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Time Goes By

Time goes by.
Life in my sight.
I view what I want to do,
I go into the future, too.
Art is all I see.
Seeing it, I wonder. I think.
Like a written word.
Like a poem in turns.
My mood as being an adult.
My tune as seeing the snow melt.
The heart in my chest.
The world of love,
we are apart. When we are, I'm
always written out.
I'm playing my thoughts out.
Written out.
Yet the love I've got for us to
stay together remains honest
and strong. Nothing goes wrong.

©Christopher Fabbri



Love Goddess

Aphrodite, pure and fair, 
goddess of love and beauty;
born from churning sea foam.
Cronus did his duty.

Carried to Hephaestus in Cyprus,
the marriage it was tragic.
Lavished in a girdle of gold
none could resist her magic.

She loved gaiety and glamour.
Foam-born from a restless sea.
Her spirit needing freedom,
found suiters at her knee.

Forced in the hand of marriage.
Aphrodite took to heart;
mortal men and gods as lovers,
young Adonis played the part.

Accompanied by the Graces
with pomegranate and lime,
with swan and dove and dolphin,
deliver love throughout all time.

(c) Pamela A. Lamppa
January 2004 (All Rights Reserved) 


In My Heart

I have dusted all the tables, 
the fingerprints are no more 
I have swept up all the cookies 
that crumbled on the floor 

I have picked up all the toys 
that lay scattered all around 
I threw away the bottles 
in the cupboard I had found 

Though everything is put back 
into its proper place 
I know something is missing 
I can still see a trace 

All of you have left again and 
headed back on home 
This house is so quiet now and 
I am all alone 

But if I sit real quiet like 
I can hear the sounds 
Of giggles, little voices and laughter 
all around 

As I stand and watch, 
your car drives away 
There are so many things I 
wanted to say 

Like Ninny will miss you and loves 
you oh so much 
Please drive careful, take your time, 
don't be in a rush 

The words start to tumble out 
but you aren't able to hear 
The last little things I wanted to say, 
and to whisper in your ears 

So I put these words on paper 
and send them off to you 
Don't ever forget them for what 
they say is true 

Though the distance between us 
is so very far apart 
Just remember you are always here 
right inside my heart. 

©Cheri Lee Funk




Beneath the snow, the earth stirs and warms-
and nudges the sleeping nestlings in her arms,
and whispers to the Crocus-''My brave little one,
look out and see if there's a springtime sun''
And Crocus thrusts her head up and cries-
''It's there-it's here! I see it with my eyes!-
Arousing gentle Jonquil, who murmurs with a smile,
''Go on out and play then, 'I'll be there in a while.''
Waking golden Daffodil; who  starts up in surprise-
''No time to sleep now, children-it's spring,
it's time to rise!''
In turn, bold, bright Tulip, exclaiming with a shock-
''It's spring! I best be donning my new spring frock!''
now dowager Iris, mumbling in her sleep--
''I need my beauty rest-can't all this bustle keep?''
Above-the snow begins to melt, the birds commence to sing-
hailing Crocus-the Herald-the harbinger of spring.
Soon the earth explodes in varied shades 
of green, while myriads of pastel blooms-burst on the scene.
Flowery fragrances fill the balmy air--
The magic of Spring is here-it's everywhere!

©Betty C. Daniels


When We Stand On The Streets Of Gold

Thereís coming a day not to far away
We will be leaving this world behind,
And meet at them pearly white gates
Thatís waiting for us down the line.

We will walk on the streets of gold there
We will have no more worries or fear,
Because Jesus, our Lord and our Savior
Will be waiting for us to get there.

We wonít have to worry about suffering
Or tears in our eyes anymore,
All heartaches of life will be over
When we land on that beautiful shore.

The angels will welcome us freely
And singing the new songs of praise,
There we will spend all eternity
Forever the rest of our days.

©Ann Hart 

March 14th 2004
 For Jesus, and
Dedicated to Christine my sis in Austria




Happiness has no weight
and it has no measure.
It canít be bought,
and it canít be loaned;
it canít be borrowed,
it doesnít resist calculus,
because itís not material,
by the material standards of our world.
It can be only legitimate.
False happiness is not real happiness,
itís only illusion.

If I knew how to make calculations
for measuring feelings,
I would say that happiness could have size.
It could be great, small,
fitting in the palm of my hand,
or being as large as the world.
Happiness is wisdom, hope,
wanting to go,
wanting to stay,
present, past, future.

Happiness is confidence:
faith and belief, work and action.
We canít be hasty about being happy,
because happiness comes slowly,
as one who cares for nothing.

To be happy doesnít depend on money,
it doesnít depend on health, nor power.
Happiness isnít ostentation, nor luxury.
Happiness is the unfastening.
It isnít ambition.

Weíre happy only when we know how to care,
and how to lose,
to suffer and to pardon.
Happiness is only possible,
when we know, over all, how to love,
when we know how to live a loving life.

©Wanderlino Arruda



God Our Breath Of Life

God gave us a breath of life so we could live here on 
He gave His only son to die so we could have rebirth. 

He watches over our children and helps us to teach them 
His word. 
Without our guidance His words would be unheard. 

Whenever we are troubled He is right there by our side. 
He tells us to put our faith in Him and He will be our 

He does so many things for us each and every day. 
Sometimes we lose sight of this somewhere along lifes 

We should count our blessings and thank Him in our
Let Him know we love Him and show Him that we care. 

I'm so very thankful that God is here with me. 
He opened up a whole new world and filled my heart 
with glee.

©Peggy Ann Hardy


Breath Of Life

Sweet is the breath that shall flow
across your face,
Gracing the world with its presence,
as delicate as lace.

A tiny miracle perfectly 
forming from within,
Healthy and happy and,
free from sin.

Growing inside the
womb of love,
A babe as free as
a soaring dove.

Beauty and innocence shall
rest upon your heart,
A new beginning for all,
a new life to start.

A precious baby boy 
or girl on its way,
To bring love and joy within
the arms it does lay.

Blessings go forth unto
this unborn child,
The gift of life so
tender and mild.

©Elizabeth E. McPherson
February 4, 2002



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