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The Passion Of Christ 

Our precious Lord was crucified
That gray and stormy day
They hung him high upon a cross
His prayer they heard him say.
''Forgive them Father for they know not
What they do to me''

The blood dripped down his precious face
For everyone to see.
Jesus, Gods one and only son
Who gave his life for me
He is unique, one of a kind
My Savior he'll always be

The horror of that fateful day
So many years ago
When they crucified my Jesus
As all God's children know.

Nailed our Lord upon a cross
A spear sliced in his side
Bolts driven in his feet and hands
As his Mother knelt and cried.

A crown of thorns on his head
Blood covered his precious brow
He cried to Heaven as thunder roared
''Father why forsake me now''?

He gave his life for you and me
The least that we can do
Is live our life for Jesus
Let him know we love him too.

©Ginny Bryant



If I Give You My Son
A Song

If I give you My Son...
Will you treat Him well?
Will you honor His Name...
And heed what He’ll tell?

Will you remember to thank,
For the wonders He’ll do?
Will you love Him if I....
Give My Son to you?

If I give you My Son...
Will you see that He’s warm?
Will you shelter Him here
And keep Him from harm?

When He’s weary and worn
From the deeds that He’s done,
Will you pillow His head
At the setting of sun?

If I give you My Son...
Will you walk hand in hand?
And will you live your life
The way He’ll understand?

Oh, will you be a friend 
That is trustworthy - true?
Will you love Him if I...
Give My Son to you?

If I give you My Son
Will you lift Him up high?
Will you bring Him no shame,
Never cause Him to cry?

Will you live on in peace
Praising Him as if one?
Will you love Him if I....
Give you My only Son?....

Will you love Him if I....

Give you My...only...Son?....
©Joan Clifford Costner



My Dear Departed Friends

My dear departed friends, 
I miss you one and all. 
At sundown when my day ends, 
It seems I hear you call, 
“Come and join us in a place,” 
“Where tears will never flow!” 
“‘Tis here the saved by grace,” 
“All the joys of Heaven know!” 
Oh Friends, please look for me, 
For I’m still on my way! 
Soon your precious faces I’ll see, 
In that Land of Endless Day! 
There will be no parting there, 
And no dying on that shore! 
We’ll be free from toil and care, 
And live on forevermore! 

©Robert F. Dotson © 2004




Sitting in your Presence

Sitting in Your presence
Resting in Your peace
Refreshing my spirit
Living waters never cease.

You speak comfort to my heart
If heaviness abounds.
Giving joy without measure
Endless love in You I found.

In every situation
Be it great or small 
I know I’ll find compassion;
Understanding, above all.

Loving Father, God, and friend,
You are everything to me.
Sitting in Your presence
Forever I shall be.

© 2004 Marie Williams



Baggy Pants

My kids are great if you ask me
though they have their moments I confess
They are perfect in every way
except with how they dress

Take my son for instance
style is not a thing for him
clothes don’t have to fit right
just meet around his rim

My son forgot to measure himself
when he bought his new pants
they’re big enough for all of us
the dogs, cats, and ants

But he's cool, just ask him
that's the way they should be
baggy pants and shirts
they both meet at the knee

I offered to let him wear 
a pair of his dad's blue jeans
they ought to be baggy enough
I'm sure that's what it means

He set me straight and told me how it is
said you have to buy them just that way.
Don't know if I'll ever like them
but they seem to make his day

No he’s not perfect
and he does have his flaws
but baggy pants is better
than learning to break the laws

I just hope he grows out of them
or grows to fill their size
surely by the time he is thirty
baggy pants won’t seem too wise

But baggy clothes and all
he's one great son to me
because doing what is right
is his goal and destiny

He said ''I love you Mom'' 
even though my pants are big
And when the style changes
I'll dance another jig

©Charles W. Hill


Hide and Seek

I lie beneath this table now,
Like a child playing hide and seek,
My eyes are covered so I can’t peek,
I’m trying not to move,
And I’m trying not to laugh,
And surely not to speak.
I know no one will find me here,
Because I’m very good at this,
And even though they’re very near,
I’m sure that me they’ll miss.

There’s just one thing that I forgot,
As those looking for me pass,
But about it I will bother not,
It’s that this table’s made of glass.

©Michael Abramson



Once Is Too Many

I'm so all alone, now that you're gone,
I feel down-trodden and low,
so please hurry back for me to retract
the words that wounded you so.

I now relize how hurt can arise,
when some words are mis-construed;
I made a demand that I now understand..
should not have been placed on you.

I know I was rude because of a feud,
but I promise I'll work to change,
and try not to blurt ills words that can hurt,
that start these heart-aching pains!

So, return to me and then you will see-
it's true I mean what I say.
For after this, it's nothing but bliss,
Because I can't go on this way!

And we can restore our love to the core,
with this our love will entwine;
and I vow to you I will always be true,
and love you with heart and mind!

©William E. Hardison



Keeper Of The Stars

Who is the keeper of the stars
Who puts the stars out at night
And who brings the stars in
Someone must make them shine
And someone must make them dim

Maybe it is the little babies
That God has taken home
Or maybe our loving families
Who are in heaven looking down

Possibly it could be our friends
We have lost along the way
Or it maybe God's angels
To lead us on our way

Perhaps it is a gift from God
To our families and our friends
So they can show us all
With every little twinkle

Just how much we are cherished
And how very much we are loved

©Donna J. Kramer




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