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Say it once 
Say it twice.
Pretty soon
it sounds quite nice.

Say it three times
say if four.
Pretty soon 
its not a chore.

Say it five times
say it six.
Pretty soon
the lying sticks.

Say it seven
and again makes eight.
Pretty soon
it seems like fate.

Say it nine times
say it ten.
Pretty soon
its where you've been.

© Pamela A. Lamppa
January 2004 (All Rights Reserved)


There Are Days

There are days that are dark and dreary with the rain,
There are days that are hard to live with with constant pain,
There are days where the sunshine brings much joy,
There are days that are so beautiful, a Thank you to Him I employ.

There are days where fatigue saps your inner soul,
There are days where energy rises from within,
There are days where much happiness prevails,
There are days where you feel like you were hit on the chin.

There are days of the Present that you live hour by hour,
You never know what each day to you will bring,
Accept whatever comes and live each day to the fullest,
The day is yours to live, and given to you by the Almighty King.

 ©Anne R. C. Neale.
Feb. 3, 2004



Sewn With Love

My first quilt sewn with love
Was a marvelous adventure
Large beautiful pink roses
With lovely variegated green leaves

Made with a multitude of love
In each and every little stitch
Combined with colors of pleasure
To brighten and bring great joy

Made to cover someone you love
Surrounding them with gentle warmth
Giving the feeling of being cuddled
And protected by each and every stitch

That was sewn by all my love

A future wish is to give my quilt
To someone special
When the good Lord takes me home
For I know my loved one will realize

Each time they cuddle with my quilt
The quilt was sewn with all my love

©Donna J. Kramer
Feb 7, 2004


''Say What!''
There's no such thing as ''future'',
as calendars relate;
and the ''past'' is just a memory
of our ever ''present'' state.

For all our conscious living...
is the here and now we see,
and no matter how you view it...
won't change these facts that be.

So, don't plan for ''tomorrow''
what you can do ''today'',
for it may bring you sorrow,
and rewards will never pay.

Because, ''today'' is not ''tomorrow''
as you viewed it ''yesterday'',
and mistakenly the ''future''...
if you look at it that way!

For ''today'' is now the ''present'',
since ''yesterday'' has passed;
proves ''tomorrow'' never comes,
that ''today'' is always cast!

So, ever this remember:
that the ''future'' and the ''past'',
''yesterday'', ''tomorrow''.....
are ''todays'' in which we grasp!

©William E. Hardison 



I Could See Forever

As I looked up at the clouds
Over top of the mountain and towards the sea
I felt I could almost see my love , up there
Just smiling and looking back at me.

The creator put beauty in all the world
Just for everyone and you and me
As I was looking uo through the clouds
It was as if I could see eternity.

It brings saddness into my heart
That my love is waiting for me up there
As I watch the setting of the sun
I kneel down and send up a prayer.

I look around in awe of all these things
Creator has made in this country side
Its such beauty all around me
It swells my heart with such pride.

I look at the rainbow up in the sky
And as the wind blows the fields of corn all around me
I feel close to my love here , sitting on the earth
And I thank my Creator for giving my love to me.

©Annie 2/16/04


His Lovely Lacy Things

Godís granted beauty to behold our eyes,
Theyíre His lovely lacy things.
Joyfulness does hail the Lordís creations,
With every love touch He brings.

Vibrant beauties tinged with rich lace edgings,
His masterpieces are fine,
The elegance of grandeur is His touch,
God is ever so Divine.

Greet loveliness and herald all day long,
For all the Lordís splendor sounds,
Giving existence thatís new just for us,
His Loving Hand also crowns.

Creations bow before God in honor,
And worship their esteemed King,
His lovely lacy things watch to behold,
And grasp Him with joys they sing.

©Sondra McPherson


The Clear Road

When your soul feels sadden
And there's nowhere to run
Lift your eyes to the Heavens
Unflowing the silent words
Feelings and emotions, buried so deep
Bringing pain and heartaches
Unsure of all your needs
Many fears, you hold silent
You struggle to cross the road
Darken shadows lingers
On paths, of the unknown
Reach out, open up your heart
Look to the light, receive the Lord
Rejoice in all his blessings
His love is everlasting
He gave his life for his Children
A love, so precious and true
Your paths becomes lighter
Your road, will be renew
©Marty Ford


Dance By The Sea

My little child so small and free 
how happy you look as you dance by the sea. 
I want all your days to be filled with fun 
as you frolic and play in the sand and the sun. 
My little child so small and free 
how happy and carefree you are by the sea. 
I want you to have the most beautiful life 
the respect you deserve and never any strife. 

My little child so small and free 
how happy you are when we stay by the sea. 
May all your days be nothing but fun 
as you chase the waves and play in the sun. 

My little child so small and free 
I know one day you will have to leave me. 
But I also know our time will come 
when we'll play by the sea with your own little one. 

©Cheri Lee Funk 2001-2003 





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