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King Of Kings

All praise and honor to Jesus our King,
Who redeemed us from our sins.
Glory, hallelujah, trumpets, too,
Let songs of triumph begin.

Let us worship the King of Kings,
He is worthy of all praise,
Let praise like a river flow forth
From our lips through all our days.

Hosanna! He reigns forever more
He sits upon the throne legally;
Our God, our sin bearer, our guide,
The King of Kings sits regally!

A baby came to us in poverty:
Now He sits high upon the throne,
Won’t you be ready each day,
For very soon He’ll take us home!

Loved ones gathered there to meet us
Will welcome us home, everyone.
What a happy reunion that will be,
When everyone we shall see.

How very wonderful it will be
To see Him whom we’ve loved so long;
Our Saviour, our King, our Beloved,
We praise you with unending song.

Doris J. Niswonger
Copyright  2002


Think Before You Drink

Oh,I know you're sorry now but it's too late,
For my little child is gone.
Oh, don't you dare to call it fate,
That you have done so wrong.
You've traded a life for that old bottle,
By staggering out and under the throttle.

No,don't you dare to call it fate,
That you have taken another life.
Then~~There's the bartender~~who ''Set Up'' the bait,
Someday it may be his ''Own Sweet Child.''

I can still see him fly as you hit him so hard,
Your car must have knocked him 25 yard.
''Oh, no,'' he's gone cried out his best buddy,
His arms both broken,his head so bloody.
The ambulance came to take him away,
''Oh, how I hope the law makes you pay.''

As the organ plays, ''The Old Rugged Cross.''
You'll never know the hurt of ''Our Loss.''

This poem is for all who want to drink,
And I Pray that it makes you ''Really Think,''
About the cost of ''A Bottle of Beer.''
Is it worth ''A Life'' that is ''So Dear.''

So don't ever take that first ''Nasty Sip,''
Because if you do, you may ''Take Your Last Trip.''

Luanna G.Bolinger-Brabant
copyright 1985



I wonder why God gave us
The beauty of the earth
And why he saw within his heart
For us to enjoy it's worth.

I wonder why every day
The fresh new morning brings
Tiny birds outside my window
The lovely tunes they sing.

The luxury of a comfortable home
A family I cherish so much
And prayer each day to let God know
We will always stay in touch.

Why do we stray away from God
When his love never ends
And all that is precious to each of us
Always on him depends.

We cannot live in this world alone
Try it if you dare
But be prepared to fail my friend
We cannot survive without prayer.

©Ginny Bryant


Don't Judge

Walk a mile in my shoes
Before you're quick to judge.
See my life, through my eyes,
Before you hold a grudge.
No one knows what I've been through
Or how many tears I've cried.
No one cares about the pain
And the grief I've tried to hide.

If you look beyond the surface,
Past only the faults you see,
There is a heart of goodness.
That heart belongs to me.

So, don't say that I've done wrong
And try to cast the first stone
Because, sitting in your judgment seat,
You're hiding sins of your own.

© by Claytia Doran


My Prayer For You

May God’s grace bless you each day
Sheltering you from harm in every way,
May nights be filled with restful sleep
As a guardian angel protects and keeps.

May God bestow you good health
And provide for you enough wealth,
May your clouds have a silver lining
With brilliant rays of hope shining.

May happiness overflow your cup
And the delights of love fill you up,
May God deflect your hurt and pain
And ward off the sorrows that strain.

May every day you are on this earth
Be replete with good will and mirth,
May your trials or tribulations be small
And you have no bad memories to recall.

May you achieve in life all you mean too
As our God in heaven watches over you,
May you never suffer lose but only gain
Each and every goal you strife too attain.

May the seas in your life be serene
And God fulfill your fondest dream,
May you sail under skies bright blue
As heavens angels navigate for you.

And when your mortal life is through
I pray God send an angel for you,
To transport you to heavens door
To dwell with our Lord evermore.

©Kenneth J. Ellison 08-30-04



Autumn Blessings

The painting of this season
Brings beauty to the eyes
Gifts from our Father,under Heavens
glowing lights
Autumn brings such wonderment,colors
comes alive
Golden leaves swirling,crimson reds
blazing bright
Early mornings dew,so crisp and new
Gray-coated skies,awakening from
nights eve
Farmers in fields,gathering their crops
Melodies of whispering winds
Rustling among the wooded hills
Beauties of this season,gifts from above
Give thanks and blessing,to families we love
A special day,hand in hand
Joined together,in prayer and praise
Bless us our Father,be with us today
Receive our love,share in this special day.

©Marty Ford


Whispered Words

We’ve walked along the sandy beach
And watched the setting sun.
We’ve talked about some things ahead,
And some that I have done.

We’ve shared our thoughts on what to do
And how to better live,
And often you have told me how
To show the love I give.

And then there were those tender times,
When sadness filled my heart,
But you have always been with me
Right from the very start.

I’ve often felt your whispered words
And each you’ve tried to say,
Have always made me love you more,
And helped me find my way.

And as we walk the beach again
I feel you here with me,
For I am filled with your sweet love,
Oh Lord, how I love thee.

©James O’Brien
Sept. 2004



Never Alone

Parents prepared us
for our journey down life’s road.
God’s gift of good parents
is a debt forever owed.
When God gives you
a monstrous burden to bear,
Just whisper His name
and He is right there.

Often life’s road is bumpy,
the ride is like hell.
What the road signs say
is often difficult to tell.

Let God be in the driver’s seat
only He knows the route.
When you pray for guidance,
follow His direction, without having doubt.

Like an old piano, you may get off key
and lose much of your tone,
But with God for a partner
you never travel alone.

©Richard E. Funnell July 1998




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