble.
I am my dangerous ruin.

I am water flowing.
Glittering endless repetition
across uncertain rivers.
I am my life's blood.

I am shreiks unheard.
Sadness crying at 
crumbled pieces of life failures.
I am my broken mirror.

I am the story.
Spinning ragged tales
from the soul's journey.
I am my temple of doom.

I am reflective.
Shining deep within
lies the mirror of reason.
I am my answer to hope.

©Pamela A. Lamppa
March 2004


Blessed Hope

How vain would be the life I lived,
If all I’d said or done,
Brought hopelessness, and strife to man,
Or shame to God’s own Son.

If not one ray of light did shine,
Within a temple darkened,
By sin and hatred of man-kind,
What voice, will I have hearkened?

There’s blessed Hope in Jesus Christ.
God offered up a plan.
To save a wretched soul like me,
Give life to every man.

You ask what hope have I to see,
Gates of Heaven opened wide?
‘Tis not one thing that I achieved,
Yet I shall be His Bride.

My hope lies deep within God’s Truth,
A promise I hold dear.
His bloodshed was the sacrifice,
In Him, I need not fear.

It was the Cross of Calvary,
Christ’s life, He freely gave.
He took my sin upon Himself,
Which is my hope today.

© 2003 Marie Williams


Wisdom's Key

Behind all the wrinkles and all the gray hair
There lives a lady so wise and so fair.
If you listen to what she has to say
She'll tell you the curve's along life's way
She's been there and back again you see
She has much Wisdom for you and me.
Although now she doesn't remember her name
Don't lose patience, she's not playing game.
Tomorrow she'll regain her memory
And tell you in part her life's story.

She'll tell you I'm sure just what it takes
To make it through and that it makes 
A difference just how you live,
By loving and caring, and how you give
Advice when asked and silence when not,
And that's how her Wisdom she got.

She kept ''God as her guide''
And stayed ''Close by His side''
Every day she listened for His voice,
So she could always make the right choice.
She never had ''The generation gap''
She loved and help little ones on her lap.

And as her life slowly faded away,
'She knew ''With Jesus'' she'd forever stay
She left a lot of love here behind,
So ''Wisdom's Key'' everyone could find.

©Luanna G. Bolinger-Brabant 
Greeting Cards/Plus #5235

Luanna  G. Bolinger-Brabant 

I Can See

In these changing times
(Of blasphemy, lust, and greed)
The Lord said, ''Be still and
Keep silent, and you shall see.''

Like the wandering Jew's
In the desert, you were lost.
Just for you, I paid the cost.

Your priorities were
Never set upon me.
I died and, for you,
I paid the ransom, and
Accepted the penalty.

I sat in silence and listened,
And became perfectly still.
Only then could I open my mind,
Heart, spirit, and feel
God's warmth, love,
Wisdom, and His free will.

Sometimes, Jesus asks us
To do things we can't accept.
He shows us that our time
Given to Him wasn't well spent.

Letting go of uncertainties,
I felt a cool refreshing calm.
For, only then, I was immersed
In Jesus' hand and righteous palm.

At last my spirit was
Cleansed and refreshed.
Forever, I will be
Eternally blessed.

Silence is golden and it
Renewed my inner being.
With eyes wide open,
I accept His gratitude.

© 2004 by Nancy Hoback



My Daughter Walks With Jesus

The doctor’s voice was heavy
His words chilled to the bone
Your little girl won’t last the day
Tonight, you’ll be alone. 

I hurried to her bedside 
Her body pale and weak
She told me that she loved me
I kissed her tiny cheek.

My child was quickly fading
I held her trembling hand
She said, “you mustn’t cry for me
Someday you’ll understand.

Today, I dreamt of angels
Who carried me away
To the holy land of Jesus
God talked to me today.''

I held her, oh, so gently
She slowly passed away
My tears continued falling
On her gown that dreadful day. 

For years, I nursed my anger
Consumed by endless grief
I even hoped that I might die
To bring about relief.

In a lonely cemetery 
By her grave, one wintry day
I was sadly placing flowers
And felt the urge to pray.

As I knelt beside her gravesite
I felt a breath of spring
The sky lit up with angels
What comfort it did bring.

A voice broke through the silence
It brought about release
My little daughter spoke to me
My soul was filled with peace.

Her words were sweet as honey
She said, “I didn’t die
For now, I live with Jesus
So, Mommy please don’t cry.”

My daughter dwells in heaven
Of that, I can be sure
For today she walks with Jesus
He’s taking care of her. 

©Marilyn Ferguson 



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