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Your Gift From God

God gave you a talent when you were born,
Are you using your gift given by Him?
Are you unaware what your gift might be
Or are you wasting it, which is a sin?

God gave you a gift to use to help others,
Have you figured out what He gave you?
Everyone has a God given gift,
I hope you are using yours too.

Everyone is given a different gift
So that we all can help one another,
Are you unemployed, not using your gift,
To help mankind your '' sisters and brothers''?

The world is like a great big family
With everyone living in it too,
If everyone helped each other you see
What a wonderful world it would be for me and for you,

God gave you a gift when you were born,
Everyone has a gift given by He,
Use your talent, your God given gift,
It is not to late to do so, you see.

Be employed in using God's gift,
Don't let it just sit in your mind,
God helps those who help themselves too,
Peace and contentment you will then find

God gave you a talent when you were born,
Are you using your gift given by Him?
There are so many things He gives to each one of us,
I hope you are using your gift, it's from Him. 

© Anne R. C. Neale
 Jan 26, 2004


 A Peaceful Walk

There's a little path
Going down in the field,
It leads into the forest
Which offers it a shield. 

The path will fade
As the leaves take over
The stillness there,
Is like none other. 

The silence of the trees
The stillness of the air
The nature all around
Is what God sent us to share! 

A little farther down the way,
Is a parting, and a little brook
Where water flows so gently
Figures dance in it, if you only look. 

Then staring at the trees so tall
You see the sun glimmer down
Through limbs and branches
---touching down to the ground. 

The walk in the woods
Has turned into a peaceful time
That leads you to see
God's loving sign,
His creation!! 

© Kentucky_Lady4 


The Thought Of You

Just the thought of you takes my breath,
Oh I still see your smile,
And know of two who’s love had depth,
It was for quite awhile.

Have you ever remembered me,
Our love was all so new,
My heart belonged to you to be,
Just yours without end true.

I’ve wondered who was in your mind,
Is your heart ever sad,
Just knowing you’ll not again find,
The one true love you had.

Have you seen my face in your heart,
My smile lingering there,
We weren’t meant to be apart,
But you strayed everywhere.

I still have just one thought of you,
That's my love thrown away,
And I feel such loss for you too,
For you lost me that day.

Are you glad we're not side by side,
There’ll ne’er be us again,
True love like ours was to abide,
Have you e’er felt the pain?

©Sondra McPherson
February 20, 2003©


Circles of Life

The beginning of the circle
A precious new life
A gift given by our God above
In the circles of our lives
In many of the paths
Do you wander far and wide
Making your dreams a reality
Or searching for your guest in life
A journey that we all will seek
In the paths of our lives
Changing paths of the circle
The symbol, of a ring
Vows exchange, in faith and love
A golden band, joined together, as one
Once again, the circles changes
New paths, New hope
And a journey into wonderment
A new beginning, making new dreams

©Marty Ford


The Man on Your Throne

People are everywhere,
Yet walk alone, it seems.

God wants to love you
In ways you've never dreamed.

He'll go with you, protect you,
And call you His own.

Let God be your husband,
The man on your throne.

© by Joyce C. Lock

For thy Maker is thine husband;
the Lord of hosts is his name;
and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel;
The God of the whole earth shall he be called.
Isaiah 54:5


Oh Lord, How Much You Loved Me!

I am so unworthy,
Of the dear price you paid,
The most precious of gifts,
At the cross, my Christ laid.

The burdens of the World,
Took the blood from your brow,
They deny you sweet Lord,
I do thus wonder how.

The sins of the many,
Cost the ultimate price,
You gave for them your all,
Yet they deny my Christ.

I love you my heavenly Father,
You mean the world to me,
I am grateful beloved Jesus,
My heart belongs to Thee .

I will not turn my back upon,
The One that has set me free,
Forever I will love you Lord,
While praying others will see.

©Gayle Davis
February 19, 2004 


Canoeing The Spoon

Deep within Illinois’ Fulton County
a lone man, smoothly canoes
the gently flowing Spoon River
Wolves, bison, black bears,
cougars, and bobcats are known
to frequent the Basin.
Splicing along ever so quietly,
a lone elk majestically
laps up its fill of river water.
Alongside, huge catfish hide
in deep muddy crevice,
near the Bernadotte Dam.
Up and down the banks
the spruces and hickories
have shed their summer foliage.
Beside my green and orange canoe
several otters playfully chase each other,
darting up and down, round and around. 
Up ahead on the Aztec Bridge a tiny kitten
prances around gently pawing the falling snow
at the feet of a beautiful lady.
As I close in on the bridge I can clearly see
florescent carnations on her sweater
and the most darling midnight brown eyes.
She stands there admiring the canoe
and snowflakes spiraling to her feet.
a slow smile captures her rosy lips.
A purplish tint in the evening sky
provides a beautiful serene backdrop
as the tiny canoe continues down the river.
A romantic oriental lavender mist surrounds.

© James M. Cannon


In Silence

When you feel as if your world is falling around you
and all your prayers are not seeing you through
Just say more prayer for someone else
Who may need them a lot more than you.

We dont' know how many hearts are breaking
And who is crying in the silence of the night
So maybe the extra prayer you whisper
May help someone else to see the light.

Every time you pray and help others
With some extra prayer or two
You are making yourself extra blessings
Which will always come back to you

So when you are sad and lonely
Just say prayers to the one above
And He will send you peace
With many blessings of his love.

©Annie 2/04




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