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You Must Love Me

He loves us all
You must love me dearly
to give up Your life
To be tortured and killed
an immaculate price
They beat You and hurt You
Yet You forgave all
You carried Your cross
Standing so proud and tall
You must love me alot
Am I worth all the pain?
that Your blood was shed
and I'm forgiven again?
Lord let me repay You
Make me a fisher of men
I'll reel in lost souls
and You cleanse their sins

©Kathy Gatlin


A Walk In The Woods

In the early morning when the sun rays first come
Filtering through the trees in the early sun,
I walk with my dog though the wooded trail,
And I hear the robins call, they never fail.

The fresh tracks of the deer can be easily seen,
The new spring shoots are an emerald green,
The poison ivy can be seen twisting around the trees,
Like rooted ropes , they cause much misery.

The little brook gurgles as it travels along
Snaking through the ground with its tinkling song,
And heard up above are the honking of geese,
Flying in the morning sky with grace and with ease.

The stillness and serenity of the early morning walk
Is so peaceful, you don't hear anyone at all talk,
The crisp air is invigorating as I walk in the early morn,
With Mother Nature and Spencer, my dog, as we travel along.

©Anne R.C. Neale
April l9, 2004


Magical magician,
wizard walk of life;
comparable physician
who ponders on his strife.

Beard of snow white pearl
cold wisdom flowing true,
its billow and its curl
can never misconstrue.

Passion plays abounding
through wisdom born of age;
the victory horn resounding,
another struggle turns the page.

Task at hand he's hunted
by demons from afar.
He holds his staff now blunted
from battles deemed bizarre.

Magic echo calling
from the moment of his sin
another heart comes crawling
from the conflict deep within.

©Pamela A. Lamppa



Thoughts From Within

Sometimes I’d like to be inside a woman’s body,
Not forever, but perhaps for just a day.
When there I’d listen carefully,
To what other people say.
I could better empathize and analyze,
And find true meaning in the words she’s hearing,
So I’d not make the same mistakes,
By saying ones she’s fearing.
I want to look out from her body, through her eyes,
And experience all the cruelties heaped upon her,
The inequities, the lies.
I guess you think my being there seems a bit absurd,
But not to me,
For I know I’ll find those many meanings,
Expressed by others in each action and each word.
Having been there,
I could see and hear and learn so many things,
And then could give a woman,
That which she should only have,
From princes, and from kings.

©Michael Abramson



The Time Is Now

Oh, Lord my soul is weary,
I look around me and see,
Moral values are sinking,
What reasoning can it be?

Hearts are so full of self-fulfillment,
Mouths are spewing hate not love,
Jesus’ name suddenly we forbid,
Sacrilege hurled at the God above.

Insults are just a normal way of life,
Crime is more rampant than ever,
Blind eyes turned to immoral behavior,
Things akin to Christ we sever.

The time has come for us to kneel,
Pour out our hearts in sincerity,
Call out to the Father on high,
In prayers filled with loving intensity.

Forgiveness for the way we live,
Refilling of God’s wonderful spirit,
It is all there for the asking,
Christ’s love for us is inherent.

©Gayle Davis
March 7, 2004


I Remember The Time

I remember the time 
it seems just yesterday
a romantic night
and I had something to say

We took a drive 
and not too far
to see the lights
while sitting in the car

My heart was twirling
I was excited on that night
I wanted to ask you something
and to say it with words just right

I looked at you dear
remembering the times we’ve had
you are so special to me
and that night I was so glad

Then I said them
the words I’ve been wanting to say
will you marry me
and forever make my day

You have my love and all of me 
I give you my life
I would be so proud forever
if you would be my wife

Thank you for your answer
I just knew that you’d say yes
And now we love together
and ask the Lord to bless!

©Charles W. Hill


Anthology Of Jesus

Many people believed in Jesus right from the 
very start. Others only ridiculed Him and
refused to open their hearts.
He preached to many people all across the 
land. He made the lame walk again just by
holding out His hand.

Jesus walked on water and made the blind see 
once again. He was their Savior, and a fisher
of all men.

One day God told Him that it was time for 
Him to part. God knew that by His Son's 
spilled blood, we could cleanse our sin 
filled hearts.

They hung His body on the cross and laid 
thorns upon His head, Mary stood there 
watching as they pronounced her son, dead.

God raised Jesus from the dead so he could
be eternally by His side. By doing this, He
is now known, by nations far and wide.

© Peggy Ann Hardy



She comes at night. At dark blue night
When you can't sleep, can't think, can't dream.
When you're alone she steals your heart.
She makes it break, then does it mean.

She's like a tender guitar song.
We're drown indeed: she's like a sea.
She makes us lose the thoughts and soul.
She has to come and then to flee.

She goes away and doesn't warn.
She wouldn't say what happens next.
She goes away...You stay alone
And feeling emptiness in breast.

©Nuray Imm 



Dancers moving in the light, 
Tuesday night is clogging night.

Music starts, watch their feet,
Taps are tapping to the beat.

Fancy Double, Crabby Chain Vine, 
All their movements are right on time.

They are having so much fun,
They all seem to move as one.

Rocky Top or Cotton Eyed Joe,
Everyone knows which way to go.

They take a break to catch their breath,
Taps are still tapping, they don’t rest.

When break is over and they start a new dance,
Your toes will be tapping if you give them a chance.

I can sit for hours and watch their feet,
As their taps are tapping to a lively beat.

So come along and join the fun,
We are glad to have everyone.

©Sherrell Hadden
Feb. 12, ‘02


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