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Come To Me Now

I hear soft whispers in the cool breeze,
And their swishings air you love me,
While my longing heart cries out Oh please,
Come to me now and we will be.

I hear soft whispers in the sun's light,
How they warm me with your presence,
I feel you so close I'll hold you tight,
Come to me now, my existence.

I hear soft whispers while the rain falls,
They sprinkle o'er me completely,
My heart leaps as breathing seems to pause,
Come to me now e'er so sweetly.

I hear soft whispers on a clear night,
You're gentle so true you need me,
As you look at stars to see my light,
Come to me now, I'm yours you'll see.

I hear soft whispers all around me,
And I feel you're near me somewhere,
Your heart and mine will rightfully be,
Come to me now God's our prayer.

©Sondra McPherson
April 5, 2004

Experiences Infinitude

The encounter of dreams and tenderness.
Yes, they are short and fortuitous meetings,
but always dreams, always tenderness.
I don’t know where they start
and when they end,
because they are ideal and unimaginable.
A multitude of lives lived,
similarity, identity,
skies of blue and lilac,
afternoons of a thousand thoughts
and magical joys.

The line of the clear horizon
illuminates as a live wire does,
it exists, tenuous and magical,
separated in tones over tones
each time purer.
I hear splendorous shades of light
with a smell of child love,
ripe and ingenuous:
velvet-silk, honey-fruit,
sweetly and softly bitter tasting.
Destiny travels lightly
with tingles of dawn
or golden twilights.

Delicious in feeling existences,
playful images,
discerning images of love.

©Arrud Wanderlino



I Need A Friend
I thought I knew the answers
to the questions life throws at me
I thought I had the wisdom
to make choices of what ought to be
I thought I had a strong grip
on what is right and wrong
I thought I could make it
as I live my life and go along
I thought I could always know
just what is really meant for me
I thought I needed no one else
to help shape my destiny
I thought I did not need
anyone to give me their advice
I thought I can make it on my own
that everything would turn out nice
I thought wrong!  I need a friend.
©2003 Charles W. Hill



Finding It All

We search to win life's battles,
To climb Mount Everest;
To give our best in all we do
And let God do all the rest.

We learn of power, strength, and might`
Searching for victory;
Determining to not give up the fight,
As it maps our destiny.

We search to be more Christ-like
In all we say and do
And to reach out to help others
By using the Master's tools.

We find, to overcome Satan
And the storms that rage within,
When sea monsters come to shore,
We can always run to Him.

We search for happiness
(Of a lasting kind)
And know that, even through trials,
Pure joy we can always find.

We search for Heaven's treasures.
We fight the roaring sea
We search for Peace, Hope and Love`
And find it all in Thee.

© by Joyce C. Lock


The Shifting Sands
The waters gently wash o’er me,
Forever taking me out to sea,
With each receding of the tide,
There becomes less of me.
Names written in the grains,
Castles built in great array,
They stand only briefly in time,
For the sea washes them away.
Foot prints left by racing children,
Along the edge of the shore,
Are carried out to the deep waters,
Their imprints remain no more.
Lovers slowly walking along,
Swing loosely clasp hands,
Leave their mark briefly,
Making mosaic patterns in the sands.
Nothing is etched in permanence,
Upon the sands near the sea,
They are simply images in time,
Momentarily placed before they flee.
Gayle Davis
June 30, 2003©



Little Girl's Goodnight Prayer

Here I am Lord
To say my good-night prayer
I brought my friends
My dolls and teddy bear

You promised me you answer prayer
When ever we come to you
So here we are Lord
Me, my dolly and my teddy bear

We thought we'd pray for peace
So the world would stay healthy and strong
And all the people in the world
Would start to get along

We want to pray for Mommy and Daddy
My baby brother and little sister too
And if you have some extra time
Please take care of us too

I know we've asked for and awful lot
And we didn't thank you
For the wonderful things you do
So thank you for loving us

But most of all letting us love you
For without your loving care
We just don't know what we would do
Goodnight Lord and thank you

Donna J. Kramer
April 23, 2004©


New Song


A new song, you have given me.

Your joy has filled my soul.

It lifts me higher day by day.

Sweet music you've bestowed.


I sense your presence as I rise,

And know that You are near.

When I call upon Your name,

Your song of love I hear.


My voice shall rise in one accord,

To join angelic choirs.

Praise Your Holy name on earth,

Is my one desire.


Give glory, honor, to Your name;

Worship You in song.

None other is deserving, Lord.

My all, to You belongs.


When the evening shadows fall,

Before I drift to sleep,

Glorious melodies resound,

A new song, O so sweet.


Holy, Holy, Lamb of God,

My song, shall rise to thee.

Wondrous Savior, King of kings

For all eternity.


© 2004 Marie Williams







A Summer Song


It's a song I sing in summer,
for the heat is so severe;
the same old line in winter time,

With wishing summer here.


It's the same old tune of many,
I suppose I'm worst of all;

for through the heat it's cold I seek,

or yearn for spring or fall!

I guess I'm self divided,
and can't make up my mind;
but God provides and takes all sides,
a choice for all mankind.

It's just too hot to garden,
high temperatures prevail,
like a warden without pardon,

I'm free, but still in jail!

And the weeds have taken over,
'cause it's too darn hot to "weed",
and the lawn is so, no need to mow,
for the drought has killed the seed.


So I'm forced back in confinement,

back where the room is cold,
back to my chair to sit and stare,
at my TV of old.


Or sit in total pleasure,
and dream of snow and ice,
and just pretend and wallow in
the nicety of life.

And dream of snow flakes falling,
the children on their sleighs,
the snow ball fights, the Christmas lights,
brings back my childhood days.

But if I sit here long enough,
fall will come anon,
then 'mid the trees and falling leaves,
I'll relish all I'm fond.


But low, behold, comes winter cold,
and I'm right back to be tied;
in my living room, the same old tune:
It's too darn cold outside!


©William E. Hardison/copyrights recorded







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